Rules and Regulations

OBBHA Adult (Men, Women, Mixed) Rules and Regulations

The OBBHA rules are what we think will set us apart as a pure fun league and help us create the best Ball Hockey around. Here is the list:
·  Non-contact.
·  4 minute warm-up, three 18-minute periods with one minute break between periods for the goalies.
·  4 on 4.
· Ball is always live.
· No off-side.
· No face-off at any time.
· Slap shots are not allowed (see next note below)…*New Spring 2017
· Any stick above the waist for wind up, follow throughs will result in loss of possession. (if a player does this multiple times he will be warned that the next time a penalty shot will be awarded).
· High sticking the ball over the shoulder (not waist) is a penalty shot…and the play is whistled dead immediately on contact with the ball
· No Sliding (dangerous and it marks the floor)…automatic penalty shot will be called…*New Fall 2017
Penalties = Standard hockey infractions will result in a quick whistle for change of possession (6 feet is awarded between ball and oponents stick before play is whistled in)
· Half-court is given after a goal.
· To start a game or period or after a goal is scored, the designated team takes the ball behind their own net and waits for the Game Manager to whistle the `game on`. The defending team must be on their own side of the centre line until the play is whistled for `game on`. At this point the defending team may cross the centre line to forecheck and the offensive team can pass, shoot or run with the ball. The play is live on the whistle!
· Regular hockey sticks are permitted. However for the French Palace gym (wood floor), there is a White Velcro policy. The stick must have a full strip of White Velcro from heel to toe so that none of the bottom of the stick is exposed …*New Fall 2017 and built into the Winter 2018 cost per player/team as this strip of White Velcro will be made available by the OBBHA at every game as it is a mandatory requirement. This is not required for the Blue Gym for tournaments which has a rubberized floor.
· An orange ball is used…water-filled for the Xmas Classic tournament for less bounce (all gyms) and the mid-softness orange ball in the French Palace for any league play for better ball control skills and safety


· Any infraction the Game Manager sees as dangerous/malicious intent/unsportsmanlike/etc. will result in a yellow card warning or an automatic red card ejection (your Game Managers job is protect the integrity of the game and the players, therefore a Zero tolerance for trouble makers). Note that a second yellow card issued to the same player in the same game results in a game ejection. Any further discipline will be issued by the league executive.
WARNING: All Rules Will Be Strictly Enforced To Ensure The 4 Fs Motto!!!
· 1 Yellow = 1 card / also = to 1 penalty shot
· 1 Red = 2 cards / also = to 2 penalty shots
· Second Yellow to a player = automatic game ejection
· – Instances where multiple penalty shots add up. They will be instituted
– Any derogatory comment overheard by the GM will result in a yellow or red card
– If the GM does not know who said it the yellow or red card will be given to the team captain in his absence the GM will hand it out to the next designated captain and so on if necessary


The following rules were amended and will be implemented at the start of the Spring Session leagues April 26-28, 2014.

– Change of possession locations are back to the 6 main areas as before (two more areas are behind the nets as options for goalie saves and other stoppages of play like basketball net, net being knocked off etc.)

– Goalie makes the save and it goes out….offence gets it in the corner or at half (depending on location ball leaves playing surface)

– Goalie makes the save and the whistle goes, he is not permitted to play the ball forward unless behind the green line and then the whistle blows in the play

– Goalie must place ball behind the green line for his player after a save and whistle

– Once the opponent is 6 feet away (we will make sure they step back that far with stick not reaching in) we whistle it in every-time (this is for all possession changes including goalie save stoppages)…make sure the goalie is back up and ready to play before whistling Game On!

– Opponent may rush the player as soon as the whistle blows

– If after a few weeks into a session the player with the ball starts before the whistle constistently….he/she loses possession

– Basketball net in Blue Zone Gym is dead ball if it is hanging over hockey nets

– Basketball net in French Palace is dead regardless if it is at ceiling or hanging close to hockey nets

– If the Game Manager deems a player is killing the clock or just not making the effort to play the ball from the corners or from behind the net….the GM warns him and he gets a 5-second count down (and count down will take place as the play evolves) to move the ball or there will be a whistle for a loss of possession (this is a GM discretion call as it does not happen very often)

The 3-D Rule

– The OBBHA has the 4-F motto of Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Fair-play

– And the 3-D Rule is called

Dangerous, Damaging and Dumb

– This rule is concerning slamming one stick onto the gym floor/benches/or any other object for any reason

– It is Dangerous as a blade can break and fly off and hurt someone, Damaging to the gym floor/equipment etc. and obviously just plain Dumb!

– An automatic Yellow Card will be assessed with a Game Managers option of calling a Red Card


-We are tracking players and suspensions will apply as follow

4 cards = 1-game suspension

7 cards = 2-game suspension

10 cards = suspension from session and further review for participation in future sessions

Also if a player receives a red card in the third period he receives an automatic game suspension for the next game (this one will carry over into the next session as well if the infraction takes place in the finals

– Anything deemed a violent act by the GM will result in suspension
– There will be no negotiating calls or suspensions
– Zero tolerance for anything negative overheard (sportsmanship first)
– Basically, only the Game Managers voice is heard

Your Game Managers and OBBHA organizers are your friends and should be treated so.

· They are here to ensure your safety and enjoyment of the game. They will make a mistake or two, no need to point it out or you will be yellow or red carded
· You are playing the OBBHA product to test your endurance not the Game Managers patience

*Note that the Game Managers calls are all subjective obviously. For example if the net is not exactly placed properly or gets knocked around during a scramble…the GM can call a goal if he deems the scoring of the goal would have taken place regardless of the net being askew. This transfers into all the calls a GM can potentially make on any other issue.

· Crease rule in A-Div gym will be expanded to any foot in the blue paint up to the red line. Any opponent that goes in that area without the presence of the ball will be whistled down for a change of possession.
· In the B-Div gym the Game Manager will show players the area that is restricted

Crease Rule:

French Palace is the entire Blue area
Blue Zone Gym (used for tournaments only) is the Green Rectangle
-three second rule

High Sticking the ball:

automatic penalty shot (over the shoulder)
no yellow card unless GM deems it a dangerous act

Popping the stick out of a players hands

-penalty shot and yellow card

Too Many Men:

Penalty Shot
-French Palace its the Red Pilons and the Green in front
-Blue Zone Gym its the yellow circular line

Goalie Crossing Half and other goalie rules:

-Penalty shot for crossing half
-must have stick white taped on bottom in French Palace
-drop ball behind goal line after save and whistle
-if playing ball ahead before whistle…its live for everyone
-goal is good if ball touches yellow line in Blue Gym
-goal is good in French Palace if ball crosses the green line

Number of Games played to be eligible for Play-offs: 2 games played (goalies exempt)
Tie-breaker formula as follows:

1. Total Wins
2. Head to Head
3. Goal Diferential (Total GF-GA) then (Total GF-GA between the teams head to head games)
4. Least # of Cards per team
5. GA, GF, best GF-GA in 1st game, best GF-GA in
second game, best GF-GA in third game etc.

6. If after all these tie-breakers are still tied after the first 5 above steps (in particular for the play-offs)…we would start at #1 for the regular season to find a tie-breaker.

Any team that forfeits a game or is given a game forfeit by the Game Manager, automatically loses the game 5-0 and loses all tie-breakers for the remainder of that session. For matches that are rescheduled on alternate dates and a team or teams can’t play then 5-5 ties will be issued.

Additionally if a team does not give 48 hour notice of a forfeit, the team captain automatically receives a Red Card