Super Saturday

Highlights for Super Saturday 2019 Fall Session Game #1 of the 3-game Play-off Round Robin (Followed by the Final and 3rd Seed Match) November 17 (only Sunday date on the schedule):

Co-ed Plus:

All Mesh vs Rebels…a very important result for the 3-game round robin play-off series…

Godfamily vs Storm…

Super Saturday B-Div: (last regular season games, then next week is the 5vs4 elimination game and a make-up game for G-Men and Average Joes)

Perfect Blend vs Pylons…

Average Joes vs Net Masters…

Highlights for Super Saturday 2019 Fall Session November 9

Co-ed Plus:

Storm vs Rebels…the Instagram pic of the day comes from this game (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). A very good game. Goaltending was sparkling from Steph Portelance in the Storm net and was the difference in what was otherwise and evenly played match. Storm win 8-3

All Mesh vs Godfamily…All Mesh looks to be getting untracked. The Godfamily has a nice looking line-up and stayed with the All Mesh for most of the game but All Mesh pulled away in the 3rd after having built a big lead in the first that was being pecked away at by the Pesky Godfamily. All Mesh win 9-7.

Super Saturday B-Div:

Net Masters vs Perfect Blend…lots of goal early and it was at first even. But the Blend kept on scoring and the big goal was by Troy Joly who scored his first of the year as he is shown in the Tweet pic of the day (see top right for Tweet Slider to view). Perfect Blend win 15-7

Perfect Blend vs Average Joes…the Blend were up to the task for the 2nd game of their double header. They went step for step with the Joe in a very close match that ended in a tie. 4-4 tie

Pylons vs Garbage Men…the G-Men have not lost since their opening game. This one was in doubt as the Pylons gave them a very stiff test. It was 5-5 late when the G-Men scored the winner. Both teams worked very hard and it was very fun match. The G-Men scored into an empty net with one-second remaining. G-Men win 7-5.

Highlights for Super Saturday 2019 Fall Session November 2

Co-ed Plus:

Godfamily vs Rebels…for all you Habs fans the parallels are just irresistible! Earlier this season Mete and Suzuki of the Habs scored their first career goals to the delight of the home crowd (Struts was their whooping it up FYI). On this day the Godfamily relived that night as Abby Roy scored her first ever goal (and added another for good measure!). The Tweet photo of the night show her receiving her special ball from the President of the OBBHA (see top right for Tweet Slider to view). On top of that Cindy scored her first ever goal too! She also received her special ball in the Instagram photo of the day (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). The game was fun too!! Godfamily win 11-5.

Storm vs All Mesh…a great match that reminded the French Palace of the classic Rebels/All Mesh games. After this match everyone looks forward to the next time these to meet! 7-7 tie.

Super Saturday B-Div:

Perfect Blend vs Garbage Men…an even game but the goaltending on the G-Men side was very hard to break through. G-Men win 17-4.

Pylons vs Average Joes…a severe test for the Pylons as they would be short benched for their double header, but some how the Pylons alumni came out at the last minute and gave the Joes a great game. It was close until near the end when the Joes pulled away. Average Joes win 6-3.

Net Masters vs Pylons…the Net Masters took a quick 2-0 lead and were in it until the third period only down 4-2. But the Pylons got the key goals, but not from Struts who still has not bulged the twine this Fall much to his chagrin. But the boys did try to get the ball for great chances. Of note Jayme Albert go the hat-trick for the Net Masters. Pylons win 8-3.

Highlights for Super Saturday 2019 Fall Session October 26

Co-ed Plus:

Rebels vs All Mesh…the intensity of this game was quite something. The Fans watched in awe as the two teams passed and hustled their way to a draw. It took a last minute goal with the All Mesh goalie pulled to achieve it. The Tweet pic of the day shows the Rebels on the attack (see top right for Tweet Slider to view). 4-4 tie

Storm vs Godfathers…for the first time both teams had their full squads out and it was a well played match. The Storm had the edge in offence in the final period to expand a 6-5 lead for the victory. Storm win 10-6.

Super Saturday B-Div:

Perfect Blend vs Average Joes…The team were close for two periods and then in the 3rd the Joes slowly pulled away. Average Joes win 8-4.

Pylons vs Net Masters…The Instagram pic of the day shows the two teams in the attack mode (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). Crazy offensive game that featured 32 goals only seven shy of the all time record of 39 in the French Palace. The Net Masters held the lead for most of the game. It was near the end of the 3rd when the Pylons finally pulled ahead. Pylons win 17-15.

Garbage Men vs Net Masters…the Net Masters still had lots of energy left and showed in for the first period at 1-1 and a scoreless 3rd period. It was the 2nd period where they lost some defensive coverage that the G-Men jumped on. Noteworthy were two separate series of saves from Terry Cleroux who let the G-Men shaking their heads in disbelief. Garbage Men win 7-2.

Highlights for Super Saturday 2019 Fall Session October 19

Co-ed Plus:

Storm vs Rebels…all about bench strength for this one. The Tweet pic of the day shows the Rebels on the attack (see top right for Tweet Slider to view). Rebels win 7-0.

All Mesh vs Godfamily…All Mesh were still looking for their first victory. And they go it! Not easy as the game was tied late 8-8 until “Bel" Menard scored the winner followed by an empty netter. All Mesh win 10-8.

Super Saturday B-Div:

Net Masters vs Perfect Blend…a very tightly played game as both teams covered well. Just a few nice offensive plays for goals for the Blend was the difference. Perfect Blend win 6-1.

Pylons vs Garbage Men…best game of the day. The Instagram pic of the day shows action from this one (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). The Pylons were thwarted by Riel in the G-Men net as they were down 6-5 late and an empty netter salted it away. Garbage Men win 7-5.

Average Joes vs Pylons…the Pylons in their 2nd game of their double header gave it their all but the Joes had the extra legs to keep ahead from start to finish. Average Joes win 6-2.

Highlights for Super Saturday 2019 Fall Session October 5

Co-ed Plus:

Godfamily vs Rebels…some of the action is picked up in the Tweet shot of the day (see top right for Tweet Slider to view). Rebels win 7-2,

All Mesh vs Storm…no goalie! Storm 5-0

Super Saturday B-Div:

Pylons vs Perfect Blend…all Perfect Blend. Perfect Blend win 10-1.

Net Masters vs Garbage Men…all G-Men as Instagram shot shows (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). G-Men win 15-3.

Garbage Men vs Average Joes…best game of the day. G-Men win 7-6.

Highlights for Super Saturday 2019 Fall Session September 28

Co-ed Plus:

Rebels vs All Mesh…this match stands the test of time and never gets old! All Mesh lost today to make this their longest winless streak ever at 4. They are having trouble scoring but that it due to the goaltending they are facing. Today Natasha Plourde was just on her game and had the All Mesh shaking their heads in disbelief. The Tweet pic of the day shows the teams doing battle (see top right for Twitter Slider to view). Low scoring and well played. Rebels win 4-2.

Godfamily vs Storm…all eyes were on the family after last weeks amazing comeback win over all Mesh. The Family played well but the Storm had just enough offence to keep the lead safe for most of the game after getting ahead 2-1 and 3-1 at the period breaks. Storm win 6-3.

Super Saturday B-Div:

Perfect Blend vs Garbage Men…the last meeting between the two teams featured a ton of goals. Then again the G-Men have reached double digits in goals in all but one game so far. PB kept the G-Men from getting to double digits but could not generate the offence as they were missing a couple of key forwards for this match, G-Men win 9-2

Average Joes vs Pylons…first of two for the Joes on this day and the Pylons would as always give them a solid running game. The Pylons handed the Joes their first loss of the season, Instagram photo of the day shows the Joes on attack but being stymied by Terry Cleroux in the Pylons net (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). The Pylons played a perfect game with a little better ball control than the Joes for key parts of the game. Pylons win 8-5.

Net Masters vs Average Joes…the Net Masters were happy to play a suspected tired Joes team in bottom half of their double header. But the Joes were juiced to back in the win column after the loss the previous hour. They came out strong and scored early to take a big lead they never lost. The Net Masters had some flashes and were unlucky not to score more. Average Joes win 12-5.

Highlights for Super Saturday 2019 Fall Session September 21

Co-ed Plus:

Rebels vs Storm…The Instagram pic and the Tweet pic of the day were from this game (an additional special Tweet pic was added during the Pylons game due to a special moment). In the this one a very evenly played game ensued. First Steph Portelance the goalie for the Storm is shown in fine fashion in the Instagram photo with a potential photo of the season glove save! The Tweet has Andrew Dubroy being thwarted at a key moment in the game by Rebels goalie Natasha Plourde. It was a tight game with until finally late in the match the Storm pulled away despite a strong Rebels effort. Storm win 7-4.

All Mesh vs Godfamily…count this one as one of the most brilliant OBBHA comebacks in its 11-year history. With All Mesh up 6-0 after two periods and counting the two points in the standings, the Godfamily roared back to make it a one goal deficit at 6-5. They went down 7-5 but put 4 in a row in on the stunned All Mesh crew. All Mesh came back to make it 9-8 and maybe thought they tied it up but it was inconclusive. Godfamily get their first franchise win. Congrats! The play of the game was the winner scored by Sebastien Roy who deked and roofed it in tight on the goaltender. Impressive stuff! Godfamily win 9-8.

Super Saturday B-Div:

Average Joes vs Perfect Blend…a goalie battle that the Joes netminder Guy Saumure won. He was outstanding a the quicker PB group hounded the crease and slot areas for mint chances but only snuck 3 by Guy. The Joes scored just enough to earn the victory. Average Joes win 4-3.

Net Masters vs Garbage Men…The G-Men passed far better overall. The Net Masters were unlucky not to score much especially early in the game as Parker had amazing opportunities taken away by huge saves by the G-Men goalie in relief (look out Riel!). G-Men win 13-2.

Net Masters vs Pylons…at the first stoppage of the play the players on both teams applauded and banged sticks to welcome back Terry Cleroux in the Pylons net after over a year in the injury list. The 2nd Tweet pic of the day shows him taking off his mask to acknowledge the special tribute. He pitched a shut-out in the first and went on to back-stop the Pylons to a win over the Net Masters who played very well in the bottom end of their double header. Pylons win 6-3.

Highlights for Super Saturday 2019 Fall Session September 14th

Co-ed Plus:

Godfamily vs Rebels…a very fun run and gun game. The Rebels had all the offence in this one. The Tweet pic of the day featured Miller Time! Mike Miller is back in the nets with the Godfamily (see top right for Twitter Slider to view). Rebels win 7-0.

Storm vs All Mesh. The big game of the day. The Storm took a 4-1 lead and one of their goals was beautiful and the Instagram pic of the day captured the moment! (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). All Mesh had to dig down deep to come back and tie for a 2nd straight week. 4-4 tie.

Super Saturday B-Div:

Pylons vs Perfect Blend…first of two games for the Blend as today was their double header day. They built up a 6-2 lead but the Pylons would just not give up. Finally late in the game this wild shoot-out at the French Palace the Pylons finally tied the game up for good. 13-13 tie.

Perfect Blend vs Garbage Men…the Blend played well in their test of lungs. The G-Men worked their usual standard of frenetic pace…and held leads early and never relinquished it. G-Men win 12-9.

Average Joes vs Netmasters…the Net Masters were leading this game until the 3rd period. The Joes were actually down 5-2 and came roaring back late in the 2nd for a 5-4 deficit and then owned the 3rd. The Net Masters had chances in the 3rd but Al Jolivet in the Joes net in a relief appearance stood tall and was the difference. Average Joes win 10-6.

Opening Day Highlights for the Super Saturday 2019 Fall Session September 7th

Have a look after each nights games for the Twitter and Instagram shots of the night featuring your favourite players throughout the season! (see sliders to your right of this website to click on for the photo and caption!) Or join to follow!

We have two divisions for Super Saturday!

Co-ed Plus:

All Mesh vs Rebels…All Mesh has a different looking line-up and what a way to get started than vs their age-old rivalry with the Rebels. Always a treat for the French Palace to watch this pass happy match-up. If they could ever not keep topping the entertainment and excitement level every time they meet the crowd would be surprised! This game was played at such a great pace with great fun the game came down to the wire with All Mesh up 4-3. The Rebels pulled the goalie and tied it up with one minute remaining. The last minute kept the tie in doubt but that is how it appropriately ended. 4-4 tie

Godfamily vs Storm…two new teams with familiar faces who have brought out friends and family to partake in what All Mesh and the Rebels have been promoting for years. Let the fun begin! The Godfamily were featured in the Instagram photo of the day (see top right for Instagram Slider to view) as it shows a relentless offensive attack from the Storm who looked impressive from start to finish. Also see the Twitter photo of the day (see top right for Twitter Slider to view) for Godfamily’s Rick Roy with fellow line-mates and off-spring Abby and Seb who performed well in their debut. Storm win 13-2.

Super Saturday B-Div:

Perfect Blend vs Net Masters…the young guns vs the always happy Net Masters who had an excellent run in the Winter play-offs. This was close after two periods with the Blend up 5-4. The Net Masters tired in the 3rd and this when the lead expanded. Perfect Blend win 9-4.

Garbage Men vs Average Joes…the G-Men are back in Saturdays after a few years away including a stint in the Wonderful Wednesday division. They come back as the first team to play in the weekly double header. The Joes are the average roster of old. Guy Saumure stole this game from the G-Men plain and simple. An unbelievable effort. The Joes worked hard as the G-Men are known to be the hardest working team in the OBBHA. The G-Men were impressed but left shaking their heads at all the saves made that gave the Joes the two points. Average Joes win 4-2.

Pylons vs Garbage Men…the defending champion Pylons were licking their chops to get back at it and were hoping against a tired G-Men squad in the bottom half of their twin bill. The Pylons were a bit short on the bench and this was a factor as the G-Men had just as much energy for this game as they did in their first game. G-Men win 10-3.


The last day of the season featured simply magical games!

Thanks to everyone for a very fun time! Have a fun and safe summer and see you all back in the Fall!

Saturday May 11:

Noon = Average Joes vs Perfect Blend (B-Div 3rd Seed Match)…the early favourites find themselves in the 3rd seed match, but that is the beauty of hockey! You just never know until the games are played! This game was a like a final! Perfect Blend held one goal leads throughout and finally up 5-4 the Joes pulled their goalie and pushed to tie but Parker Hubley held the for the win and 3rd Seed for Perfect Blend. Perfect Blend win 5-4.

1:00pm = Rebels vs All Mesh (A-Div Final Game #2…Rebels lead Series 1-0)…a win or tie and the Rebels are the Champs! All Mesh needs a regulation win to force a sudden death unlimited time OT for the championship. All Mesh were missing their #1 goalie so Parker Hubley started for them until a fresh Shawn Pilon came to rescue the tired Parker who had just backstopped a win for his Perfect Blend the hour before. The All Mesh crew jumped to an early 2 goal lead and this was instrumental in forcing the wildly exciting OT to come. The Rebels kept within striking distance but finally succumbed by two goals in the end. All Mesh win 7-5 to tie the Series at 1-1.

The OT for the Championship…it went 6 minutes as the teams traded excellent chances. Finally Kara Brumm found a wide open Mike Fuller who deked and nestled the ball into All Mesh for the championship! Congrats to both teams for the excellent fun and entertainment. All Mesh win it all 1-0.

A-Div Champions: All Mesh

2:00pm = Pylons vs Net Masters (B-Div Final)…the Net Masters might be the favourites in this final as they have played the Pylons extremely well all year. It was wild ride from start to finish for both players and fans alike. The first period ended 1-1 appropriately. Andrew Dubroy sniped his Pylons to a 4-1 lead but late in the 2nd the Net Masters closed it to 4-2. In the 3rd the Net Masters tied it 4-4. From there the Pylons took a 5-4 lead only to be knotted up once again at 5-5. The Net Masters were robbed by Shawn Pilon from taking the lead and then the Pylons scored two late goals to seal the deal. Great game both teams! Pylons win 7-5.

B-D Champions: Congrats to the Pylons!

Highlights: A-Div Challenge Series and Game #2 and #3 of the 3-game Round Robin for the B-Div Saturday, May 4

Challenge Series: All Mesh vs Rebels…who sucks? Oh The Block and Flint. They are afraid of the Saturday competition the Rebels and All Mesh bring to the table. Something about getting beat by a few of old guys between 40 and 60 and a bunch of girls. So the Saturday Saints put it together to entertain the French Palace Faithful. 🙂 The Rebels took Game #1 3-2 and had one the game before in the head to head match with All Mesh. Today the teams battled to a 6-6 tie with the Rebels coming from behind to tie. So All Mesh must win next Saturday to force a sudden death OT for the championship. The Rebels seem to have the momentum as All Mesh has not beaten the Rebels in their last 3 tries. 6-6 tie.

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs Pylons…first of two for the Pylons in a must win scenario for them. If Perfect Blend win they would be in the Finals….lose and their fate would be at the hands of the results of the next two games. It looked good for the PB up 6-3, but the Pylons had two massive shifts where they scored in bunches for the huge win. Pylons win 10-7.

B-Div: Pylons vs Average Joes…this is the big game of the day! Most likely the winner would be in the B-Finals. The Pylons knew that if they win by 5 goals they would ensure themselves a spot in the Finals….it would place them ahead of Perfect Blend despite what the Net Masters would do in the last game of the day up next. The Pylons were up 3-1 and 5-2 at the breaks and in the 3rd scored some late goals to pave their path dotted with pylons to the Finals next week. Pylons win 8-2.

B-Div: Average Joes vs Net Masters…the Net Masters held their own fate in their own hands. win by 3 goals and they would be knocking out the Perfect Blend squad that were anxiously cheering for the Joes. 2-1 Net Masters after one period., No goals in the 2nd period left it at 2-1. In the 3rd the Net Masters scored the 2 goals they needed to make it 4-1 and held on as the Joes came agonizingly close to scoring in the last few minutes. Net Masters are off to their 2nd championship game ever while the shock is that the Perfect Blend were relegated to the 3rd seed game as the perfect storm of results occurred. Net Masters win 4-1.

Note: No Games on Saturday, April 27th…play resumes Saturday, May 4. 

Highlights: Game #1 A-Div Final Series and Game #1 (and some Game #2’s) of the 3-game Round Robin for the B-Div Tuesday, April 23

A-Div: Rebels vs All Mesh…Game #1 of the two game Series. Rebels were fresh off a confidence boosting victory over All Mesh earlier in the month. All Mesh were eagerly working on strategy to out pass their rivals. This game was all about the Rebels goalie Natasha Plourde! She was amazing!! The Rebels jumped out to an early 2-0 lead and that held until they added another late in the 2nd period. It stayed 3-2 until the last 2-minute of the game All Mesh pulled the goalie and scored two goals with the extra attacker to make it 3-2. They ran out of time. Rebels take Game #1 3-2.

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs Average Joes…first of two play-off games on the night for PB. Rather a big game to get the 3-game round robin underway in the B. But the Joes failed to get the bench strength needed and the full benched PB had zero problems taking over this game. Perfect Blend win 8-2.

B-Div: Net Masters vs Perfect Blend…the Net Masters in their first of two on the night were hoping to get a tired PB squad to feast on after the Easter pig outs. This game was awesome. Tight from the get go! Finally at 7-7 it seemed destined to end that way, but the PB scored a heart-breaker with 2-seconds remaining to take two on the night. Perfect Blend win 8-7.

B-Div: Pylons vs Net Masters…the Pylons were wary of the fact that the Net Masters have played them extremely well all year. It would come down to how much energy the Net Masters had left in their bottom end of their double header. The Pylons and Net Masters were tied 5-5 after two periods. One would think the Pylons would have the extra energy to pull out a win, but it was the Net Masters group that punched it up another gear to run away with it in the final 5-minutes. Net Masters win 9-6.

Note: No Games on Saturday, April 20th (Easter)…play resumes Tuesday, April 23. (Game #1 A-Div Finals and Game #1 of the 3-game Round Robin for the B-Div)

Super Saturday April 13 Highlights:

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs Average Joes…the battle for first. The Joes were up 3-0 but then PB reeled of 6 straight to take top spot. Perfect Blend win 6-3.

Challenge Series: The Block vs Rebels…the Block were simply on fire for this one, The Block win 10-3. 

B-Div: Pylons vs Net Masters…the Pylons with a win could nab 2nd spot from the Average Joes. But the Net Masters filed that plan! 6-6 tie.

Challenge Series: Flint Tropics vs All Mesh…the tropics grabbed a lead an never relinquished it despite a strong effort from All Mesh. Flint Tropics win 14-8.

Note: No Games on Saturday, April 6th…play resumes Saturday, April 13.

Super Saturday March 30 Highlights:

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs Pylons…a short bench killed this one for the Pylons. PB put on the jam for the win. Perfect Blend win 12-1.

A-Div: Rebels vs All Mesh…Chelsea Richer made her debut in the All Mesh net and any question about her abilities were erased after a strong first period that back-stopped All Mesh to a 3-1 lead. In the second the Rebels scored a pair to tie it 3-3 heading to the 3rd. All Mesh were going for the first ever undefeated season in the OBBHA 10-year history, but the Rebels owned the 3rd to put that potential record maker out of the quesrion. Rebels win 10-5

B-Div: Average Joes vs Net Masters…a great game! The Net Masters gave the defending champs all they could handle. 2-1 and 5-3 Joes period break leads set the stage for a well played and high energy 3rd. The Average Joes weathered the storm in a fun run. Average Joes win 9-5.

MARCH 23 games postponed due to power outage…make-up games TBA.


Super Saturday March 1 Highlights: The Dekes of Hazzard were in town for the Challenge Series for a double header!

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs Net Masters…the Net Masters have played the PB well so this one had the fans interest to open up the adult game after a fun morning of youth hockey. Once again the Net Masters had a strong start and were up 2-1 at the first break and 5-5 at the 2nd. But the 3rd PB put on the jam for the win. Perfect Blend win 12-8.

Challenge Series: Dekes of Hazzard vs Rebels…the last time these two met was an amazing entertaining game. So expectations were high as the fans remained to keep an eye on this one. 1-0 and 3-2 Dekes at the break but took over in the 3rd. A very well played game all around. Dekes of Hazzard win 6-2.

Challenge Series: Dekes of Hazzard vs All Mesh… A tough draw for the Dekes to get a fresh All Mesh squad for the bottom end of their double header. It appeared the run for history by All Mesh for a perfect season was in jeopardy at 5-5 heading into the 3rd but somehow behind great goaltending the All Mesh crew snuck out a one goal win to remain perfect for the time being heading into the two week March break. All Mesh win 7-6.

B:Div: Pylons vs Average Joes….the Joes wanted to break the trend of certain team having success vs certain teams! The Joes started out to their own liking up 3-0 after one, but only up 4-3 heading into the 3rd. The Pylons did tie it up 4-4, but the Joes scored a late one and an empty netter but not before a strong surge from the Pylons almost tied it all up. Average Joes win 6-4.

Super Saturday February 23 Highlights:

B-Div: Pylons vs Perfect Blend…the betting man would have picked the very hot Pylons. But Perfect Blend is one team that gives the Pylon fits. Perfect Blend win 12-3.

Challenge Series: The Block vs Rebels. Yet another amazing game. The Rebels had a 2-0 lead after on but trailed 3-2 after two. The 3rd was up for grabs and with The Block up 5-4 they popped in an empty netter to get the nervy ending win. The Block win 6-4.

B-Div: Net Master vs Average Joes…the Net Masters gave the defending champs a whale of a game! The Joes had to give it everything had for the win. Average Joes win 9-5.

Challenge Series: Flint Tropics vs All Mesh. In the Fall Session the Tropics won one game and tied the other with All Mesh. This time All Mesh entered the game as only one of the two 46 OBBHA teams that are still undefeated (Sunday nights Orleans 93’s are the other current team on that select list). Note no team has ever gone an entire Fall or Winter session with a perfect record. This time All Mesh looked after business in a very talented game. All Mesh win 13-7.

Remember we do not play February 16 as we enjoy Family Day Weekend -see you February 23

Super Saturday February 9 Highlights:

B-Div: Average Joes vs Perfect Blend…a stumbling start but this match turned out to be fun, close and well played. The Blend perhaps should have had a better result but Guy Saumure in Joes net stole goals from them when the score was 4-4 in the 3rd and late once his Average guys scored twice for a 6-4 lead. The PB had some jam in them and were in a game once again from start to finish. Average Joes win 6-4.

Challenge Series: Flint Tropics vs Rebels….2-2 and 6-4 for Flint as this game drew in the fans who stayed to watch a compelling match. Lot’s of fine plays that had the approval of the French Palace crowd. The game was in doubt until very late in the game the Flint crew scored into an empty net for an insurance marker. Everyone was all on the floor for the last goal for a once last flurry of action lol! Flint Tropics win 9-5.

B-Div: Net Masters vs Pylons…the Pylons wanted to get on a long streak and this game was must for the pundits pick to take it all. They did their part as the Net Masters put up a good effort but could not obtain enough offence. Pylons win 10-4

Challenge Series: Wounded Ducks vs All Mesh…on paper the younger Ducks laden with some top talent with Turmelle and Dubroy looked to be the favourites in this one. But the old  50+ crew on All Mesh had to gut this one out minus most of their female support who were out for one reason or another. Some called it the Duck flew. But the game was great and it started with a scoreless first period as Cole McMillan in the Ducks net and Brayden Engels in All Mesh uniform were the star as they thwarted numerous Grade A scoring chances. The All Mesh boys put it all together in the 2nd for a 5-1 lead. And then despite a push back at 5-3, they played a smart 3rd to win it. Fun once again. All Mesh win 6-3.

Super Saturday February 2 Highlights: This is the real Super Day….not some superficial U.S. thing!

B-Div: Net Masters vs Perfect Blend….two teams on the rise! Perfect Blend held a slight lead all game long and were able to keep it despite the strong efforts from the Net Masters. It was 6-5 late for the Blend of veterans and rookies and they scored a couple of late insurance markers. Perfect Blend win 8-5.

A-Div: All Mesh vs Rebels….and they are back at it! After some challenging games this was very much looked forward to. All Mesh had their passing game going in all its beauty. The Rebels were just a step behind. And its a big plus for All Mesh with their new goalie Brayden Engels from Barrie looking very impressive! All Mesh wins it 10-4.

B-Div: Average Joes vs Pylons….the Joes were looking forward to this test and the Pylons wanted to keep rolling the Pylons! The Pylons were up 5-4 in the 3rd and then pulled away but the Joes never looked out of it. The winner was potted by Aiden Dear and his cousin Shawn Dear added on as well to make if a family affair. Pylons win 8-6.

January 26 Highlights: Looking for more B-Div upsets/surprises and the Wounded Ducks fly into the French Palace to start up the Challenge Series!

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs Pylons…would the Pylons continue on their hot streak? And what would Perfect Blend bring to the table this time? Advantage Pylons at 3-2 after one period and up 7-4 late in the 2nd. Then Perfect Blend rallied for 3 before the end of the 2nd for a 7-7 tie. It was 11-10 Pylons late in the game but once again the PB gang got the crowd on their side with 3 late goals for the huge win! Perfect Blend win 13-11.

Challenge Series: Wounded Ducks vs Rebels…an amazing game. Picture perfect in all ways including the play-making. The Rebels were up 2-1 and 5-4 at the breaks. And the Rebels were up 7-6 until with 1:32 remaining the Ducks tied it at 7-7. It looked like it would end that way but a tired Ducks D coughed up a worm and Rebels stole the win with one-second if not less to end this one with a roar from the crowd. Rebels win 8-7.

Challenge Series: Wounded Ducks vs All Mesh…would the Ducks have enough wing power vs a game and fresh All Mesh crew. Captain DuBroy sat out the 1st with some leg cramping but came back to help out big time after that. The Rebels controlled the ball for the most part but the Ducks counter attack scored enough to have the game tied 4-4 in the 3rd period and only down 6-5 late. But All Mesh finally solved Dave Labelle in the Ducks net who was also the first star of the game. All Mesh win 8-6.

B-Div: Average Joes vs Net Masters…an interesting test for the Net Masters to test themselves vs the defending champions. The difference ended up being the bench strength. The Joes had their full team while the Net Masters were short. Tough to keep up in the Super Saturday B-Div with a short bench as all the teams have excellent lungs and roll the lines to wear you down. Average Joes win 13-4.

Starting next Saturday the Saturday Struts Challenge Series is back on featuring The Block, Dekes of Hazzard, Flint Tropics and now the Wounded Ducks! Keep track over the coming months of the highlights of these games right here in the Game Recaps!

January 19 Highlights:

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs Average Joes…the defending champs wanted to get back into the win column after an opening day loss. But they were in tough against the upstart PB who were looking for their first win as a new group. Well Perfect Blend showed they belong with an impressive win! The held leads from the set and never gave them up. Perfect Blend win 7-5.

A-Div: Rebels vs All Mesh…very similar game to last week. All Mesh with an early lead and extending it to 5-1 before the Rebels rally to close it to 5-3 and unlucky not to score more before the All Mesh crew pulled away. All Mesh win 8-3.

B-Div: Pylons vs Net Masters…Net Masters are vastly improved team and the Pylons are looking for a golden season. The game was tied at the breaks 1-1 and 5-5. The highlights of the game were one: the Net Masters Parker ringing iron twice in 4 seconds in the exact same spot on the goal post! And two: Aiden Dear of the Pylons scoring a beauty with a deke from behind the net and backhanding it high into the top corner with the appropriate dance celebration! In the 3rd a phantom text came in from the Pylons team captain “Dooby" to get it in gear and they did to pull away for the win. Pylons win 10-6.

Welcome Back to Super Saturday 2019!

B-Div exciting matches to come and the Challenge Series is expanded for the A-Div as All Mesh and the Rebels renew their rivalry!

January 12 Opening Day Highlights:

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs Net Masters…a new netminder for the Net. Perfect Blend has been revamped with a youth movement! The game was full of laughter and fun! Everyone on both sides looked good in their 2019 debut. Net Masters win 9-6.

A-Div: All Mesh vs Rebels…the classic series is back! At 4-1 All Mesh in the 3rd the Rebels closed to 4-3 before All Mesh pulled away late. All Mesh win 7-4.

B-Div: Pylons vs Average Joes…a rematch of the last sessions B-Biv final to make things interesting! A great game to end the great day! 1-0 and 3-1 Pylons at the breaks. At 4-1 the Joes pushed hard and closed it to 4-3 and that is how it ended…mainly because Shawn Pilon was on fire in the net for the Pylons. Pylons win 4-3.


Great fun Fall Season everyone!! See you all back in Saturday, January 12th!

Saturday, December 8th B-Div Finals/3rd Seed Match:

Noon Game #2 A-Div Final: All Mesh vs Rebels…All Mesh lead the series 1-0 going in. For two periods the Rebels tried but All Mesh were a pass ahead of them at 2-0 and 6-1 at the breaks. All Mesh went up 7-1 and that is when the Rebels found their game and tilted the floor and roared back to come within a goal at 7-6. The crowd was into it now and then Danika Gratton made a huge play to set up Mike Fuller with the big goal to give All Mesh the game and the championship. Congrats to both teams for yet another entertaining time and to All Mesh for another championship! All Mesh win 9-6.

Congrats to the Fall 2018 A-Div Champions All Mesh:

1pm (3rd Seed Match) Net Masters vs Perfect Blend…the Blend used a first period 3-1 lead to their advantage by playing well defensively after that to build a 6-2 lead heading into the 3rd. Then with Blend seemingly in control up 8-3 the Net Masters rallied to make it 8-7 and time left to tie! The Blend hung on but it was a whale of a finish! Perfect Blend win 8-7.

2pm (Final) Average Joes vs Pylons…the game everyone was waiting for. And it was worth the wait! The two teams played a tight structured game and scoring chances were the result of hard work and creative passing. The team defences were air tight most of the game and the goaltenders were only beaten by perfect shots. The Joes were up 1-0 and 3-1 at the two period breaks. The Pylons made it 3-2 fairly early in the 3rd to set the stage for more back and forth play until finally with goalie pulled the Pylons ran out of time and the Joes scored two into the empty cage to take their 2nd Championship! Congrats to both teams for a splenid Final. Average Joes win 5-2.

Congrats to the Fall 2018 B-Div Champions Average Joes:

Highlights Super Saturday semi-finals for the B-Div and Game #1 of A-Final Tuesday, December 4th:

B-Div semi-final: Average Joes vs Perfect Blend…a pick-em at best match as this was expected to be a closely played game. it was a close low scoring game with excellent goaltending. Guy in the Joes net was almost invincible and he was the key to to the Joes victory as they were held to 3 goals. The Joes are off to the finals! The Blend will going for the 3rd seed on Saturday. Average Joes win 3-1.

B-Div semi-final: Net Masters vs Pylons…the Pylons finishing first were the odds on favourites to win. But the always solid goaltending on the Net Masters is always a factor. However it was no Joey but the back-up Dave Labelle who wanted to prove his worth in the big game! The goaltending from Labelle almost stole the show! At 6-6 the Pylons needed a late goal to punch their ticket into this Saturdays final. The Net Masters will try for 3rd. Pylons win 7-6.

Game #1 A-Div Final: Rebels vs All Mesh…fasten your seat-belts!! The All Mesh were up 3-0 and it stayed that way a long time after that. The teams traded a pair each in the 2nd for a 5-2 score. Then up 6-4 the All Mesh weathered a few close calls and pulled away late to take game #1 of the Final. Game #2 this Saturday. All Mesh win 8-4.

December 1 Highlights:

A-Div: Orleans 93’s vs Rebels…game #7 of challenge series. Rebels go in 1-2-0 and 93’s 1-0. The game was excellent as expected. It was close for two periods plus and then the 93’s shut-down the Rebels back door play and their down low plays to take over the game in the 3rd. Some nice triangle passing set-ups also powered the 93’s through this one. Orleans 93’s win 10-5.

B-Div: Pylons vs Perfect Blend…another well played game and potential finals preview. Close the entire game but the Pylons were always up a goal or two. Finally the Pylons kept the lead as time ran out on the Blend. Pylons win 8-6.

B-Div: Net Masters vs Average Joes…a goalie battle for 2 periods as the goals by the Joe’s kept this game at 2-0 until the 3rd period. Then the Joes pulled away for the 2 point. Average Joes win 6-1.

A-Div: Game #8 and the final Challenge Series game which have been tremendously successful and fun. The All Mesh came in with a 1-1-1 Challenge Series record while The Block were 0-1. It was a very even game but another game where a team was up a pair and kept the lead throughout as the All Mesh pulled the trick. With the victory by All Mesh the entire Challenge Series ended with a slight edge for the Challengers with 4-3-1 record. All Mesh win 7-5.

November 24 Highlights:

A-Div: Flint Tropics vs Rebels…Game 5 of the Challenge Series. Challengers held a 2-1-1 record and the Tropics had tied in their first match with All Mesh. The first period was the best at 4-4. The Tropics pulled away for good in the 2nd period with a 5-0 period win. The 3rd was tight again. Fun stuff. Flint Tropics end with a 1-0-1 record for the Challenge Series. Flint Tropics win 12-6.

B-Div: Average Joes vs Perfect Blend…a bit of surprise as Perfect Blend built a solid 7-2 lead based on some nice play making not to mention finishing. Everyone was waiting for the Joe’s to come roaring back, but they gave it a little go with a pair but missed one great chance and then Perfect Blend protected their goalie well. Perfect Blend win 7-4.

B-Div: Pylons vs Net Masters…Joey in the net made some memorable saves in this one as the Pylons had their offensive game in the best gear we have ever seen it. The Net Masters had some offence but 8 was not enough! Pylons win 15-8.

A-Div: Dekes of Hazzard vs All Mesh….Game 6 of the Challenge Series and the Dekes had won their game with the Rebels in a very entertaining match a couple of weeks ago. Another amazing game! 3-2 and 7-5 All Mesh leads and then a 2-2 3rd period tie gave All Mesh the win and the Dekes an even 1-1 record for the Challenge Series. The stars of the game were the All Mesh girls and in particular their goalie Melanie Simard! Nice work everyone! All Mesh win 9-7.

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As Doug Gilmour said back in 1994 “you can’t hide under the helmet all the time"

Play clean!

John and Jason at the OBBHA

November 17 Highlights:

All Mesh vs Rebels…the classic match-up. And it turned into all offence. Thing was that the Rebels had it all while the All Mesh had chances but could not bury to keep close. Noteworthy was Olivier Raymond scoring 7 goals for the Rebels in his best performance of his career….the buzz in the French Palace was on as at 7 goals the fans started talking about the record of 10 goals in a game (Belanger and Polk share the record) and after the 7th goal Olivier had many Grade A chances and was robbed by Mel Simard.  Rebels win 14-7.

Pylons vs Average Joes…the pundits say this is a big potential final as long they don’t meet in the semi-finals. This was a low scoring affair as the goalies were on their games Marquis vs Pilon. The Pylons welcomed back Moose into the line-up and they had enough offence to pull out in front early and stay there. Pylons win 5-2.

Net Masters vs Perfect Blend…a close match as the Net Masters struggled on offence but had a stellar defensive game. The Blend were on their game enough to win it. Oh and Olivier Raymond potted 3 more goals in this one! Perfect Blend win 7-4.

November 10 Highlights:

Game 3 of the 8 game Challenge Series: Dekes of Hazzard vs Rebels…what a game what a game what a game! Passing at its best from two very talented teams. The Dekes were up 2-1 and 5-2 at the period breaks. In the the 3rd the French Palace crowd grew and cheered on every great play. The Rebels exhilerated the fans by tying it 5-5 to est-up a wild finish. At 6-6 the Dekes scored with 1:34 remaining. The Rebels pulled the goalie and owned ball posession to set-up 4 glorious opportunities to get the equalizer by agonizingly missed them all. Congrats on yet another great Challenge Series match. Dekes of Hazzard win 7-6.

Average Joes vs Net Masters…the Nets Masters had Joey on fire in the net plus some bench strength to play sound defence. The Net Master scored enough for 1-0 and 3-1 leads at the breaks. The Joes were fired up for the 3rd and worked hard for very entertaining tie. 4-4 tie.

Perfect Blend vs Pylons…this was all Pylons! 3-0 and 9-3 period break leads were enough for comfortably played 3rd period. Pylons win 12-6.

Game 4 of the 8 game Challenge Series: Flint Tropics vs All Mesh…more passing at a high level that accentuated creativity and the beauty of the game. Goaltending was top notch with Ryran Girgrah in the Flint net and Shawn Pilon in the All Mesh net. Not much mesh hit nor flint to light the lamp in the 1st period as All Mesh was up 2-1. The 2nd featured the impressive shooting and over-all offence that was frankly expected for this version of the Series as it was 6-6 after two grilling periods of sizzling play. The 3rd period the tempo even pumped up higher if you could believe it! At 9-8 Flint the All Mesh pulled their goalie for the extra attacker and tied it with 1:27 left. More chances from both sides had the fans on pins and needles but it ended breathlessly with no winner. 9-9 tie.

November 3 Highlights:

The Block vs Rebels…the first of the 8 Challenge Series games for Super Saturday and it was awesome! Most of the goals were in the 1st period as the Rebels were up 4-3. Then the goaltenders took over as the teams passed incredibly well to set up glorious chances. 5-4 Rebels after the teams traded a goal each in the middle frame. It went down to then wire and finally the Rebels scored an empty netter. Rebels win 6-4.

Perfect Blend vs Average Joes…fast forward to the seconds ticking down with Perfect Blend up 5-4 and the Joes just beat the buzzer to knot it up. 5-5 tie.

Net Masters vs Pylons…Pylon go a lead and kept it throughout. But the Net Masters were pesky and kept within striking distance but ran out of time. Pylons win 8-6.

Orleans 93’s vs All Mesh…the 2nd game of the Challenge Series looked very compelling on paper with two more passing teams matching up. Lot’s of good hands too on both sides. It looked to be a blow-out with the 93’s up 6-1 after one period. But All Mesh came back to tie it up 8-8, but with 35-seconds left the 93’s scored the winner. Orleans 93’s win 9-8.

October 27 Highlights: Next week the Challenge Series starts for the A-Div All Mesh and Rebels followed by their two game championship match-up: The B-Div now play each other until the semi-finals and Finals in December.

Rebels vs All Mesh…so much fun when these two get together. Back and forth with tons of passing and great back-checking. It appeared All Mesh had the game in hand up 2-0 and 3-1 at the breaks and then even up 4-2 late. But at 4-3 the Rebels tied it up with just over a minute to play. 4-4.

Average Joes vs Pylons…another game that appeared to be going one way as the Joes were up 2-0 after one and the Pylons struggling to generate offence. But the Pylons score all 3 of the second period goals for a 3-2 lead. The Pylons were up 5-4 late and scored into an empty net for the win. Pylons win 6-4.

Perfect Blend vs Net Masters…lots of action and goals in this one. 2-2 and 6-5 Net Masters at the two breaks. In the 3rd the Net Masters pulled away. Net Masters win 11-8.

October 20 Highlights:

Rebels vs Average Joes…Natasha Plourde gets her first OBBHA shut-out! Best game of the day. Contrasting styles as the teams were staying within their own game plans….passing vs hustle. Al Jolivet also shone in the net. Rebel win 3-0

Perfect Blend vs Pylons…all Perfect Blend here. They simply tilted the floor and now are in the mix of favourites to win it all! Perfect Blend win 12-6.

All Mesh vs Net Masters…game was well played. All Mesh had the offence but the Net Masters were full value of their efforts that created their own scoring chances. Finally Laurie Reinhart broke the shut-out bid of Melanie Simard in the final two minutes. Lisa Adamson scored two goals and came agonizingly close to getting her first hat-trick. All Mesh win 9-1.

October 13 Highlights:

Tornado’s, breaks, turkey…now its the Super Double to get us back on track!

Net Masters vs Rebels….the Net Masters matched the Rebels in every category but short shifts and man to man coverage. The Rebels took advantage! Rebels win 12-1.

Pylons vs Rebels…Rebels were first up for a double dip. The Pylons were fresh and the Rebels finally ran out of steam as this chess match ended with a Pylons impressive run. Pylons win 11-7.

Average Joes vs Net Masters…Net Masters got the break before getting back into it. A close game with minimum scoring chances as both teams played a structured game. The Joes with a short bench used smart game to stay up. Average Joes win 6-2.

All Mesh vs Pylons…Pylons were anxious for their second shot. The Pylons forgot how to cover the back door play and lost coverage for some reason as it would have been closer if they concentrated on the man to man coverage. All Mesh win 12-5.

Average Joes vs Perfect Blend…Joes were not sure if a break or back to back games were advantageous. Average Joes used the same game plan in game one vs the Net Masters in this one. Average Joes win 6-3.

Perfect Blend vs All Mesh….the Blend were up against a back to back and the rested All Mesh crew….as perfect storm? The Blend added some depth from the All Mesh roster and then schooled All Mesh on how to play their own game! Perfect Blend win 13-8.

September 15 Highlights:

Rebels vs Perfect Blend…good old fashioned fun. 7-7 tie.

Net Master vs Pylons…close for two periods with Pylons up 5-4, and the Pylons pulled away in the 3rd. Pylons win 8-4.

Average Joes vs All Mesh…The Joes played well and were within striking distance until late in the 3rd. All Mesh win 10-5.

Opening Night for the Fall Session September 8th…Our 10th Season Anniversary!!

All Mesh vs Rebels…the most classic OBBHA rivalry. These two team are slated to play in the most lengthy play-off series in the history of the OBBHA and with good reason. On top of that the both will be engaging in the spirit of the “Struts Challenge Series" to mark the OBBHA 10th Year Anniversary. So true to form another amazing game opened up the Super Saturday Season! The Rebels were up 3-2 after one period but not before All Mesh’s rookie sensation “Lighting Lisa" opened up the scoring for the Fall 2018 season!! The 2nd period ended up locked up at 6-6. In the 3rd with All Mesh up a goal the Rebels pulled the goalie and came a bounce away from tying it up in the last second!!! All Mesh wins 10-9

Perfect Blend vs Net Masters…full disclosure is that the Net Masters won today and it marked the first time in franchise history that they won a an opening game day game! The longtime Net Masters were up 4-0 early and looking like it might be a cake-walk. But Perfect Blend as always never gave up and close to within a goal deficit at 5-4. But the Net Masters took control late in the game for a very fun win. Net Masters win a historic vcitory 9-5.

Pylons vs Average Joes…the Average Joes were slightly above average for two periods as they were up 6-4 at this point. Actually early in the 3rd they played above the pay grade as they were up 8-4. The OBBHA pundits had penned in the Pylons as the odds on favourites to win the B-Div this Fall. As everyone knows you have to prove it in the French Palace. The pundits looked like prophets as the Pylons completely tilted the floors in the later stages of the 3rd period to roar back to tie it up 8-8. Note that Josh McCormick scored 7 goals for the Joes….it was a bit short of the league record of 10 goals set by Trevor Polk and Eric Belanger in 2013 and 2014 in the Sunday A-Div. 8-8 tie


What a great season! See everyone back in the Fall for the 10th Season of the OBBHA!

Saturday, April 28 Highlights: The Finals for A-Div and B-Div plus the Seeding Matches:

(B-Div Finals)…Perfect Blend vs Vanier Voodoo. A wonderful final! 1-1 after one and then a precarious 3-2 lead for Vanier Voodoo despite their several posts. In the 3rd two late goals gave the Voodoo the title after many years removed from their previous one. Vanier Voodoo win 5-2.

Vanier Voodoo B-Div Champs:

(B-Div 3rd Seed Match)) Average Joes vs The Flying Squirrels. How about some OT to decide this one. A rare OBBHA OT was permitted and the Joes score 1:22 into the OT. Average Joes win 7-6 in OT.

(B-Div 5th Seed Match))  Net Masters vs Pylons…for most of the game it appeared the Net Masters wer going to win. But at 6-4 Net Masters the Pylons roared back with 4-straight goals for the exhilerating win. Pylons win 8-6.

(A-Div Final)) All Mesh vs Beastmode…All Mesh were missing 4 regulars but gave a great 1st period performance only down 6-4. After that Beastmode was just too good and ran away with it. Congrats to the Beast as they showed how to play a complete game every Saturday with speed, skill and creative play-making while having so much fun! Beastmode win 14-5.

Beastmode A-Div Champs:

 A-Div: Ottawa Reds hand the Rebels a friendly 3rd Seed 5-0.

A-Div: Game 3 of the 3-game play-off round-robin to see who goes into the Finals and who plays in the 3rd seed Match: 

-Re-scheduled for Monday, April 23 Highlights:

9:00pm A-Div: Rebels vs Beastmode…Rebels get the gimme 5-0.

10:00pm A-Div: All Mesh vs Ottawa Reds…Reds needed the win and All Mesh needed a tie or win to reach the finals vs Beastmode this Saturday. A wild first period left the two teams tied up 1-1. The Reds goalie was simply outstanding as All Mesh had the territorial advantage throughout. The Reds had some bursts of ball possession in the 2nd but some timely goals for All Mesh put them up 5-3. Finally all the passing wore down the Reds and their goaltender as All Mesh pulled away for a spot in the Finals while the Reds will vie for 3rd Seed. All Mesh win 9-4.

A-Div: Game 2 of the 3-game play-off round-robin to see who goes into the Finals and who plays in the 3rd seed Match:

-Saturday, April 21 Highlights: 

A-Div: Ottawa Reds vs Beastmode…a tremendously good game. 0-0 after one period. The Beastmode were up 2-0 and then it was 2-1. In the 3rd the Beastmode scored the key goals to get the big victory. Beastmode win 5-2.

A-Div: All Mesh vs Rebels…another classic everyone enjoyed. 2-2 and 4-2 All Mesh at the period breaks. The Rebels scored 3 quick goals early in the 3rd to take a 5-4 lead. 5-5, 6-5 Rebels and then 2 late goals put All Mesh up a goal and they survived a strong push with the goalie pulled by the Rebels. All Mesh win 7-6.

Revolver Game #2 of 3 Saturday, April 21 Highlights

(Seeding Game 6vs5)) Net Masters vs The Flying Squirrels…a tight match for everyone to enjoy. Net Masters will be in next weeks 5th seed game, while Squirrels will play for 3rd. Squirrels win 6-3.

(semi-final 3vs2))  Perfect Blend vs Pylons…the Pylons were not prepared mentally as their defensive coverage was horrible in the first period down 8-1. The Pylons tried desperately to come back but Parker Hubley in the Blend net had a monster game! Pylons will play for 5rth Seed next week. Perfect Blend make the finals with a 12-5 win.

(semi-final 4vs1)) Vanier Voodoo vs Average Joes…Voodoo have been putting it together in recent weeks. The Average Joes have been the team to beat all session. In this one the Joes could not get the offence in gear while Voodoo scored key goals at key moments of the game. Joes will play for 3rd Seee. Vanier Voodoo off to the finals with the win 5-1.

Saturday B-Div Revolver Game #1 of 3 Tuesday, April 17

B-Div: (6vs3) Net Masters  vs Perfect Blend…winner will play a semi-final 2 or 1 depending on re-seeding, while loser will play two more consolation seeding games. Perfect Blend were very quick out of the gate and an early lead is whatcarried them through. Perfect Blend win 10-5.

B-Div: (2vs1) Pylons vs Average Joes…both teams are guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals to follow. Even until the end…then the Joes scored late to secure first place for the semi. Average Joes win 7-4.

B-Div: (5vs4)  The Flying Squirrels vs Vanier Voodoo…winner will play a semi-final vs 2 or 1 depending on re-seeding, while loser will play two more consolation seeding games. Voodoo goaltending was the difference here. Then a late game gas leak ended any hopes for the rodent come-back. Vanier Voodoo win 5-2.

Super Saturday April 14 Highlights:

A-Div: Game 1 of the 3-game play-off round-robin to see who goes into the Finals and who plays in the 3rd seed Match: 

A-Div: Rebels vs Ottawa Reds…a great battle. Rebels were up 3-0 but the Reds kept creeping back into and were only down 5-4 after two periods. In the end it was tie and a very appropriate one! 6-6 tie.

A-Div: All Mesh vs Beastmode…always a great game between the two and this was no different. The difference in this one was a late surge in the 2nd period by Beastmode that gave them a few goal lead they never gave up. Beastmode win 10-6.

B-Div: Last game of regular season, before the 3-game play-off revolver begins:

B-Div: The Flying Squirrels vs Vanier Voodoo…low scoring so the goalies were on fire and the teams played a tight checking style match. Vanier Voodoo win 5-3.

B-Div: Pylons vs Perfect Blend…a wild one! Goalies were left out of this one as the offences were all about scoring! Perfect Blend win 15-14.

B-Div: Net Masters vs Average Joes…last vs 1st and the Net Masters were full value giving the top dogs a very fine game. The Net Masters were up 5-4 after two periods and looking for the upset! The got it!! Net Masters win 6-5.

Super Saturday April 7 Highlights:

A-Div: Beastmode vs Ottawa Reds…a pretty evenly played first left the Beastmode up 3-1. After that the Reds did not pass as efficiently and this tilted the floor heavily in favour of their opponent. Beastmode win 10-1.

A-Div: All Mesh vs Rebels..a game of 3 streaks. All Mesh scored the first two to be up 2-1 after one. The Rebels score 5-straight to be up 5-4 after two. All Mesh respnded with 7-straight of their own. All Mesh win 9-5.

B-Div: Net Masters vs The Flying Squirrels…low scoring exciting game. Goalies were hot and the teams played structured ball hockey so even play all around. Flying Squirrels win 4-2.

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs Average Joes…another low scoring game and in fact the 1st goal was scored deep into the 2nd period. At 2-0 Joes the Perfect Blend scored a fraction to late in the 2nd period as the whistle went…and a fun video review took place. The OBBHA Ottawa War Room looked at for quite a few takes before ruling the call on the floor stood! Average Joes hang on to win 3-2.

B-Div: Pylons vs Vanier Voodoo…very high pace to this match. At 5-5 in the 3rd the Pylons finally solved Melanie Simard in the Voodoo net who was other-worldly in her effort today! Pylons win 7-5.

Super Saturday March 24 Highlights:

A-Div: Ottawa Reds vs Rebels…the a-Div is now being played as intended. Great skilled ball hickey and no drama lol! This one was tight and well played. 1-0 after one period for the Reds before the Rebels turned the table for a 4-3 lead after two. The Reds scored quickly early in the 3rd and hung on for a fun win. Ottawa Reds win 7-5.

B-Div: Average Joes vs The Flying Squirrels…the Joes were tested but kept first place. 5-5 after one and then won the 2nd for a 9-6 lead. The 3rd was even at 3-3. Average Joes win 12-9.

B-Div: Vanier Voodoo vs Perfect Blend…a slow start by Voodoo was the storyline that was the difference. Down 4-0 after one the Voodoo slowly crept back into this one only to come up one goal short in a fine comeback effort. Perfect Blend win 5-4.

B-Div: Pylons vs Net Master…the Net Masters seem to save their best for the Pylons. They piled up 50 shots on Shawn Pilon in the Pylons net, the most ever recorded for the Net Masters offence. It was 4-4 after two periods and 5-5 late before the Pylons scored two late for a nervy win. Pylons win 7-5.

A-Div: All Mesh vs Beastmode…another excellent a-Div game. 3-1 and 4-3 period break leads for the beasts. They hung on for a one goal win scoring late to breaks a 6-6 deadlock. Beastmode win 7-6.

Reminder no games Saturday March 10 and 17…play resumes Saturday, March 24

Enjoy March Break!

Super Saturday March 3 Highlights:

A-Div: Ottawa Reds vs All Mesh…a back and forth match. Reds were up 4-3 after one and the the difference maker took place in the 2nd as they increased the lead to 9-5 and never looked back with a strong 3rd too despite All Mesh giving a strong push back. Noticeable was Andrew Dubroy’s 5 goals for the Reds. Ottawa Reds win 14-9.

A-Div: Rebels vs Beastmode…excellent skille match. Beastmode had the upper hand in the hands department with 3-0 and 6-2 period break leads. The passing on both teams was a pleasure to watch. Beastmode win 9-4.

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs The Flying Squirrels…the Blend jumped to a 3-0 first period lead. The Squirrels worked hard but did not get the bounces on offence. This was one of the Blends best games start to finish in quite some time. Perfect Blend win 8-3.

B-Div: Vanier Voodoo vs Net Masters…the Voodoo put in 4 in the first and they needed them as the 2nd period was scoreless. The Net Masters gathered confidence as the game wore on despite the slow start and not much luck on offence. The teams played a 2-2 3rd period. Vanier Voodoo win 6-2.

B-Div: Average Joes vs Pylons…the last game of the day was well anticipated as the two teams have been playing well of late. The last time the two met the Joes dominated. This time it was a complete reversal as the Pylons played their best yet. Pylons win 10-3.

Super Saturday February 24 Highlights:

A-Div: Ottawa Reds vs Beastmode…the Reds came out looking unbeatable with a 7-2 lead. But Beastmode turned it around and stunned the French Palace crowd with full comeback bid to win a wild one 10-9.

A-Div: Rebels vs All Mesh…All Mesh were looking foe their first win and were up 6-0 late looking for the rare OBBHA shut-out, but the Rebels scored on a penalty shot. All Mesh win 6-1.

B-Div: The Flying Squirrels vs Pylons…a great game. The Squirrels were up 3-2 after one and then the Pylons reversed that and were 5-4 after two. The teams ended up appropriately tied in the end. 6-6 tie.

B-Div: Vanier Voodoo vs Average Joes…this was a typical Joes game. Great goaltending and solid two way effort. The Voodoo could not get the offence untracked and could not score. Guy! Guy! Guy! with the shut-out!! Average Joes win 3-0.

B-Div: Net Masters vs Perfect Blend…Perfect Blend were up 2-1 after one and the two teams were in an evenly played match. However the Blend pulled away in the 2nd for a 5-2 and even more in the 3rd. Perfect Blend win 10-4.

Super Saturday February 10 Highlights:

A-Div: Rebels vs Ottawa Reds…the Reds had the offence going including the younger Kitchen scoring 4 goals. After a 4-2 first period lead the Reds tried pulling away but it was still in doubt late at 8-5 and the Rebels getting quality scoring chances. Empty netters put it away. Ottawa Reds win 10-5.

B-Div: Average Joes vs Net Masters…for two periods the Net Masters were close only down 3-1 and 5-2 at the breaks. They tired in the 3rd as the Joes used some stretch passes to their advantage. Average Joes win 9-4.

B-Div: Vanier Voodoo vs The Flying Squirrels…a string of surprising results started with this one. The surging Squirrels ran into a very well oiled Voodoo team that just did not make many mistakes in this one. Vanier Voodoo win 7-1.

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs Pylons…the Pylons looked like they were going to go on scoring binge early but then could not buy one. The Blend scored some very nice goals and lots of them. Perfect Blend win 10-5.

A-Div: Beastmode vs All Mesh…not much was expected from All Mesh as they were win-less and were missing their top player. But they were up with a well deserved 8-4 lead at one point and then hung of for a bit once it was tied 9-9, but had the better chances in the final minute of play. 9-9 tie

Super Saturday February 3 Highlights:

A-Div: All Mesh vs Ottawa Reds…this looked to be the game of the day, but the next one was. This was a close 2nd! An amazing game as the A-Div has all the French Palace fans on Super Saturday taking a peak at these extraordinary passing games. The Reds had the snipers working and then had to hold on as the All Mesh crew made a valiant comeback bid that came up just short. Ottawa Reds win 9-8.

A-Div: Beastmode vs Rebels…the Rebels have always brought out the best in people and their teams. This was no exception as Beastmode quickly picked that this was all about skill and great competition. As the game wore on there was nothing to differentiate the teams from the goalie out. The fans loved it and were buzzing play after play.The game ended in a very appropriate 5-5 tie.

B-Div: The Flying Squirrels vs Net Masters….the OBBHA game is very hard to play with a short bench and with unknown spares as the chemistry factor slowly fades away. So the Squirrels had the advantage from the get-go and won this one playing their style of game. Flying Squirrels win 12-2.

B-Div: Vanier Voodoo vs Pylons…game of the day on the B side! The Pylons were missing a couple of key components but jumped out to an early lead only to fall behind and then come back to tie things up 6-6 in the 3rd. Then with 1:45 remaining Dan Apt with a quick shot scored the winner for the orange-men. Pylons win 7-6.

B-Div: Average Joes vs Perfect Blend….the Blend were missing a couple of key snipers and this hurt their offence that never got untracked. The Joes simply slowly pulled away from start to finish. Average Joes win 10-2. 

Super Saturday January 27 Highlights:

A-Div: Beastmode vs Ottawa Reds…the Reds were out in front 3-0 early but Beastmode came back to tie before the Reds took a 4-3 lead into the 2nd. Beastmode had a huge 2nd for a 10-5 insurmountable lead. A close 3rd was played. Beastmode win 12-5.

A-Div: All Mesh vs Rebels…a wonderful passing game. All Mesh held period break leads of 2-0 and 5-4. But the Rebels scored a late winner with 1:02 left to take it. Rebels win 8-7.

B-Div: The Flying Squirrels vs Average Joes…..the Squirrels had the offence going again for 3-2 first perid lead and a strong 2nd for a 7-4 lead. Int the 3rd the Joes put on a push but came up short. Flying Squirrels win 8-6.

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs Vanier Voodoo…Voodoo were 3-1 after one. The Blend had a strong opening to the 2nd to tie it all up at 3-3, but Voodoo recovered and regained the lead 6-4 heading into the final stanza. The teams played a solid two way 2-2 tie in the 3rd so the Voodoo preserved their lead. Vanier Voodoo win 8-6.

B-Div: Net Masters vs Pylons…a great way to finish the day! Two teams having fun in a very close barn-burner. Pylons kept getting leads but the Net Masters always clawed their way back into it. Finally at the end the Pylons hung on for a nervy one goal win. Pylons win 9-8.

Super Saturday January 20 Highlights:

A-Div: Ottawa Reds vs Rebels…this was a wonderful game. Hard working with many great plays. Goalies were on their game big-time. After two periods it was 1-0 for the Ottawa Reds. In the 3rd the pace continued at a great pace. Late in the game with the Reds up 3-2 on a rifle shot by Ben Gagnon the Rebels came on strong. The Rebels had a goal missed the replays will show but did not complain and just focused in trying to tie it up and then with their goalie pulled they tied it up with 7-seconds left. Very fun game! 3-3.

A-Div:The Flying Squirrels vs Perfect Blend…the Squirrels offence was on today! Perfect blend is known for their offence and they scored some goals, but the red squirrels had it all going today! Flying Squirrels win 11-6.

B-Div: Pylons vs Average Joes…the first was close at 1-1. The Average Joes took a 3-1 lead in the 2nd and increased it to 5-3 early in the 3rd. Then the pylons struck quickly for 2-goals to close it to 5-3. But the Joes capitalized on some chances to put it away. Average Joes win 8-4.

B-Div: Net Masters vs Vanier Voodoo…Net Masters had a little step on the Voodoo for the first two periods but heading into the final period it was tied up 3-3. The Voodoo new signing of Cameron Parker came to an early bonus as he was a factor on offence in the 3rd period for several goals for the hard earned win. Vanier Voodoo win 7-5.

A-Div: All Mesh vs Beastmode…this was a perfect game. Everyone went hard and made great plays. Beastmode held a first period lead of 5-2 but All Mesh would not go away. At one point they closed to within 5-4. But then Beatmode jumped back out to an 8-4 lead after two. In the 3rd All mesh made it 8-6, but a late goal put it away. Beastmode win 9-6.

Saturday OBBHA Teams……Another great season is  underway, 

This season we have a couple of new initiatives to stimulate some positive vibes with the OBBHA.

See below as John will follow up and provide specifics before the start of your game.

Thank you in advance for sharing items B and C with your players.

  1. Stats

Team captains or designated statistician will have the option to keep track of team stats. HOW? see below.

After each game:

1-On the home page under  STATISTICS / WINTER 2018 on the bottom left click on your respective league/division statistic link

2-Input team Roster in your respective “Team Sheet/Label"  You only need to enter the player once. Keep adding the players as they show up (max 20 per team)

3-Input number of goals and assists by each player on a game per game basis

  1. OBBHA Weekly Hockey Pool

Hockey experts, we got something for you!

In an attempt to create a buzz and raise funds to enable underprivileged kids to play ball hockey, we came up with the following idea.

Why not create a weekly hockey pool, using the same concept as Pro Picks (Proline) where you have a chance to win every week!!

-Every week, you have the chance to win a 50$ giftcard from Canadian Tire

-20$ to join / pay John directly or send money transfer to “[email protected]

-Submit your weekly picks before the deadline (5 minutes before first scheduled game on Saturday)

-Pick the winner / 1 point per game 

-Tie breaker is “TOTAL GOALS of CBC Featured game of the week (Saturday 7pm) 

-1 winner / per week (Most points)

-Join anytime

 Week 1 / Saturday January 20th Selection Form – Deadline 12:55 EST 

  1. Live Streams and game archives

 All your games are available on the following link


Please feel free if you have any questions.

Please forward to your team members

Bigger, Better and Stronger in 2018, thanks to you guys and your efforts!

Opening Day for Winter 2018 Super Saturday January 13 Highlights:

A-Div: Ottawa Reds vs All Mesh…Dubroy of Andrew was looking forward to this match-up all Holidays! Always a fun time when he meets up with his All Mesh friends on the other side of the ledger. And he was the first star of the game scoring 4 goals. All Mesh gave it the old defending champ try but came up just short. Ottawa Reds win 8-6.

A-Div: Rebels vs Beastmode….Stephane Portelance and his crew always come up with a different name each session. Beastmode looked to be firing on all cyclinders. The Rebels were a little short benched for this calibre of play and this showed on the scoreboard. Beastmode win 10-4.

B-Div: Pylons vs The Flying Squirrels…both teams have high hopes for this session, or at least high five for a good time. A very even game and tough to score in as the teams played a very tight checking game. 2-0 and 2-1 at the period breaks for the Pylons. The teams opened it up a bit late in the game so some goals were scored, but the Pylons came out on top. Pylons win 5-3.

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs Net Masters…two veteran teams now looking to work off the Xmas excesses! And it was goal scoring that was in excess for this wild game. 4-3 and 9-8 at the period breaks for the Net Masters. In the 3rd the teams focussed on defence and only 3 goals were scored after the wild first 2 periods. Perfect Blend kept playing from behind but kept coming back. an appropriate ending 10-10 tie.

B-Div: Average Joes s Vanier Voodoo…both teams looking for larger benches for each and every game to help with lung capacities. The benches were full and the game had a great pace to it. The score was indicative of the game. Guy Saumure in the Average Joes net was the difference. Average Joes win 7-2.

The last Super Saturday of 2017 before we return on Saturday, January 13th for the Super Winter Saturday Session!

Super Saturday December 9 Highlights:

Vanier Voodoo vs Ottawa Reds…Ryan Girgrah with the well deserved shut-out!! Ottawa Reds win 7-0.

Wings vs Net Masters…Craig Bowman was looking for the shut-out too! But just missed as the Net Masters scored a late one. Wings win 11-1.

Average Joes vs The Flying Squirrels…predicted to be a close one. The Squirrels were up 2-0 after one period, The Joes scored 3 in the 2nd for a 3-2 advantage. The Squirrels tied it up 3-3 on a penalty shot early in the 3rd. Then with the Squirrels up 4-3 the Joes pulled the goalie and tied it up with 15-seconds left in the game. 4-4 tie.

Garbage Men vs Rebels…contrasting styles. Pass first Rebels vs the Mach 80 forecheck of the G-Men. A close game as goals were scored in bunches by both teams. Rebels held period break leads of 4-3 and 6-5. The Rebels got one early in the 3rd to make it 7-5 but the G-Men never gave up and potted a pair to knot everything up. 7-7 tie.

Perfect Blend vs Dragons…the streaky Blend vs the talented Dragons. The Perfect Blend played well and kept up while scoring some nice snipes, but the Dragons moved the ball a little better and capitalized on lots of their chances. Dragons win 12-8.

Pylons vs Cool Runnings…Pylons were the underdogs for this match-up. They jumped to a 2-0 lead but found themselves down 3-2 by the end of the 1st period. Cool Runnings expanded on the lead in the 2nd to 7-4 and then played a smart 3rd for the win. Cool Runnings win 10-5.

All Mesh vs Tinder Stalkers…great pair to meet to end the Fall session. TS were up 3-2 after one period and then 6-2 after 2 periods. TS played great defence the rest of the way. Tinder Stalkers win 7-2.

All Mesh finish first and win the Fall Session! Congrats!!

Super Saturday December 2 Highlights:

Average Joes vs Ottawa Reds…first period was close at 2-1 Reds. A big 2nd gave the Reds a 6-1 lead and they never looked back. Ottawa Reds win 9-1.

Rebels vs All Mesh…the classic match-up yet again lived up to all the expectations. All Mesh needed the win to capture the Super Saturday title. All Mesh has not beaten the Rebels for quite some time and the Rebels created more doubt in their minds with a quick 2-0 lead and a 3-1 lead after one period. The Rebels went up 4-1, All Mesh closed to 4-3. 5-3 Rebels and then a late 2nd period goal by All Mesh left it 5-4 Rebels heading into the final period. In the 3rd the level of play remained at a high levels and the pace breathtaking. At 7-6 for All Mesh they got the empty netter to make it 8-6, but with 31-seconds left the Rebels scored to set the stage for a couple near misses. All Mesh win the Title! Congratulations!! All Mesh win 8-7.

Vanier Voodoo vs Perfect Blend…for two periods the teams were very close as the Blend held period break leads of 2-1 and 6-4. The Blend exploded in the 3rd for 5 more goals and the two points. Perfect Blend win 11-6.

Net Masters vs Garbage Men…what a great effort from the Net Masters against what well could be the hardest working team in the OBBHA for years. The Net Masters came up with more hustle than expected and were up 2-1 at the first break and only down 4-3 after the 2nd. In the 3rd the effort levels were at full blast and some goals resulted from this. The G-Men were able to get some key goals for the victory but the Net Masters were in this. Garbage Men win 10-4.

Net Masters vs Cool Runnings…game 2 of the Net Masters double header, Could they sustain that great effort they showed in game 1? Answer was yes! Against a top team the Net Masters gave it a great game! 2-1 Cool Runnings after the first run and in the 2nd run the games was close still and fans enjoyed the end to end action as Cool Runnings took a 6-3 lead. The 3rd the Net Masters tired. Cool Runnibgs win 11-3.

Cool Runnings vs The Flying Squirrels…game 2 for Cool Runnings against a rested Squirrels team. And Squirrels came up with their best effort of the season against a top ranked team. They were up 3-0 in the first, but the Cool guys slowly worked their way all the way back for the win. Cool Runnings win 5-3.

Pylons vs Tinder Stalkers…what a wild one. Andrew Dubroy was hot for the Pylons to keep them in the hunt for an upset, while Pat Portelance matched his goals for the TS win. Tinder Stalkers win 10-9.

Wings vs Dragons…the Dragons have wings too. The Wings scored but were doubled down. Dragons win 16-8.

Super Saturday November 25 Highlights:

Wings vs Ottawa Reds…game one of two for the Wings. Goals were tough to come by. First period almost all of the scoring took place. 3-2 Reds who then scored the only goal of the 2nd for a 4-2 lead. No goals in the 3rd as the game was tight and full of great saves. Ottawa Reds win 4-2.

Wings vs The Flying Squirrels…Wings in the bottom half of their double header and the Squirrels in the top half of their two. Very even match. 4-4 tie

The Flying Squirrels vs Garbage Men…the G-Men took advantage of a tired Squirrels bunch with a 4-2 1st period lead. But the Squirrels found their legs to close to within 6-5 by the end of the 2nd and then scored the lone 3rd period goal to tie it all up. 6-6 tie.

Rebels vs Vanier Voodoo…Voodoo surprised the Rebels with a late comeback bid after being down 6-2 after 2 periods. Rebels hang on to win 7-5.

Cool Runnings vs Dragons…great match here. Quick and skilled. 3-3 after one and the Dragons were up 5-4 heading into the final period. At 6-5 Dragons the Cool Runnings tied it up with about 4-minutes left and that is how it ended after much more end to end action. The tie helps All Mesh as they can still lose a game now and win the King/Queen of the mountain. 6-6 tie.

Net Masters vs Tinder Stalkers…a fun run as Net Masters used this as a learning to cover your man game. Tinder Stalkers win 12-1.

Average Joes vs Perfect Blend…Perfect Blend were up 2-0 at the first break. In the 2nd the Joes gave a push back to close it to a 3-2 deficit. But all Perfect Blend in the 3rd.  Perfect Blend win 7-2.

Pylons vs All Mesh…All Mesh knew a win was must looking at two more tough games coming up to close out the Fall session. Pylons had trouble with the coverage of the All Mesh ball movement. All Mesh win 13-3.

Super Saturday November 18 Highlights:

Wings vs Perfect Blend…the Wings were on their game for this one vs the struggling Perfect Blend. The Blend are a streaky team and look to get back on track, but the Wings were unbeatable today. Wings win 9-3.

The Flying Squirrels vs Tinder Stalkers..the Squirrels gave a very good team a hard run. The Squirrels are passing better and making ball control plays. but TS did it better today. Tinder Stalkers win 8-3.

Pylons vs Rebels…a closer game than the score reveals. Rebels goalie Natasha Plourde was the difference. Rebels win 8-3.

Pylons vs Garbage Men…the Pylons did not play as well in this their 2nd game of their double header and the final score reflected this. The G-men were simply relentless with their work ethic. Garbage Men win 9-3.

Garbage Men vs Dragons…the G-Men sustained their hard working mantra for the 2nd game in a row and gave a very good team a very good game. Just came up short in the end. Dragons win 9-5.

Cool Runnings vs Ottawa Reds…the Reds gave the Cool Runnings their 1st loss. it was quite a game. 4-4 moving into the 3rd and 5-5 with less than 2-minutes left. The Reds Cameron McMullen scored 2 late highlight reel goals fir the upset win. And this puts All Mesh as the front runners. Ottawa Reds win 7-5.

Vanier Voodoo vs Average Joes…a few short on Joes, but lot’s of Voodoo. Predictable result. Vanier  Voodoo 9-3.

Net Masters vs All Mesh…buoyed by the Cool Runnings loss, All Mesh were pumped to win a and take over 1st place. But the Net Masters gave them a scare by taking a 2-1 lead into the 2nd and then only being down 4-3 after 2-periods. All Mesh were able to come up with the goods in the final period. All Mesh win 8-3.

Super Saturday November 11 Highlights:

Net Masters vs Rebels…a well played first left the Rebels up 2-0. In the 2nd the Rebels freed up time and space with some very fine passing that resulted in goals for a 7-1 lead. The Net Masters came up with some strategy to combat the ball Rebels ball control and played an even 3-3 3rd. Rebels win 10-4.

The Flying Squirrels vs All Mesh…almost everything happened in the 1st period. The All Mesh offence was finishing off some nice set-ups for a 5-2 lead. Then the teams settled into a very interesting game of counter-attacks off of great pass plays. No goals until late in the game All Mesh scored to end any thought of drama. All Mesh win 6-2.

Wings vs Average Joes…wonderful game for two hard working teams. 2-2 and 3-3 at the breaks and then it ended appropriately even as the teams exchanged a pair of goals each in the final period. 5-5 tie.

Average Joes vs Dragons…the Joes seemed a step behind in the opening period of their 2nd game of their double header down 5-0. But somehow gained back their game to close to 6-4 after the middle frame. The Dragons then used their fresh legs to take the 3rd in convincing style. Dragons win 11-5.

Dragons vs Tinder Stalkers…this time it was the Dragons turn to have hard time keeping up the pace to open their bottom end of their double header down 6-2 after the first period break. The TS were playing extremely well, but the Dragons had a good surge to make it a game only down 8-6 after two periods in a very important game for the race for the top. TS kept the furious pace up as the Dragons tired as the 3rd period wore on. Tinder Stalkers win 12-8.

Pylons vs Vanier Voodoo…1-1 first period showed the French Palace crowd that this game was up for grabs for either team. In the 2nd Voodoo were unlucky not to be rewarded with more than goal and found themselves down a goal at 3-2. The 3rd the Pylons used a solid passing game to win the period 3-0 and the game. Pylons win 6-2. 

Garbage Men vs Ottawa Reds…a hard running game from the outset. Reds were up 3-2 after one and then broke it open in the 2nd for a 7-3 advantage. The 3rd was an even 3-3. Ottawa Reds win 10-6.

Cool Runnings vs Perfect Blend…this was all Cool Runnings as they continue their impressive play. Perfect Blend could not get untracked from their first pass out of their own zone. Cool Runnings win 15-1.

Super Saturday November 4 Highlights:

Tinder Stalkers vs Ottawa Reds…nobody slept in for this one! Big pace and effort from both squads. Tinder Stalkers took a 3-1 lead into the 2nd and a one goal lead of 4-3 into the final period. At 6-5 the Reds pulled their goalie for the extra attacker and on a long screened shot tied it up. 6-6.

Rebels vs Tinder Stalkers…Tinder Stalkers in the bottom half of their double header were tied 2-2 at the first break and only down 5-4 moving into the 3rd. The ran out of some gas but still gave as much as they could, but Rebels pounced on a few more chances. Rebels win 9-6 aided by an empty netter.

The Flying Squirrels vs Rebels…the Rebels in their 2nd game of two. The Squirrels have always had trouble with the Rebels passing game, but were prepared with some strategic coaching and a full bench to implement the game plan. So it was a compelling match! 2-1 Rebels after one followed by a goal-less 2nd period. The Squirrels tied it up early in the 3rd and the crowd in the French Palace gathered to see if the Squirrels could pull off the upset! Alas the Rebels score late for the very close victory and a sweep of their double-header!. Rebels win 3-2.

Garbage Men vs Perfect Blend…everyone was looking for another close game. But the G-Men were juiced and clearly had the extra jump in building 4-2 and 9-3 leads. The 3rd was all about closing it out. G-Men win 10-4. 

Cool Runnings vs Average Joes…another game anticipated to be a tight match. and as the game before it was Cool Runnings that came out of the gate flying for 4-0 and 8-2 period break leads followed by a closing it out period. Cool Runnings win 10-4. 

Dragons vs All Mesh…in terms of King/Queens of the French Palace this was slotted to be the biggest game so far! But for the 3rd straight game an expected close game was blown open early. All Mesh used their patented passing game to flow out to 5-1 and 10-2 leads at the two breaks and then played keep away in the 3rd. All Mesh win 13-3.

Vanier Voodoo vs Wings…finally back to close games! 0-0 after one period. 2-1 Wings after two periods. In the 3rd it was the Voodoo who scored the only two goals for the stirring come from behind win. Vanier Voodoo win 3-2.

Net Masters vs Pylons…the Pylons were on the move for two periods featuring a very nice pass and control game. 2-0 and 5-0 period break leads. But in the 3rd the Net Masters exploded for 4 very quick goals to close it to a fun 5-4 deficit. The Pylons made it 6-4 for a little “whew" moment before the Net Masters continued to pressure over the final 4-minutes of the game. Pylons win 7-4.

Super Saturday October 28 Highlights:

Dragons vs Rebels…the women on the Rebels played extremely well vs the top team the Dragons. A tight first left the Dragons up 2-1. Late in the 2nd the Dragons scored a flurry of goals to create a safer lead of 7-3. The 3rd was still a good run despite the lead. Dragons win 10-4.

The Flying Squirrels vs Pylons…the Pylons were hit by the virus bug as quite a number of players were down with various ailments. So they did want to become a “Game of Cones"…or at least an orange version. So some spares helped out. The Squirrels were at their best today and jumped to a 3-0 first period lead. The Pylons showed some spirit in the 2nd closing to 5-3. But the Squirrels won the 3rd 2-0 for the victory. Flying Squirrwels win 7-3.

Net Masters vs Vanier Voodoo…Voodoo scored the only goal of the first period and pulled away in the 2nd for a 4-1 lead. Net Masters geared up in the 3rd trying to score some goals with supreme efforts. The got a couple but at the expense of giving up some more too. Great running game over-all. Vanier Voodoo win 8-3.

Garbage Men vs Average Joes…a rivalry game as both teams have similar styles. Never say die effort from start to finish. The Joes were up 3-1 after one but the G-Men turned the table in the 2nd for a 5-4 advantage. The G-Men momentum continued unabated in the 3rd with 5-unanswered goals. Garbage men win 10-4.

Tinder Stalkers vs Perfect Blend…first game of a double-header for Perfect Blend who swept one earlier the season. Perfect Blend continues to surprise and were up 4-2 after one period. The made it 5-2 early in the 2nd before the Stalkers blitzed back to tie 5-5. However 2 late goals gave Perfect Blend the 7-5 lead moving into the 3rd period. It was 8-6 when the Stalkers potted to quick ones to tie it up 8-8 with 7-minutes remaining. The French Palace crowd gathered to watch the exciting conclusion. The bus the Stalkers were on at this point took on no more passengers and scored 2 goals to salt this one away. Tinder Stalkers win 10-8.

Perfect Blend vs Ottawa Reds…Game 2 for Perfect Blend and Game 1 of 2 for the Reds. The Blend were visibly tired to start and the Reds came out flying for an early 2-0 lead and held it until the end of the opening period. The Reds had the engines running in the 2nd and expanded the lead to 7-1 by the end of 2 periods. The Blend tried to muster up the offence in the 3rd but that very tough first game vs the Tinder Stalkers took too much out of them. Ottawa Reds win this one 9-3.  

Ottawa Reds vs All Mesh…the fans were interested in this one. The Reds would be tired and needed to dig down deep for this game as the ball controlling All Mesh would be game to play keep away and make the Reds chase all night. The Reds were revved up early and took a 3-0 lead, but by the end of the 1st it was 3-3. The 2nd was back and forth and ended appropriately 5-5. 6-6 early in the 3rd then All Mesh score two quick goals for an 8-6 lead, but the Reds still had plenty of energy and closed to within a goal but could not get the equalizer. All Mesh win 8-7.

Cool Runnings vs Wings…the night-cap. This one was all Cool Runnings on offence and defence, Cool Runnings win on all fronts 7-0.

Super Saturday October 21 Highlights:

Ottawa Reds vs Rebels…a nice looking game with ball movement the theme as expected. The Rebels were a little better at it over-all with 4-1 and 7-3 period break leads. But the Reds scored 2 quick snipes to close within 2-goals with plenty of time remaining. A great end to end finish but no more goals. Rebels win 7-5. 

The Flying Squirrels vs Net Masters…a close game made this one fun to watch. Squirrels were up 2-1 and 6-4 at the breaks but the Net Masters were right with them the whole time. The Squirrels snipers came to life late in the game. The Flying Squirrels win 10-5.

Dragons vs Pylons…Pylons wanted to give the front runners a run. And they did! Perhaps the Dragons were surprised by the B ranked team as the Pylons were up 2-1 after one period. The dragons exploded for 3 quick goals early in the 2nd for a 4-2 lead and then a 6-3 lead heading into the 3rd. The teams tied 3-3 in the final period as the Pylons definitely tested the fire in the Dragon. Dragons win 9-6.

Garbage Men vs Wings…as evenly played as you could get in the final analysis. but the G-Men were up 3-0 and 4-2 at the breaks. The Wings scored the only 2 goals of the 3rd to tie everything up. 4-4 tie.

Tinder Stalkers vs Average Joes…The Joes played n excellent first period tied at 1-1. The coverage was only lost a few times, but that was when the TS forwards got loose for a 5-1 end of 2nd period lead. Tinder Stalkers win 9-3.

All Mesh vs Perfect Blend…the Blend were putting their perfect record on the line. Perfect Blend jumped out to very quick 2-0 lead, but all Mesh responded for 3 quick strikes of their own for a 3-2 first period lead. All Mesh put together a complete game in the 2nd for an 8-3 lead. Perfect Blend never gave up and won the 3rd 2-1. All Mesh win 9-5.

All Mesh vs Vanier Voodoo…back-end of the double header for the All Mesh crew. All Mesh opened up the game with a 4-player passing goal that had the French Palace crowd applauding. The Voodoo bench was full for the first time this season and this helped them keep close at 3-1 after one period. Voodoo were in this in the 2nd and they created lots of chances on the counter-attack. Goals were tough to come by at this point with only two goals scored in the period both by all Mesh for the 5-1 lead. All Mesh played a confident ball control game in the 3rd for the win…and note Terry Cleroux had a very strong game in the All Mesh net. All Mesh wins 8-2.

Vanier Voodoo vs Cool Runnings…game 2 for the Voodoo vs a pumped up Cool Runnings team that has been playing some of their best and most exciting ball hockey in franchise history which a very long time. Voodoo played a strong game and were tied 1-1 after one and only down 4-3 after two periods. In the 3rd 2-quick goals by Cool Runningswere the difference but the teams played hard right to the end. Cool Runnings win 6-3.

Super Saturday October 14 Highlights:

Perfect Blend vs Rebels…Perfect Blend are a formidable team now. They work hard and play to the letter of the OBBHA 4-F motto of Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Fair-play. The Rebels found this out as they were tied 3-3 after one and then down 6-3 at the 2nd period break. Perfect Blend then had an even stronger 3rd period to remain perfect with a 3-0 record heading into the back end of their double header. Perfect Blend win 9-4.

Perfect Blend vs The Flying Squirrels…Perfect Blend continued at their high level in the first period and caught the Squirrels off guard for a big 6-1 lead after one period of play. Then they tired as the Squirrels took the play from them and were only down 7-5 heading into the 3rd. Perfect Blend were up a goal late but fading as the Squirrels pressed for the equalizer to no avail. Perfect Blend remain perfect with 9-8 a win.

The Flying Squirrels vs Vanier Voodoo…again the team playing their second game of the double header seemed to have the edge as the Squirrels held 3-1 and 5-3 period break leads. Then as predicted the Squirrels tired in the 3rd and Voodoo took an 8-6 late in the game. The Squirrels closed to within one-goal and came agonizingly close to tying it up. Vanier Voodoo win 8-7.

Vanier Voodoo vs Tinder Stalkers…Voodoo followed today’s script for back end of double headers and were full value for a 3-2 first period lead. They tired after and Tinder Stalkers were up 9-6 after two and went on to win. Tinder Stalkers win 11-6.

Tinder Stalkers vs Wings…the Wings stayed with TS for the first two periods only down 5-4 and 9-6 at the period breaks. But TS broke out well and won the 3rd 5-1. Tinder Stalkers win 14-7.

Average Joes vs All Mesh…a great game here. All Mesh were up 2-1 after one period and then in the 2nd period the tight checking Joes won the period 3-0 for a 4-2 lead. The Joes were on All Mesh who were forced to work hard for chances as Guy Saumure in theJoes net was seeing the shots well. In the 3rd All Mesh tweaked their lines and in the 3rd roared out to a 6-4 lead. The Joes scored once with the extra attacker in the final minute but then All mesh closed the door with some fine ball possession. All Mesh win 6-5.

Average Joes vs Net Masters…a hard working Net Masters gutted it out on the effort level. But were not rewarded as Guy Saumure pitched a perfect shut-out. Average Joes held 2-0 and 3-0 period breaks before pulling away in the 3rd. Average Joes win 9-0.

Dragons vs Net Masters…a tired Net Masters team gave it their all but were down 6-1 after one. The teams settled into an end to end good time, but the Net Masters were the tired team as per the story of the day with double header game two’s. Dragons win 14-1.

Garbage Men vs Cool Runnings…a very interesting looking game on paper. But the Cool Runnings are the big surprise as they have suddenly morphed into an impressive squad. G-Men worked hard but had not much luck around the net despite many chances. Cool Runnings win 11-3.

Ottawa Reds vs Pylons…highly anticipated game as long time Pylon Ben Gagnon brought his Ottawa Reds team in to meet his friends on the Pylons. It looked like the Reds would run away with it at 4-1 in the 1st period, but the Pylons slowly pecked away to tie it up 4-4 by the beginning of the 3rd. But the Reds had a big surge in the 3rd and the Pylons could not keep up. Ottawa Reds win 9-5.

Super Saturday September 30 Highlights:

Ottawa Reds vs The Flying Squirrels…the Red lit up the red light for a 3-0 first period lead. The teams traded goals in the 2nd leaving it 4-1 Reds. Lots of goals in the 3rd but even so the Reds carried the early lead throughout the match. Ottawa Reds win 8-4.

Average Joes vs Pylons…a very even game but the Pylons held an early lead they never gave up with 3-1 and 4-3 period break leads. They staved off the Joes late attack to preserve the win. Pylons win 6-4.

Pylons vs Wings…the back end of the double header for the Pylons. 2-2 and 5-4 lead Pylons were the period break down scores. The Pylons were tired but did not show it as the game was tied up 7-7 late and they pushed for the win only to be thwarted by some big saves by the Wings goalie Craig Bowman. 7-7 tie.

Rebels vs Wings…the Wings turn to see how they would fare in the 2nd game of their double header. A very quick paced game ensued with the Rebels. Goals were at a premium with Wings up 1-0 after one period and then the Rebels up 2-1 after two period. The 3rd the Wings kept the pace up but were outscored 2-1 in a very entertaining run. Rebels win 4-2. 

Rebels vs Cool Runnings…Rebels brought tons of energy into their 2nd game in a row. Cool Runnings matched the intensity. Rebels were up 3-2 after one period. They increased it to 5-3 heading into the 3rd, but Cool Runnings zoomed out for 4 straight goals for a 7-5 lead and looked poised for th big win. But the Rebels rocked the French Palace crowd with 2-goals in the final minute to tie it up dramatically. 7-7 tie.

All Mesh vs Cool Runnings…for two period this was a well played tight match. with Cool Runnings up 2-0 and 3-0 at the breaks. You would have thought in the 3rd period of their second game they would fade, but Cool Runnings were on fire and roared away from All Mesh. Cool Runnings win 9-2.

Dragons vs Vanier Voodoo…Dragons jumped to a quick 4-0 first period lead. In the 2nd Voodoo settled down and were only down 5-0 after two periods. But 3rd the Dragons were breathing fire. Dragons win 9-1.

Tinder Stalkers vs Garbage Men…this had intensity and pace to it. TS were up 3-2 after one and then pulled away 8-4 after two and added more in the 3rd. Tinder Stalkers win 12-4.

Perfect Blend vs Net Masters…the night-cap! Whew! And no less wild than the opening game. 4-4 after one period. Perfect Blend put up 4 for for an 8-4 lead. The 3rd was tight so Net Masters could not close the gap. Perfect Blend wins 10-5.


ok…so we picked the hottest day of the year to get started LOL!

Ottawa Reds vs Net Masters….the Reds are a new team of fathers and sons that have some old talent from decades ago mixed with some young, yet seasoned OBBHA talent. Oh and Ryan Girgrah in the nets…yikes! The Net Masters have improved immensely over the years and this was to be a tough test for them. 21- Reds after one period and then they upped it to 5-2 after two periods. The Reds seemed to get better as the wore on and they played their best ball movement game in the 3rd period scoring 6 more goals. Ottawa Reds win 11-3

Ottawa Reds vs Dragons…so let’s just give the Reds a very tough match for their back-end of their double header :). The Dragons are the paper tigers of Super Saturday! They are picked to win it all based on the pundits discussions over the summer. The Reds were a step behind as fatigue was a factor. Still the Dragons looked impressive led by the Dragons own Father/Son tandem in the name of the Selkirks! Dragons win 9-1.

Dragons vs The Flying Squirrels…as the Dragons prepared to find some more fire in their breath for their 2nd game of their double-header, the Squirrels revealed their high priced roster. Big time money was spent in the off season to re-sign all their talent. Check out their facebook page for the close to the cap contract signings. The Squirrels were in this one only down 4-3 after the first break and down 6-5 deep into the 2nd period. But the somehow it was the Dragons who were able to sustain the effort level while the Squirrels tailed off. Dragons prevail 12-5. 

Rebels vs Average Joes…these two teams have not met for a few years. The merger of the A and B divisions has many team reuniting for some fun rivalry games. And this was just the first. A fine effort from both teams resulted in a closely played match. 2-1 Average Joes after the first period and then knotted up at 4-4 heading into the final period. Guy Saumure in the Joes net made several spectacular saves to have his team up 6-5 late. The Rebels pulled the goalie for a last minute flurry but an empty netter put it away. Average joes win 7-5.

All Mesh vs Wings…the Spring champion All Mesh were up for this match as Stephanie Dagenais (of All Mesh and the Wings) showed her Wings for this one. 1-1 and 5-3 All Mesh at the period breaks. In the 3rd two late goals finally preserved the win. All Mesh win 7-3.

All Mesh vs Garbage Men…All Mesh in their nightcap of the double-header vs the G-Men playing their first of their double-header. Advantage G-Men? after one wild first period it was 5-4 G-Men, 7-7 after two periods. The G-Men were 9-7 in the 3rd and All Mesh lost two key players to injury. However they stormed back on some fine positional passing and were up 10-9 late and scored an empty netter and a penalty shot to pull away. All Mesh win 12-9.

Vanier Voodoo vs Garbage Men….advantage Voodoo who were cooling their G-Men bobble head dolls watching the G-Men sweat it out the hour before. 1-1 after one. Voodoo up 5-2 after two and that score held up well into the 3rd period. The G-Men closed to within 5-4 and for the 2nd game in a row pulled the goalie in the final minute to try and tie. Success!! 5-5 tie

Perfect Blend vs Pylons….two new look teams. This was all Parker Hubley in the Blend net. He was strong and almost unbeatable. His team played a well positioned game that had the Pylons looking for answers to penetrate. Perfect Blend wins 8-1

Tinder Stalkers vs Cool Runnings….the TS were another much talked about team along with the Dragons. Cool Runnings would be a great test for their first match. Cool Runnings last years B-Div winners looked very comfortable vs this talented TS team. They were up 4-2 and 7-4 at the period breaks. TS gave a huge push but could only close to within goal despite the massive attempt to tie it late. Cool Runnings win 7-6.


Thanks everyone for a Super Winter Session everyone! See some of you next Saturday for the start of the Short Spring Session! And See you all back in the Fall…tons of exciting stuff will be announced over the summer! Get ready!

Super Saturday, April 29 B-Div Finals and Seeding Matches:

Average Joes vs Flying Squirrels (5th Seed Match): 5th Seed goes to the Average Joes after an 8-2 win.

Shootin Blanks vs Pylons (7th Seed Match): 7th Seed goes to the Pylon after a late goal for a 5-4 win.

Net Masters vs Cool Runnings (Final): The Net Masters were awarded the Tommy Raftis award prior to the game! Cool Runnings took home the championship trophy with a solid win, but the Net Masters made them work extremely hard for it! Congrats to the Cool Runnings as the B-Div Champs! Cool Runnings win 10-5.

Wings vs Garbage Men (3rd Seed Match): Whale of a game! Late goal gives the G-Men and lady the 3rd Seed. G-Men win 5-4.

Saturday, April 29 A-Div Seeing Games:

Rebels vs Perfect Blend (3rd Seed): 3rd Seed goes to Perfect Blend for the 5-0 win.

Tsunamis vs Vanier Voodoo (5th Seed): Two distinct games here. At the halfway point of the game Voodoo was up 5-0. At the end of the 2nd it was 5-2. Then in the 3rd The Wave scored 6 straight to take the 5th Seed. Tsunamis win 8-5

Monday, May 1  A-Div Final:

Operation Win vs All Mesh….Operation win were looking for their first win over All Mesh in 4 tries. This time their goalie Stephane Portelance stole the show and the championship. He was peppered by All Mesh but kept them off the score board for two periods as his Operation Win held 1-0 and 2-0 period break leads. Finally Operation Win were able to keep the lead despite giving up 3 goals in the 3rd. Both teams played extremely well and the French Palace crowd was treated to a very fine match. Congrats to Operation Win for winning the Winter Session Championship. Operation Win wins 5-3.

Tuesday, April 25 B-Div Semi-Finals and Seeding Matches:

Net Masters vs Wings (semi-final)…what a game to start off Super Saturday on a well known Terrific Tuesday! Both teams played well and it was tough to see a team lose after such a great match. 3-3 after one period as the goals all came in a bunch at the mid-way point of the opening period. The Net Masters were up 5-4 heading into the final period. The pace was excellent and the Wings tied it up 5-5 about mid-way through. The Net Masters scored the winning goal late as Joe Lefebvre threw a wrist shot in from the point that went bar down and found mesh to bring a roar from the French Palace crowd. Super Terrific for the Net Masters to reach their first ever Final after so many years in the OBBHA! The Wings will play in the 3rd Seed Match. Net Masters win 6-5.

Shootin Blanks vs Average Joes (seeding match)…Shootin Blanks had the short bench once again and were in it only down 7-6 after two periods. But that short bench….Average Joes win 12-6.

Garbage Men vs Cool Runnings (semi-final)…another amazing semi-final!!!! It looked like Cool Runnings would run away with it as they came out and dominated the first up 4-0. Even in the 2nd they had the bulk of the play, but everyone knows the G-Men never quit. The G-Men came up with a late 2nd period surge to close it to 5-2 and some hope. That hope turned to dominance and they roared out of the gate in the 3rd with 3 quick early goals to rock the French Palace and tie it all up at 5-5! Cool runnings broke the hearts of the comeback try with winner with 20-seconds remaining in the game and gain entrance to the Final while the G-Men will play in the 3rd seed game. Cool Runninhgs win 6-5

Flying Squirrels vs Pylons (seeding match)…Pylons with the short bench, but gave it their all for their goalie Terry who always plays his heart out for his beloved Pylons. The Squirrels had their family numbers as per usual. Flying Squirrels win 9-3.

Super Saturday April 22 Highlights

A-Div: Revolver Game #2

Perfect Blend vs Operation Win (semi-final)…a closer game than some thought this would be. 5-3 and 8-5 period break leads for Operation Win. The 3rd tightened up considerable with only one goal scored by Operation Win to punch their ticket into the Finals that will be held at a special time of 9pm on Monday, May 1. Perfect Blend will play in the 3rd Seed Match. Operation Win wins 9-5.

Tsunamis vs Rebels (Seeding Match)…the Wave rolled out to a 3-1 first period lead. the rebels scored the only 3-goals in the 2nd to take a 4-3 lead. The 3rd period was wild with 9 goals and the Rebels won the period 5-4 to win it and now play in the 3rd seed Match while the Wave will go after the 5th seed. Rebels win 9-7.

Vanier Voodoo vs All Mesh (semi-final)…Voodoo had the crowd buzzing with a 2-0 1st period lead. But then they lost coverage too often as All Mesh scored 4 in the 2nd and another 4 in the 3rd to reach the Finals. All Mesh win 8-2.

B-Div: Quarter-Final Play-off:

Net Masters vs Flying Squirrels…a tight match in the first left the Chipmunks up 2-1. 3-3 heading to the 3rd. The Net Masters won the 3rd 2-1 to provide the mini-upset of the day and reach the semi-finals. Net Masters win 5-4.

Wings vs Pylons…the Wings were the underdog here and were down 3-0 after one period but scored the only 3 goals in the 2nd to tie it up at 3-3. The 3rd ended 5-5 after a late goal by the Wings. In the 5 player shoot-out the Wings scored on their first 3-shots to win it 3-0 and move into the semi-finals. Wings in a shoot-out 6-5. 

Shootin Blanks vs Cool Runnings…Shootin Blanks had the short bench and this is not a recipe for success. Cool Runnings get to the semi-finals. Cool Runnings win 19-8.

Average Joes vs Garbage Men…a highly anticipated match-up. G-Men won the opening period 3-1 and then the Joes returned the favour in the 2nd to tie it all up 4-4. The G-Men score 2 in the final period to gain access to the semi-finals on Tuesday. Garbage Men win 6-4.

Super Saturday on a Tuesday! April 18 Highlights:

(2vs1, 4vs3, 6vs5….then winner of 6vs5 plays winner of 2vs1 for one semi-final, winner of 4v3 plays loser of 2vs1 for the other semi-final, while loser of 4vs3 plays loser of 6vs5 for consolation match. Finals and 3rd and 5th Seed games close it out.

A-Div: Revolver Game #1

Vanier Voodoo vs Tsunamis (6vs5)…a very even game to see who would move on to the semi-finals and who would play in the Seeding games. The Wave held a 2-1 lead after one period and then Voodoo held a 5-4 advantage after two periods. The Wave could only get one more while Voodoo managed to squeak 2 more. Voodoo win 7-5.

Operation Win vs All Mesh (2vs1)…Operation Win has had problems getting one vs All Mesh. This time Operation Win jumped out to a 2-0 and then held a 5-2 lead late in the 2nd period. Before the end of the 2nd All Mesh rallied to tie before giving up a late one for a 6-5 Operation Win lead. In the 3rd Operation Win was up 8-7 with 1:30 left, but All Mesh tied it and scored the winner to take the lead for the first time in the game. All Mesh win 9-8.

Perfect Blend vs Rebels (4vs3)…who goes to the semi-finals and who plays in the final 2 seeding games? A well played game followed. Perfect Blend had the snipers working and held 3-2 and 5-4 leads at the two breaks. In the 3rd Trevor Polk scored a very skillful goal from behind the net that powered his Perfect Blend team to a solid win as they won the 3rd period 4-2. Perfect Blend win 9-6.

Note: No games on Easter Weekend April 15

-play resumes for the A-Div on Tuesday, April 18 (Revolver Play-off Format Game #1)

-play resumes for the B-Div on Saturday, April 22 (Quarter-Finals)

Week 11:

Game 1-1A vs 4B  /  Game 2-2A vs 3B  /  Game 3-3A vs 2B  / Game 4 – 4A vs 1B

Week 12:

Game 5-WG1 vs WG2  /  Game 6-WG3 vs WG4  /  Game 7-LG1 vs LG2  /  Game 8-LG3 vs LG4

Week 13:

Gold-WG5 vs WG6  /  Silver 6-LG5 vs LG6 /  Bronze-WG7 vs WG8  /  Rust 6-LG7 vs LG8

Super Saturday April 8 Highlights


Perfect Blend vs Vanier Voodoo…a defensive game from start to finish. 3-1 and 4-2 Perfect Blend at the period breaks. No goals in the 3rd. Perfect Blend win 4-2

Tsunamis vs Rebels…Tsunamis hung in there for 2 periods only down 3-2 and 7-4. The Rebels passing game took over in the 3rd. Rebels win 11-6

Operation Win vs All Mesh…a few lost tempers at the end tainted an otherwise amazingly well played match. All Mesh once again vaulted to 4-0 lead but had to hang on in the end. All Mesh win 6-5.

B-Div: Game #3 of round-robin play-off:

The Flying Squirrels vs Average Joes…the Chipmunks are now officially known as the giant slayers. This time they broke a 2-2 tie in the 3rd for a huge upset win. Squirrels win 4-2.

Here is the action period by period:

Period 1 

Period 2 

Period 3 

Wings vs Cool Runnings…Wings played a good defensive game but the offence could not take them to the promised land vs the favourites. Cool Runnings win 6-1.

Net Masters vs Garbage Men…the Net Masters also hung in there for 2-periods at 1-1 and down 5-3 at the breaks. In the 3rd the G-Men pulled away as they had more energy. G-Men win 10-5

Shootin Blanks vs Pylons…Great game! A very closely played 1st set the stage for the game. 2-2 after one and 5-4 Shootin Blanks after 2 periods. The with only a few minutes left in the game and the Shootin Blanks up 7-5, the goals came fast!! Pylons scored 3 to take an 8-7 lead. Shootin Blanks tied it 8-8. Then the Pylons scored the winner to end a breathless final few minutes. Pylons win 9-8.

Super Saturday April 1 Highlights


Perfect Blend vs Tsunamis…The Wave win! The Wave win! An old time Tsunamis goalie made an unexpected appearance and kept his team out in front 2-1 and 4-3 at the period breaks. In the 3rd the Wave surged and took the period 4-2. Tsunamis win 8-5. 

Rebels vs All Mesh…the classic as usual. All Mesh looked invincible up 2-0 quickly but were down 4-2 after one period. In the 2nd the crowd was wowed by the great play-making and pace of the game which left the Rebels up 7-6. All Mesh tied it up 7-7 but 2-late rebels goals followed by 2-empty netters salted this one away for the Rebels. All Mesh does not seem to have an answer to the Rebels game at this point after so many years of owning them. Rebels win 11-7

Operation Win vs Vanier Voodoo…Voodoo surprised the Operation Win team and kept things close only down 5-4 and 7-4 at the breaks, The 3rd was well played too but the favourites won the period 3-1. Operation Win victorious 10-5.

B-Div: Game #2 of round-robin play-off:

The Flying Squirrels vs Pylons…Check this out on YouTube The ChipMunks had an injury list the size of a Metro grocery list but came out to play from the first whistle. The Pylons fresh off of last weeks giant slayer win over the Average Joes were shocked to be down 5-0 in the 2nd period and 6-2 heading into the final period. Led by Moose with 2 quick early period goals the Pylons then tied everything up at 6-6. But in the last 2-minutes of the game the Squirrels scored 2 huge goals to upset the Pylons. The Flying squirrels win 8-6. And the shorter version highlight package is here

Net Masters vs Cool Runnings…all Cool Runnings here. Net Masters were unlucky not to score more. Cool Runnings win 9-1.

Wings vs Garbage Men …the Wings played well. Its just that the G-Men have bee playing and played extremely well. There team game in every end and corner of the French Palace is very strong. G-Men win 9-4.

Shootin Blanks vs Average Joes…what a game to head into a Saturday night! Average Joes had Al Jolivet in the net helping out their injured goalie Guy. The Shootin Blanks went stride for stride with the Joes tied 2-2 after one period and then down 5-3 in the 3rd and then they tied it up 5-5. The Joes scored a late one for a 6-5 lead. The Shootin Blanks were absolutely robbed by Al Jolivet at the buzzer as he made several unreal saves to preserve the win. Average Joes win 6-5.

Super Saturday March 25 Highlights


All Mesh vs Perfect Blend…Perfect Blend was looking for the upset win and almost got it! They were up 5-4 early in the 3rd and were tied 6-6 late in the game. But all Mesh scored 2 late goals to complete the comeback. All Mesh win 8-6.

Rebels vs Operation Win…a very well played game. The Rebels were robbed many times by Operation win’s goalie Stephane Portelance and this was the difference. Operation Win wins 9-4.

Vanier Voodoo vs Tsunamis…the night cap or at least the Happy Hour before the big Sens/Habs match. And it was a great game! 2-2 and 4-4 at the period breaks. Tsunamis rode the wave in the 3rd to a 7-5 lead before Voodoo closed to 7-6. Tsunamis closed it out with 2 1/2 minutes left. Tsunamis win 8-6.

B-Div: Game #1 of round-robin play-off:

The Flying Squirrels vs Shootin Blanks…the Squirrels exploded for 7 goals which is about 3-4 goals over their season average. And they found themselves all tied up at 7-7 late in the game. But the Shootin Blanks broke their heart with a goal with 2-minutes remaining. Shootin Blanks win 8-7.

Squirrels Special Edition from their Facebook Page:

Game 8, our first against an opponent in the round robin, was against shooting blanks. In the regular season the squirrels struggled to find offence as they lost 7-0. This time, things seem to be perfect. Just before the halfway part of the game Phuong scored his first and padded the Squirrels lead to 5-1. After that, much changed as the Blanks attacked hard, and frequently. Much congratulations must given, as the team scored seven times, however, the Squirrels defensive game struggled a little as they allowed eight, a season high. 

Game highlights are on the way! Don’t forget to check out Rony Sikder’s youtube page where he has posted entire games, if you’re interested. 

From 2nd best ranking score downwards: 
Aaron Milton Christopher Mcneill-Peddle: 2 goals / +2 
Brandon Smith: 1 goal / 1 assist / +1 
Brandon Kennedy: 1 goal / 1 assist / +1 
Rob Laverdure: +3 
Stephane Laverdure: 1 goal / -1 
Patrick Main: +2 
Scott Morris: +1 
Jason Main: EVEN 
Nick Pyper: -1 
Brandyn Morris: GAA: 8.00 / 29 saves / .783% 

Performer of the game: 
P Minh Ho: 2 goals / +2

Pylons vs Average Joes…game of the day! The Joes brought their undefeated season into this one and the Pylons were ready! 2-2 after one and the Pylons were up 4-3 after 2-periods. The 3rd was a play-off style game for sure! Tight! Finally the Pylons scored an empty netter for huge win. Pylons win 5-3.

Wings vs Net Masters…defence and goaltending was the theme for this one. The Wing had both figured out for 1-0 and 4-0 period break leads. The in the 3rd the Net masters score 2 quick ones to make it 4-3 and were unlucky to get a 3rd. Wings win 4-2.

Garbage Men vs Cool Runnings…a hard running hustle hustle game. The G-Men were up by 2-goals for each of the period breaks with 3-1 and 4-2 leads. Cool Runnings scored early in the 3rd to make it 4-3 and the teams hunkered down into well played defensive battle. The Cool Runnings managed to tie things up with about 5-minutes remaining. 4-4 tie.

Note: No Games Saturday, March 11 and 18 (March Break)…play resumes Saturday, March 25

Super Saturday March 4 Highlights


Perfect Blend vs Rebels…a wild high scoring affair. All new lighting in the French Palace and the teams went out and shot the lights out! The first was normal enough at 4-2 Rebels but was a wild 5-5 tie in the 2nd to bring it to 9-7 Rebels. The Rebels kept on scoring in the 3rd with 5 more. Rebels win 14-9.

Vanier Voodoo vs All Mesh…Voodoo played their best game of the session today. They were up 5-4 after two periods as the teams took turns withe 1-goal leads. The same pattern continued in the 3rd. The difference was one goal and Pierre Caron scoring 6 goals for All Mesh! All Mesh squeaks out a 9-8 win.

Tsunamis vs Operation Win…Tsunamis were in this one after one period only down 3-1. Operation Win moved the ball around after that with precision play making to run away with it. Operation Win takes it 11-4.

B-Div: Starting March 25 the 3-game round-robin play-off starts followed by the Quarter, Semi and Finals.

Pylons vs The Flying Squirrels…an injured Terry Cleroux almost pulled out the miracle shut-out. His Pylons played a near perfect defensive game in front of him with 2-0 and 3-0 period break leads. The Squirrels played a very strong game as this was a very well played game. Moose of the Pylons was the game star as he scored 4-goals!! Pylons win 5-1. (Game Video Highlight Package from the Squirrels is here! enjoy!

Net Masters vs Cool Runnings…Cool Runnings win 8-2.

Wings vs Shootin Blanks…a very interesting match-up. Shootin Blanks were up 3-2 after one and scored the only 2 goals of the 2nd. That middle period was key as the teams tied the 3rd 3-3. Shootin Blanks win 8-5.

Garbage Men vs Average Joes…the battle for first place. The undefeated Joes went up quickly 3-0 but the G-Men scored one before the first period ended. In the 2nd the Average Joes increased the lead to 5-2. In the 3rd both teams worked relentlessly. Average Joes remained unbeaten although they tied 2 times. Average Joes win 7-2.

Super Saturday February 25 Highlights


Operation Win vs Perfect Blend…one of those games for both teams. Operation Win could do no wrong and Perfect Blend could not get anything going. Operation Win takes it handily 16-3.

Rebels vs Vanier Voodoo…a close game overall as the Rebels held 1-0 and 6-4 period leads. The Rebels closed it out with a 3-0 3rd period. Rebels win 9-4.

All Mesh vs Tsunamis…a very close game. All Mesh had the lead 2-1 and 4-3 at the breaks. The were up 8-4 but the Wave came on strong for the comeback bid but just came one goal short. All Mesh win 8-7.


The Flying Squirrels vs Average Joes…The not so average guys jumped out to a very quick 2-0 lead and carried this momentum to a 1st period lead of 4-0. The Squirrels had tweaked their line-up to create some more offence by changing goaltenders for creativity at the back end. This move will take time for a proper analysis. However the Squirrels did have a solid 3rd winning it 3-2. Average Joes win 7-4. 

-check out this 4-minute video highlight package from the game (produced by the Squirrels with the help of Rony Sikder (video/photographer)

Shootin Blanks vs Pylons…the Shootin Blanks are a good team with a full bench. The showed this versus a very good team with 3-2 and 6-4 leads. The even took an 8-4 lead early in the 3rd. The Pylons never ever give up and they roared back to take a 9-8 lead! In the final 2-minutes the Shootin Blanks tied it up 9-9 only to see the Pylons score the winner. Pylons win 10-9.

Wings vs Cool Runnings…a great first period by the Wings as things were knotted up at 1-1. But the Cool Runnings ran away with it in the 2nd for a 6-2 lead and then won the 3rd 4-0. Cool Runnings win 10-2.

Net Masters vs Garbage Men…we know the Net Masters have improved, but vs the G-Men could they keep up with this surging team?? Well! A 3-1 lead after one period answered that! The G-Men went into high gear and tied it up 3-3 after 2-periods, Then the can was kicked again early in the 3rd for a 4-3 G-men lead. The game was played at a frantic pace at this point. Chances at both ends including some posts. Finally the G-Men scored with 1:30 and 00:45 seconds remaining to win this very well played match. G-Men win 6-3.

Super Saturday February 11 Highlights


Vanier Voodoo vs Perfect Blend…a surprising defensive game evolved. Perfect Blend had just enough offence for 2-1 and 3-2 period leads before getting the insurance marker in the 3rd. Kevin Lecours had a pair of rockets for key goals for Perfect Blend. Perfect Blend wins 4-2.

Rebels vs Tsunamis…two very closely played periods as the Rebels were up at the breaks 4-2 and 5-3. The pulled away in the 3rd as a key injury hit the Wave. Rebels win 10-5.

All Mesh vs Operation Win…All Mesh jumped to a quick 4-0 lead as all goals were simply beautiful play making pass play. The it became a defensive battle and somehow the underdog All Mesh team hung on versus a very talented Operation offensive unit. All Mesh win 5-3.


The Flying Squirrels vs Shootin Blanks…it was the Squirrels who were shooting blanks in this one. The Shootin Blanks were simply impressive in this one. Shootin Blanks win 7-0.

Average Joes vs Cool Runnings…what a classic once the teams settled down after a few early tense moments. It looked like it might be the first ever 0-0 OBBHA tie (Cool Runnings came within 4-seconds of one a few years back). Cool Runnings scored late in the 2nd for a 1-0 lead. Then with 4-minutes remaining the Average Joes tied it all up. End to end chances to finish it all up but both goalies were amazingly sharp! Classic 1-1 tie.

Garbage Men vs Wings…the G-Men and lady are on a roll! This time they jumped out to a big lead and kept it. The Wings were given full credit for going hard right to the end and they were rewarded with some nice goals to make the score more respectable. G-Men win 10-5.

Net Masters vs Pylons…the Net Masters now give every team a very competitive game. This one was all tied up at 4-4 heading into the final period. Looking for the upset win the Net Masters were up 6-5, but the Pylons scored late in the period to win it by 2. Pylons win 8-6.

Super Saturday February 4 Highlights


Tsunamis vs Perfect Blend…for two periods the Wave were in this one at 1-1 after one and only down 6-5 after two periods. But they were beached in the 3rd as the Perfect Blend offensive juggernaut got untracked and blended for a mix of nice goals for the victory. Perfect Blend wins 11-6.

All Mesh vs Rebels…super game for Super Saturday. Rebels are looking super these days with their revamped line-up. Rebels were up 4-1 after one period but the All Mesh squad had many super scoring chances and were maybe super unlucky to be down 7-6 heading to the 3rd. The 3rd was the super period for the Rebels as they were up 10-7 and the All Mesh pulled the goalie and then Super Struts went super stupid looking for a late call to rally the comeback but it was way too super late for any super rally. Rebels win 11-7.

Vanier Voodoo vs Operation Win… not much scoring in this one as the Operation win team were up 1-0 and 4-0 at the breaks. A 1-1 3rd. Operation Win takes it 5-1.


Wings vs The Flying Squirrels…its well known the Squirrels magic number on offence is 4 goals per game. So the figured they would concentrate on defense to see if the could win with those 4 goals. 1-1 and 2-2 period finishes set the stage to see if this new strategy would work!? and it did! The Squirrels got their 4 goals and kept the Wings just under 4. Flying Squirrels win 4-3. 


Average Joes vs Pylons…the Pylons were missing two big offensive players vs the defending champs who came out with their full team. The results were almost predictable. The average Joes are average no more. Average Joes win 9-2. 

Shootin Blanks vs Net Masters…a wild one! Net Masters were 2-1 at the first break but the Shootin Blanks rebounded for a 6-4 lead by the end of the 2nd. They made it 7-4 and then the Net Masters came roaring back to tie 7-7. However the Shootin Blanks used some their passing prowess for 2 late goals. Shootin Blanks win 9-7

Cool Runnings vs Garbage Men…the final one of the day was a very well played game and scoring was low for two periods as the scores were 1-1 and 2-1 G-Men. The G-Men surprised Cool Runnings with a very strong game including then 3rd where they got some key goals to pull away. G-Men win 4-1.

Super Saturday January 28 Highlights


Perfect Blend vs All Mesh…Perfect Blend was minus their hero “Trevor the Teddy Bear" so All Mesh slowly picked apart the Perfect part of the Blend including their spare goalie AJ who gave a gallant effort. 2-1 after one was for All Mesh was actually a bit of a victory for Perfect Blend. But it grew into a 6-2 lead after two. All Mesh wins 9-4

Operation Win vs Rebels….quite a display of skill on hand as the game intrigued the French Palace crowd early. Operation Win held a 3-2 lead after one and were up 7-3 late in the 2nd period. Then the Rebels had the fans behind them as they clawed back to tie the game very late in the game 7-7 with 4-straight unanswered goals. Operation scored the winner with 2-minutes left and then added two into the empty net as the Rebels tried valiantly to tie it up. Operation Win wins 10-7.

Tsunamis vs Vanier Voodoo…Voodoo had their number one goalie “Nat" nursing a minor injury and this seemed to have the Voodoo off their game from the get-go in this one. Tsunamis built a huge early lead and were up 10-2 heading into the final period. Unlike last week this time the Wave prevented any kind of back-draft comeback and went on for a very solid win. Tsunamis win 14-4


Net Masters vs The Flying Squirrels…the Net Masters knew if they kept the Squirrels to 4 or less goals they would have an excellent chance of winning based on the Squirrels own analysis of previous games they had played. The Net Masters broke a late 4-4 tie and score two huge goals for a very impressive win. Net Masters win 6-4

Cool Runnings vs Shootin Blanks….the Shootin Blanks need a full line-up in order to compete with the top teams including Cool Runnings who have given them this lesson in the past. Cool Runnings win 11-3.

Pylons vs Garbage Men…two teams that have very high effort levels each game and play with passion. The G-Men have been hot and hard to play of late, but had not run up against a stronger passing team. The Pylons mantra is their passing game and when this part of their game is on they have been almost unbeatable. This time it carried them into 2-1 and 5-1 leads after two periods. There were no goals in the final period in a very well played match. Pylons win 5-1.

Average Joes vs Wings…the game of the day was the final act of this Super Saturday. 1-1 after one period and then with the Wings up 4-1 in the middle period the Average Joes roared back to tie 4-4 by the period end. In the 3rd the Joes were up 7-5 and the Wings pulled the goalie and got one to close to within one, but could not get the equalizer. Average Joes hang on to win 7-6. 

Super Saturday, January 21 Highlights


Rebels vs Perfect Blend…the Rebels stayed in this for two periods only down 3-2 and 7-5 at the period breaks. But Perfect Blend had all the answers in the final period winning it 5-1. Perfect Blend wins 12-6

Operation Win vs Tsunamis…the Wave was all Tsunamis for two periods as they were up 9-3 heading into the 3rd. Then inexplicably the Wave stopped running and this was all Operation Win needed to try and make it Operation tie. They stormed back to tie it up 10-10 and the final two minutes were wild as the teams traded chance after chance in a fire-wagon style finish. 10-10 tie

All Mesh vs Vanier Voodoo…All Mesh had the ball control and passing, but could not make this an easy win by any means. The Voodoo stayed within striking distance right up until the end. All Mesh wins 6-2.


Garbage Men vs Shootin Blanks….the Shootin Blanks look like a team that can be a factor this session, but the G-Men are on their game these days and they simply outworked and outplayed the Shootin Blanks. The G-Men were methodical in their work ethic as they built 3-1 and 4-1 leads and played and even 3rd. G-Men win 5-2.

Cool Runnings vs Flying Squirrels…the rodents were in this one at 0-0 after one period. But after they were down 3-1 after two periods they were forced to open it up and this played right into the hands of the vaunted Cool Runnings offence. Cool Runnings run away in the 3rd period for the 7-2 win.

Average Joes vs Net Masters…the Net Masters played the defending champs well and were up 2-1 after one period. The Net Masters can play amazingly well for a period or two, but seem to have one bad one each game. This time it was in the 2nd period as they were outscored 6-0. Then they played a good 3rd. Average Joes win 9-2.

Pylons vs Wings…this was by far the best the Pylons have played in quite some time. Their passing game of old resurfaced and this powered them to the win. Pylons in 12-5.

Opening Day for 2017 Winter Session Super Saturday, January 14th!


Perfect Blend vs Operation Win….Perfect Blend were without their #1 goalie and they faced the highly regarded Operation Win squad. The goals were expected and they were plentiful as advertised! Only 2-2 after one period and then a bevy of goals left Operation win with a 7-5 lead heading into the final period. More goals but Operation Win scored a couple more than Perfect Blend for their first franchise win. Operation Win takes it 13-9

Vanier Voodoo vs Rebels…Rebels were up 2-1 after one period. Then Voodoo lost defensive coverage for some reason the rest of the way. Rebels win 11-2.

Tsunamis vs All Mesh…3-3 after one period as Tsunamis looked to give the heavy favourites a match. But the diamond passing of the veteran All Mesh team grounded the Wave for an 8-3 lead after two periods. The Wave adapted for the 3rd period tying it at 1-1. All Mesh win 9-4.


They Flying Squirrels vs Garbage Men…the Squirrels were looking to generate more offence and they did. But just came up short in the end by one goal. The G-Men were up 5-3 in the 3rd and held off a furious comeback bid by the rodents and they were all over the G-Men can (net). G-Men win 6-5.

Wings vs Net Masters…2-2 after one and Net Masters were up 3-2 after two. A very even match and very entertaining! The Wings came back in the 3rd to break the hearts of the Net Masters fans. Wings get first franchise win 5-4.

Pylons vs Cool Runnings…Cool Runnings after a stunning loss in last Fall’s final were looking to get back on track for another run at the Cup. The Pylons had trouble getting goals in this one, but not for lack of effort or opportunities. Cool Running slowly pulled away with 3-1 and 4-1 period breaks and scored the only two goals of the final period. Cool Runnings win 6-1.

Shootin Blanks vs Average Joes…the defending champs in the Average Joes were down 1-0 after one, but up 3-2 after two. They extended the lead to 4-2 only to have Shootin Blanks rally to tie it late in the game. Shootin Blanks look to be a factor in the early going of this Winter Session. 4-4 tie.

Super Saturday December 10 Highlights

A-Div Revolver Game #3

5th Seed goes to Rebels who held on to a 6-0 lead after two periods. Perfect Blend gave a great push in the final period to make it close. Rebels win 7-

3rd Seed goes Iceland for a win that was in doubt until the final period as the scored at the breaks were 2-2 and 7-4 in favour of Iceland. Iceland wins 10-6.

Finals. All Mesh were up 2-1 and then 4-1 at one point in the second. But the Avengers upped the physical part of the game and this minimized the vaunted pass attack by All Mesh that had kept them undefeated all season. The Avengers took over the game took a 7-6 lead. All Mesh did tie it up, but the Avengers scored the winner on a deflection with just under 2-minutes left in the game. The Avengers win the Championship 8-7.

B-Div Finals and Seeding Matches:

7th Seed Match…Newbies vs Flying Squirrels: The Newbies played their final game as this particular franchise and they scored the winner with 30-seconds left in the game. They will be revamped team with new leadership and a new name. Newbies win 4-3. 

5th Seed Match…Net Masters vs Shootin Blanks: The Shootin Blanks will be a far different looking team in the New Year. They looked just fine today. Shootin Blanks win 7-1.

3rd Seed Match…Garbage Men vs Pylons: The Pylons were up 4-2 and 5-3 at the period breaks and they were up 7-6 until the final play of the game when Shawn Pilon pinch hitting in the net for the injured Terry Cleroux stopped G-Men captain AJ on a last play penalty shot! Pylons win 7-6.

Finals. Cool Runnings vs Average Joes: Cool Runnings stormed out to a 3-0 lead only to find themselves only up 4-3 after one period. The Average Joes kept up the momentum to take an 8-6 lead into the 3rd. Cool Runnings lost focus and the Average Joes ran away with it for the B-Div Championship. Average Joes win 12-7

Super Saturday December 3 Highlights

A-Div Revolver Game #2

Team Iceland vs Perfect Blend….winner plays for 3rd Seed. Loser goes for 5th Seed next week. Iceland held 3-2 and 4-3 leads at the breaks and carried it through in the 3rd for the win. Iceland wins 8-6.

Rebels vs Ottawa Avengers…semi-final. All Avengers as they reach the final with a solid team that everyone considers the favourites despite the season All Mesh is having. Rebels go for 5th Seed next week. Ottawa Avengers win 9-4.

Vanier Voodoo vs All Mesh…semi-final. All Mesh meshed as well as well as they have all season. Vanier Voodoo actually played very well despite the loss and will play for the 3rd Seed next week. All Mesh wins 10-4.

B-Div semi-finals and Seeding Matches:

Net Masters vs Flying Squirrels…winner goes for 5th Seed while loser will go for 7th next week. The Net Masters were up 4-1 after one period. Then the Squirrels put together a great second period to tie 4-4. In the final period the Net Masters scored the only two goals. Net Masters win 6-4.

Newbies vs Shootin Blanks…winner goes for 5th and loser for 7th. Shootin Blanks changed better on the bench and were up 7-1 heading into the final period. The Newbies then adapted those changes in the 3rd and won the final period 3-1, but it was too late. Shootin Blanks win 8-4.

Pylons vs Average Joes…semi-final. The Pylons were up 3-2 heading into the final period after a 2-2 first period. This very evenly played match had the tide turn in the 3rd as the Average Joes staged a 3-goal rally to win it! Average Joes win 5-3.

Garbage Men vs Cool Runnings….semi-final. All Cool Runnings here. They had the goaltending and the passing. The G-Men did play an excellent first period only down 3-0. Cool Runnings win 11-1.

Super Saturday November 26 Highlights

Play-off Formats:

A:Div: The Play-off format after the 10 games will be a 3 game Revolver play-off

(2vs1, 4vs3, 6vs5….then winner of 6vs5 plays winner of 2vs1 for one semi-final, winner of 4v3 plays loser of 2vs1 for the other semi-final, while loser of 4vs3 plays loser of 6vs5 for consolation match. Finals and 3rd and 5th Seed games close it out.

Perfect Blend vs Rebels…4th vs 3rd. The Rebels had a huge first period and were up 5-1. In the 2nd period Perfect Blend scored the only two goals to close to within 5-3. A flurry of goals, nine of them, but 5 were from the Rebels. So the two time defending champions, Perfect Blend, will now play for as high as the 3rd Seed over the next two games. The Rebels move into the semi-finals. Rebels win 10-7.

Team Iceland vs Vanier Voodoo…6the vs 5th. Team Iceland seemed in control for the first two periods up 3-0 and 4-2. But Voodoo score the only 3-goals of the final period. The winner was scored with 30-seconds left. Iceland will play for as high as the 3rd Seed over the next two games. Voodoo advance to the semi-finals. Vanier Voodoo win 5-4.

Ottawa Avengers vs All Mesh…2nd vs 1st. What a game as usual between these two. All Mesh was up 2-1 and 6-3 at the breaks. In the 3rd the Avengers made a big push made it close but the All Mesh squad bent but did not break. The Avengers will play in one semi-final vs the Rebels. While All Mesh will meet the Vanier Voodoo in the other semi-final. All Mesh win 9-7.

B:Div: Play-off Format after first 7-games:

Weeks 8,9,10 

2 divisions are created based on season results and teams will play a round robin within their respective division

Div A (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th) Div B (2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th)

Week 11

Game 1-1A vs 4B  /  Game 2-2A vs 3B  /  Game 3-3A vs 2B  / Game 4 – 4A vs 1B

Week 12

Game 5-WG1 vs WG2  /  Game 6-WG3 vs WG4  /  Game 7-LG1 vs LG2  /  Game 8-LG3 vs LG4

Week 13

Gold-WG5 vs WG6  /  Silver 6-LG5 vs LG6 /  Bronze-WG7 vs WG8  /  Rust 6-LG7 vs LG8

Newbies vs Average Joes…4B vs 1A. The Average Joes continue to show they are no flash in the pan this time. They thoroughly showed they are for real and they move into the semi-finals next week. The Newbies will play the next two game to see how they place 5 through 8. Average Joes win 11-2.

Shootin Blanks vs Pylons…3B vs 2A.  The Shootin Blanks had a few blanks on the bench. Some spares helped but the chemistry did not gel at first as they were down 3-1 and 8-5 at the breaks. The Pylons meanwhile had the chemistry and held on for a one goal win. Pylons move to the semi-finals while the Shootin Blanks are the seeding games 5th through 8th. Pylons win 9-8.

So one semi-final is set with the Pylons vs Average Joes…and a seeding game Newbies vs Shootin Blanks

Flying Squirrels vs Garbage Men…3A vs 2B. The Garbage Men have come together at the right time! Some key injuries have healed and they are playing as they always once did. None stop effort! This time the Squirrels could not match the work ethic and passing. Squirrels will play the seeding games while the G-Men are off to a semi-final. Garbage Men win 9-1.

Net Masters vs Cool Runnings…1B vs 4A. The Net Masters had the backing of the French Palace crowd as the under-dog. And they flirted once again with their hearts as they held a 3-2 after one period and were tied 4-4 deep into the second period. But Cool Runnings were cool and then jump-started the offence for a big win to make yet another semi-final appearance while the Net Masters will play the seeding games. Cool Runnings win 12-5.

The other semi-final is set with the G-Men vs Cool Runnings…and a seeding game Net Masters vs Flying Squirrels

Super Saturday November 19 Highlights!


Ottawa Avengers vs Perfect Blend…Ottawa Avengers win 10-2.

Rebels vs Vanier Voodoo…after the Voodoo took a 2-0 lead into the second period, the Rebels woke up!. Rebels win 9-6.

All Mesh vs Team Iceland…Iceland was short-benched and this hurt the quality of the match. All Mesh win 11-4.

B-Div play-off Round Robin Game 3:


Flying Squirrels vs Pylons…the Pylons had a big second period and were up 6-1 heading home in the 3rd. 6-2 Pylons win

Newbies vs Shootin Blanks…Newbies were up 3-0 after two periods. Down 3-1 with 2-minutes left in the game the Shootin Blanks pulled the goalie for the extra attacker and scored two to tie! 3-3 tie.

Net Masters vs Average Joes…Net masters met the first place team and provided enough of a push back to warrant commendation. The Average Joes win 6-3

Garbage Men vs Cool Runnings…a very high intensity run with the ultimate respect. Whale of a game! Cool Runnings win 9-4.

Super Saturday November 12 Highlights!

All Mesh vs Perfect Blend…Perfect Blend stayed in this match only down 4-2 and 6-5 at the period breaks. In the 3rd All Mesh played well enough to take a one goal win away fro the day. All Mesh win 8-7.

Rebels vs Ottawa Avengers…the game of the day in the A-Div. The Rebels had to call in some recruits to help out the depleted girls. The game was played at high pace and the passing was impressive. The Rebels needed an empty netter to finally put this one away. Rebels win 8-6. 

Vanier Voodoo vs Team Iceland…another interesting game between these two rivals. Voodoo had the scoring in this one for the victory. Voodoo wins 8-5.

B-Div play-off Round Robin Game 2:

Net Masters vs Flying Squirrels…a wild end to end scoring fest! Squirrels win 12-9.

Newbies vs Garbage Men…the Newbies played the G-Men and ladies even but scoring on their chances was the difference…and the G-Men did that better. G-Men win 7-2.

Cool Runnings vs Shootin Blanks…not much to choose from here! 1-1 late in the first when Cool Runnings score 3 in the final minute of the 1st for a 4-1 lead. Shootin Blanks scored 2 in the 2nd to close to 4-3 and in the third it was 4-4 late. Shootin Blanks appeared headed to a big win up 5-4 with 1:16 left,  but Cool Runnings scored with 25-seconds left to tie it all up. 5-5 tie

Pylons vs Average Joes…another barn-burner. 2-1 Average Joes after one period and all tied up 3-3 after 2-periods. It stayed that way until with 3-minutw remaining the Pylons scored to take a 4-3 lead. But the Average Joes scored with 2-minutes left and then with 9-seconds left to win it! 5-4 Average Joes win.

The Struts OBBHA Challenge Series…November 6th Inaugural Match:

All Mesh (Saturday) vs Tsunamis (Monday)…All Mesh is undefeated in the Saturday A-Div with almost half their team very solid female performers. Tsunamis is a 9-year veteran team of the OBBHA in the Monday Division (they have seen Blue Zone Gym action and in recent years the French Palace Gym). For this first Challenge Game the game was tied 1-1 after the 1st period as both teams felt each other out with some end to end action. In the 2nd period All Mesh got their vaunted passing game going and had Tsunamis chasing enough to take a 4-1 lead until a late 2nd period goal by the Wave brought the score to 4-2. In the 3rd it was that All Mesh passing game that took over for the most part despite some spirited efforts on offence from Tsunamis. Andrew Gowing in the All Mesh net made key saves to keep the Wave from making All Mesh feel too uncomfortable with their game.  Of note Melanie Dagenais was injured and her sister subbed in for her. Stephanie Dagenais of the Saturday Newbies played up front with Struts and scored the hat-trick to the squealing delight of the French Palace faithful…even a helmet was dropped on the floor to salute her 3-goals in lieu of hats! In the end these two teams enjoyed a game that featured contrasting styles and lots of great action. Passing/ball control vs hustle/determination. The All Mesh recipe prevailed 8-4.

This first game of the Struts OBBHA Challenge Series was a success and paves the way for more to come! Here are the two teams that trail-blazed this exciting initiative: 

Super Saturday November 5 Highlights!

A-Div: Perfect Blend vs Vanier Voodoo…Perfect Bend was missing only one ingredient this week and this was just enough for Voodoo to take advantage of. The Voodoo worked hard to put themselves in a position to be up by a goal and then they hung on for a big win. Vanier Voodoo win 6-5.

A-Div: Team Iceland vs Rebels…another wonderful match between these two. In the end there was not much too choose from as both teams held momentum swings for periods of time. 6-6 tie

A-Div: Ottawa Avengers vs All Mesh…All Mesh seemed to be in command from the start with a 4-1 first period lead, a 6-3 midway point in the game lead and then a 7-5 lead late in the second. But a last second period goal by the Avengers placed the match at 7-6. The Avengers scored the only goal of the 3rd with 3-minutes remaining. 7-7 tie

B-Div play-off Round Robin Game 1:

Flying Squirrels vs Average Joes…the Flying Squirrels were up 3-1 with 10-minutes left in the game. Then the first place Average Joes exploded for a goals! A crazy defensive game turned on its heels late in the game. Average Joes win 7-4.

Garbage Men vs Shootin Blanks…the G-Men and ladies were up in the first period early and held a 6-3 lead heading into the 3rd period. The Shootin Blanks got it going offensively and held an 8-7 lead going into the final minute of the game. The G-Men pulled the goalie and got the equalizer in dramatic fashion. 8-8 tie

Newbies vs Cool Runnings…Cool Runnings passed their way to victory as the Newbies were unable to string enough of their own passes together to generate enough offence. Cool Runnings win 10-1.

Net Masters vs Pylons…the Pylons were wary of the Net Master improved play. So the Pylons played their collective hearts out to win this one despite the hard effort the Net Masters gave back. Pylons win 8-4.


The Struts OBBHA Challenge Series…starts Sunday, November 6 at 3pm as the Monday Night Div Tsunamis take on the Saturday All Mesh squad!

-this game is the first of an exciting series that will feature teams from different OBBHA divisions playing one another for a fun time and test their skills vs one another.

-the games will always be on a Sunday at 3pm

-teams of similar skill level and like-mindedness regarding the OBBHA 4-F motto will be asked to play one another to promote what that OBBHA is all about! Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Fair-Play.

These games should be a lot of fun and very interesting for the French Palace faithful to see. Watch for the Tweets and the Game Recap for this first game and the ones to follow as every couple of months a game will be scheduled.

Super Saturday October 29 Highlights!….B-Div play-off 3-game round robin starts next Saturday…quarter, semi and finals follow

A-Div: Perfect Blend vs Rebels…Perfect Blend were missing some family for this one as their top two stars were not blending in for this tilt. And the blender was off for this one as Perfect Blend forgot how to play the team game of passing. The Rebels on the other hand passed with distinction. Rebel win 9-4.

A-Div: Team Iceland vs Ottawa Avengers…Team Iceland went toe to toe for this one and perhaps deserved a better fate. Ottawa Avengers win 7-4.

B-Div: Pylons vs The Flying Squirrels…the Squirrels were met with a surprise for this one! Al Jolivet their old goalie vs Kaptain Kennedy in their own net. This one on one goalie battle was tied at 1-1 so this game was the rubber match. Over on the Pylons bench the call was who needs DuBroy when you have Simon Zimmerman (aka now “Wooly Booly"). Simon potted one early so to speak as he rear-ended one in as the teams traded goals until late in the 3rd period at 6-6. The Squirrels scored with 2-minutes left to take a 7-6 lead. Then with under a minute left the Pylons pulled their goalie….the Squirrels took a shot at the open net only to have Big Ben make a huge stick save on the Blocker side and then proceed to take a shot that Simon Zimmerman ended up on a rebound with and thn used a very skilled one hopper slam home to send the Pylons into celebration at 7-7 with 50-seconds left. Then as the clock ticked down a warp-around attempt by the Pylons ended up on Simon Zimmerman’s stick once again and he made no mistake with 5-seconds left and his goal celebration had the French Palace crowd smiling as this was the hat-trick and game winner! Pylons win 8-7.

A-Div: Vanier Voodoo vs All Mesh…All Mesh was without their #1 goalie Terry Cleroux for this one. The Voodoo jumped out to a 3-1 lead and the first period ended 3-3. Then Voodoo inexplicably lost defensive coverage too many times to keep it close. All Mesh win 12-5.

B-Div: Average Joes vs Garbage Men…Riel Ouimet was back as the #1 goalie for the G-Men and ladies who were quite excited to have him back in the fold. The Average Joes have been better than average are in first place and proved it in this game with great defence and goaltending. Average Joes win 6-2.

B-Div: Newbies vs Shootin Blanks…the featured game of the day as this one was too tough to call by the French Palace pundits. A very well played game. The only difference was the passing was a little better on the Shootin Blanks side. Shootin Blanks win 8-4.

B-Div: Net Masters vs Cool Runnings…there was excitement as the Leafs vs Habs game was to follow! So this “night-cap" match had some zip to it. Net Masters were in this one only down 4-3 after two periods vs a very good team. But Cool Runnings owned the 3rd period. Cool Runnings win 10-3.

Super Saturday October 22 Highlights!

A-Div: Perfect Blend vs Team Iceland…Iceland is known for their slow starts and then something kicks in and they roar back to make a game of it. The storyline was the same today. Perfect Blend win 10-6.

A-Div: Rebels vs All Mesh…a classic everytime! Fun! Fun! Fun! Great passing and nary a whistle the entire game. A one goal game the entire match and the Rebels could not tie it up with the goalie pulled in the final minute. All Mesh win 8-7.

B-Div: Average Joes vs The Flying Squirrels…a low scoring well played defensive game. Average Joes managed to squeeze a few more in while Guy Saumure in the Joes net made a game changing save that wowed the French Palace crowd. Average Joes win 5-2.

A-Div: Ottawa Avengers vs Vanier Voodoo…Voodoo had a very short bench and that was the story. Avengers win 11-0.

B-Div: Pylons vs Shootin Blanks…tough to score in this intense game where clear chances were minimized by great defensive structure and coverage. 1-1 heading into the 3rd period The teams traded goals 10-seconds apart early in the 3rd for a 2-2 tie. Then on a penalty shot Shootin Blanks pulled off the upset win! Shootin Blanks win 3-2.

B-Div: Newbies vs Cool Runnings…Cool Runnings were on their game early despite a fine effort from the Newbies. Cool Ruunings win 9-3.

B-Div: Net Masters vs Garbage Men…Net Masters were looking for their first win and were feeling it! The magic started happening in the 2nd period with the score knotted up at 3-3. The Net Masters scored 3 late 2nd period goals to take a 6-3 lead into the 3rd period. Then the Net Masters had the confidence and used it to power to an impressive first win!! Net Masters win 12-6.

Super Saturday October 15 Highlights!

A-Div: Perfect Blend vs Ottawa Avengers…although the Avengers won by a very large score this game was a close and well played game. The difference maker was Avengers goalie Stephane Portelance and was just out of this world! He was on his game and more. The French Palace was buzzing over many of his saves and it is just wild that he did not get the shut-out! 11-1 Ottawa Avengers win.

A-Div: Vanier Voodoo vs Rebels…in the first period the Rebels held the balance of play and the scoring chance but Nathalie Girouard in the Voodoo net was very strong and kept the first period a scoreless tie heading into the second period. The second was all Voodoo and they took a 6-2 lead in the final period. The Rebels put on an impressive push but only could get within two goals. Vanier Voodoo win 7-5.

B-Div: The Flying Squirrels vs Garbage Men…the Squirrels took 2-0 and 4-0 period leads. In the 3rd the G-Men tried a new strategy and it worked well for their break-out and ball movement. They made it a game with a couple of quick strikes early in the period but could not get anymore by Kaptain Kennedy in the rodents net. Flying Squirrrels win 4-2.

B-Div: Newbies vs Net Masters… the Newbies built a 2-0 lead after one period and were up 3-1 in the second before the Net Masters roared back to tie it up 3-3 heading into the final period. The Net Masters took a 4-3 lead and then the Newbies tied it up. The game was back and forth and entertaining. A very just 4-4 tie.

B-Div: Pylons vs Cool Runnings…the teams were tied 2-2 after one period and this was a great game with quick pace. The Cool Runnings held the advantage in the 2nd period and were up 5-3 at the end of the 2nd. The big moment came when Big Ben of the Pylons arrived after running out of gas on the way to the game. Well be brought lots of gas in his tank and this rejuvenated the Pylons and they were just flying in the final period to take this game by a goal. A wildly entertaining match that a lot of fans watched and enjoyed in the French Palace. Pylons win 8-7.

B-Div: Iceland vs All Mesh…All Mesh won this one the backs of their passers. They owned possession a ton. But they still struggled as always with the never say die offence from the Iceland who kept making the game anything but a laugher. All Mesh goes through division once without a loss and get right back at it next Saturday. All Mesh win 15-7.

B-Div: Average Joes v Shootin Blanks…Shootin Blanks jumped out to a 3-1 and held the advantage 3-2 after one period. But then inexplicably they stopped their passing game and became individual players. This was the recipe for disaster as the Average Joes were able to stop those individual forays and capitalized on the easy turn-overs. A lesson for Shootin Blanks one would hope. Average Joes win 7-5.

Reminder no games Saturday, October 8 (Thanks Giving Long Weekend)….see everyone back in action Saturday, October 15

Super Saturday October 1 Highlights! (details coming soon)-all games within a 3-goal spread in an over-all exciting day!

A-Div: Vanier Voodoo vs Perfect Blend…one of Voodoo’s best performances! It was all tied up 6-6 until a hear-breaking late goal. Perfect Blend win 7-6

A-Div: Rebels vs Iceland…the Rebels controlled large parts of this game as Iceland could not get untracked offensively. Rebels win 6-3.

B-Div: Shootin Blanks vs Flying Squirrels…6-6 tie until late in the game when the Shootin Blanks fine passing game finally wore down the Squirrels. Shootin Blanks win 10-7.

B-Div: Net Masters vs Pylons…the Net Masters were up 3-2 after one period. The Pylons has to work their passing game to perfection to claw their way to a hard win over the never say die Net Masters. Pylons win 8-5.

B-Div: Average Joes vs Cool Runnings…upset of the day! The Joes were in this game early and fed off the early success. A hard working game was tied up 3-3 until with 8-seconds left the Joes scored the winner from long range rocket high into a top corner! Average Joes win 4-3.

B-Div: Newbies vs Garbage Men…a very even game. Hard to get clear scoring chances as both teams focussed on team defence. G-Men win 6-3.

A-Div: All Mesh vs Ottawa Avengers…a very big game to end the Super Day! All Mesh are looking like the old days as their passing game is flourishing. The Avengers were up 4-3 heading into the final period. A side-bar story that became the story….Ti from All Mesh is heading back to live in her old home in the Toronto area and this was her last game with her original team. The team wanted to win for her….so she went out and scored the winner in the final period! All Mesh win 8-5.

Super Saturday September 24 Highlights!

A-Div: Perfect Blend vs All Mesh: A shoot the lights out affair at the French Palace! The RedBlacks would have been hard pressed to win this one. The fans were shaking their heads at the amount of goals and finally with All Mesh up 11-10 in the final minutes they put it away after some scary moments with two late goals. All Mesh win 13-10.

A-Div: Ottawa Avengers vs Rebels: The Avengers just could not shake off the Rebels. The Avengers held leads throughout and looked like they had it in the 3rd period up a couple of goals. But with the Avengers up 7-6 the Rebels made a huge push to tie and they did with exactly 1:00 minute on the clock. Thrilling tie 7-7.

B-Div: Net Masters vs The Flying Squirrels: The Net Masters scored some timely goals to keep close to the Squirrels who were on their game today. Some fine goaltending also kept this game getting into CFL territory. Finally the Squirrels scored some key 3rd period goals to pull away with insurance markers. Flying Squirrels win 9-6.

A-Div: Team Iceland vs Vanier Voodoo: A very low scoring match that is a bit of a surprise as the scoring chances were high. Both goalies were very hot as Terry Cleroux and Al Jolivet shared the honours of 1st stars of the game (along with being the past winners of the Tommy Raftis Award). It looked like Voodoo had the game up 4-3 in the final minute but Iceland tied it up with :26 seconds left. 4-4 tie.

B-Div: Cool Runnings vs Shootin Blanks: The new kids Shootin Blanks jumped out to a 2-0 lead and were perhaps a little too overconfident. Plus they thought the could compete with a shorter bench. The veteran presence on Cool Runnings and the large bench put to rest any thought they Winter defending champs would wilt from an early deficit. Cool Runnings took over the game and dominated. 15-6 win for Cool Runnings.

B-Div: Pylons vs Garbage Men: The G-Men and lady were into this match and the Pylons tried hard to kick-start themselves to match the intensity. But the G-Men were up 5-3 late in the game. Then suddenly with 4-minutes remaining the Pylons scored 2 goals 10-seconds apart to tie it up at 5-5. But the G-Men scored the winner with 1:30 left. G-Men win 6-5.

B-Div: Average Joes vs Newbies: Full benches on both sides. Big runs and tons of hustle. All in advance of the big Canada-Russia game! The game was scoreless for quite some time. But then the Joes began a slow move to win this game with a flurry of goals in the 2nd and 3rd periods. Stephanie Dagenais of the Newbies broke Guy Saumure’s shut-out bid late in the game. Average Joes win 8-1.

Super Saturday September 17 Highlights!

A-Div: Rebels vs Perfect Blend: The Rebels had built an impressive 6-2 lead by the midway point of the 3rd period via the passing game. Then the Perfect Blend crew showed why they are on the look out for a 3rd straight championship. They used a North South route to the net and tied the game up at 6-6 before the heroics of Olivier Raymond with the game winner with 3-seconds remaining in the game. Perfect Blend with the comeback win 7-6.

A-Div: Ottawa Avengers vs Team Iceland: Already the Avengers are pegged as the favourites with their offence and top flight goaltender. They were caught off guard early by Iceland early before adapting and carrying the play later in the game for a hard earned victory. Ottawa Avengers win 9-5.

B-Div: Cool Runnings vs The Flying Squirrels. The Squirrels were close for the first period and into the second. But Cool Runnings passed their way to a win by slowly pulling away as the game wore on. Cool Runnings win 7-3.

B-Div: Shootin Blanks vs Garbage Men: The G-Men and ladies tried out a new goalie and had their first look at the new team. The Shootin Blanks look like they are for real as they moved the ball with authority for a surprisingly dominating win. Shootin Blanks win 12-3

A-Div: All Mesh vs Vanier Voodoo: All Mesh look to be back to their old form. Their passing game is second to none once again. Voodoo however would not go away with timely goals and great goaltending. All Mesh were up 5-2 late in the second only to see Voodoo make it 5-4 heading into the 3rd period. Finally a couple of late goals put it in the books. All Mesh wins 7-4.

B-Div: Average Joes vs Net Masters: This was a tight defensive game. Net Masters matched the Average Joes in the hustle factor, but the Average Joes had a slight edge in the creative playmaking. Only a couple of fortunate bounces that went the Average Joes was the difference. Average Joes win 4-2.

B-Div: Pylons vs Newbies: For the first two periods Craig Bowman was the big story. He had his Newbies up 2-1 heading to the final period. Last week the Newbies were in a tight game. This time the Pylons exploded for 5 important 3rd period goals as their passing game finally paid off. Pylons win 6-4.

Super Saturday September 10 Opening Day Highlights!

Welcome Back everybody and great to have you new folks join the fun!

And they’re off!

A-Div: Team Iceland vs Perfect Blend: Two time defending champions Perfect Blend were in fine form and were given a stiff test from Iceland. Perfect Blend seemed to always be up a pair of goals as Iceland was forced to play catch-up and create more offence. Finally Perfect Blend prevailed 8-5.

A-Div: All Mesh vs Rebels: A Classic renewed once again. For awhile the Rebels played keep-away with some fine ball control, but then All Mesh did the same but even better! This one was a usual all knotted up 4-4 in the second period. All Mesh had an offensive outburst late in the second period for an 8-5 lead. There were tons of chances but no goals in the third period. All Mesh take it 8-5

B-Div: Newbies vs The Flying Squirrels: A defensive gem from start to end. This game was tied 2-2 late and then the Flying Squirrels score 2 to put it away for a very entertaining 4-2 win. Captain Kennedy in the Squirrels net was very got as was his counter-part in the Newbies net Craig Bowman.

A-Div: Vanier Voodoo vs Ottawa Avengers: Voodoo had flashes but could not solve the outstanding goaltending of the Avengers Stephane Portelance. Voodoo lost some defensive coverage as the Avengers moved the ball around all 4 players with creativity and authority. The Avengers look like the team to beat in a 9-2 win.

B-Div: Average Joes vs Pylons: The Pylons defending champs were on their passing game. Average Joes played it with their usual gusto. The Pylons pulled away in the third period for a 6-2 win.

B-Div: Cool Runnings vs Garbage Men: Cool Runnings were up 4-2 in the third period in a very well played game. The Garbage Men somehow pulled out a stunning comeback late in the third period including a last minute goal to win it. 5-4 for the G-Men.

B-Div: Net Masters vs Shootin Blanks: The new kids on the block had some bullets in that shootin. They get their first franchise win over the Net Masters who seemed to have a bit more speed in the line-up. 12-6 for Shootin Blanks.

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