Questions and Answers – Adult League

Who are we

Established in 2000, The Ottawa Blues are a well renowned Ball hockey team in the Ottawa area and have been around with accomplished players while achieving great success in their sport. This group of fine men embody all that is positive in the game of ball hockey . Three active members of that team are combining their effort and passion for this great game to provide the men and women of all ages in our community the best sport experience around.

Who is this league for?

This league is for any adults from 18 to 99 living anywhere in the Ottawa Region.

Where are the games played?

All the games are played at Franco-Cite High School, 623 Smyth Road, Ottawa ON, K1G 1N7.

What does a player have to wear?

C.S.A. approved helmet
Hockey gloves
Running shoes
*Protective eyewear
*Elbow pads
*Athletic support
*Shin pads (Ice Hockey or Soccer)
*Highly recommended as most insurance companies you may be using require you to wear all equipment listed for coverage…we strongly suggest you check your insurance policy or obtain some for you and your team mates.

Are these games refereed?

One OBBHA trained “Game Manager” per game.

Is this league insured?

Fully unto itself. However personal insurance for any potential injury should be purchased separately by the individual player or his team captain on behalf of his or her team. League built teams strongly suggest individual players purchase their own as the OBBHA does not do so on their behalf.

How many players per team?

We suggest 10 + 1 goalie.


Full & Winter Leagues

Cost: $1,540 (including HST and velcro) = $140 per individual (with 11 players including goalie) (some teams go with less so the cost per player goes up obviously)

Spring & Summer League

Cost: $1,210 including HST and velcro (or $110 per player based on 11 players including goalie (some teams go with less so the cost per player goes up obviously)