Terrific Tuesday Women (Fall 2019)

The first game back will be as soon as it is safe to play!

-We look forward to a full fun session!!


*The Winter Session faced the Covid-19 pandemic that ended our fun time at the French Palace in Mid-March.  We contacted the team captains and individuals on league built teams about the credits or money owed to the league. If you have not heard from your captain, please contact your captain or John “Struts" Struthers. We will be in touch in late July/early August as usual for the Fall Session. Stay safe and healthy! 

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday March 3:

Chicks with Sticks vs Killer Bees..the Tweet pic of the night comes from this match (see top right for Tweet Slider to view). 1-1 after one period. 3-1 for the Killer Bees after two periods. Then the Chicks came on strong to valiantly try and get the next goal. But Veda Loknath was at her sensational best to thwart the Chicks with Sticks. She made a diving head save. And another wild stop that hit her butt end of the stick, her helmet and then finally off the butt end of her stick yet again to stay out of the cage. Wild! Killer Bees played a great game in front of her clearing away rebounds and playing well at both ends of the floor. Killer Bees win 3-1.

Dragons vs Lucky Pucks…the Instagram pic of the night comes from this match (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). 1-1 and 3-3 at the breaks. The Dragons were up 4-3 late when Julie tied it up for the Luck Pucks. But with 30-seconds remaining the Dragons scored the dramatic winner. Dragons win 5-4. 

Boomers vs Hells Belles…always a classic match up. 1-1 after one and 2-1 after the 2nd period. Both goalies as usual were stellar. In the 3rd the Belles were on their game and pushing hard for the insurance marker and this was a fabulous tactic. The Boomers were hard pressed to a chance in the 3rd to tie it. The Belles scored the big insurance goal with less than 2-minutes left in the game. Helles Belles win 3-1.

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday February 25:

Chicks with Sticks vs Dragons…Game of the night! End to end action but so few goals! Bridget vs Veda…enough said! The two battled with glaring stares at each other throughout. Ok, so only the battled part was true. The Dragons scored the only goal of the opening period while the Chicks poked two by Veda in the 2nd. The 3rd was scoreless but not for a lack of great chances at both ends. Chicks with Sticks win 2-1.

Killer Bees vs Boomers…The Boomers used a big 4 goal outburst in the first period to power to victory. They needed that big time as the next two periods only featured one goal in each. The Bees deserved to score but that Boomers goalie Mel wanted the shut-out and got it with purpose. Boomers win 6-0.

Hells Belles vs Lucky Pucks…the Instagram and Tweet pics of the night comes from this match (see top right for Instagram and Tweet Sliders to view). No goals in the opening period and only 2-1 for the Belles after two. The Belles did pull away in the final period, but the LP played a very good game but Karine Hebert was tough to beat in the Belles net. Hells Belles win 5-1.

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday February 18:

Dragons vs Hells Belles…Hells Belles win 7-2

Boomers vs Chicks with Sticks…Chicks with Sticks win 5-2

Killer Bees vs Lucky Pucks…Killer Bees win 7-4.

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday February 11:

Hells Belles vs Killer Bees…what an opener to start the night off! 0-0 after one period and 1-1 after the second. The Bees were into this as they were well coached by Veda Loknath in advance. The Belles are like playing a game of chess with. They move the ball well and find openings to create break-outs and scoring chances. Finally in the 3rd the Belles scored twice for a 3-1 and perhaps the score could have been reversed as the Bees miss some great opportunities as Karine Hebert was sharp in the Belles net. But wait! The Bees shocked the French Palace crowd with two late goals to tie! Wonderful tilt. 3-3 tie.

Lucky Pucks vs Chicks with Sticks…the old LP’s were playing on the Boom Box and that got the LP into it and they won both the first and second periods by 2-1 counts for a 4-2 lead. In the 3rd it looked like it would stay that way but for the second game in row on this night a two goal comeback was staged late in the game for another riveting tie! 4-4 tie

Dragons vs Boomers…the Tweet and Instagram pics of the night comes from this match (see top right for Tweet and Instagram Sliders to view).  The Boomers scored 3 in the first period and that was the difference as the teams were very even in the 2nd and 3rd periods. Boomers win 5-1.

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday February 4:

Lucky Pucks vs Boomers…the Tweet pic of the night comes from this match (see top right for Tweet Slider to view). The Boomers were the heavy favourites for this get together, but it was 0-0 after one period as the LP used a solid 4 players in the middle blocking shots and lanes to stymie the Boomers offence.  The LP had many great offensive chances but could not solve the great goaltending from Mel Lavergne. However the Boomers go loose of the coverage enough to pull away in the 2nd for a 3-0 lead and then won a close 3rd period in goals at 3-2. Boomers win 6-2.

Killer Bees vs Dragons…the Bees wanted to ensure they did not have a let down after last weeks impressive performance. A 0-0 first period saw both teams on their game. But in the 2nd the Dragons exploded for a 4-1 lead to get their bench into it emotionally. In the 3rd the Bees scored the only goal and were on the hunt for more but could not find anymore honey. Dragons win 4-2. 

Chicks with Sticks vs Hells Belles…the Instagram pic of the night comes from this match (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). The Chicks this time were putting together a strategy in advance of this match-up after getting outmaneuvered by the Killer Bees last week. The Belles through all that out by storming out to a 4-0 first period lead and never looked back. Hells Belles win 5-1.

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday January 28:

Hells Belles vs Boomers…a clash of last years opponents from the Fall Finals. Tweet pic is from this game (see Tweet Slider at top right of this website and Follow!). This game did not disappoint! Two teams that played a chess match with each other as both teams made smart plays, created chances and of course as always received great goaltending from Mel and Karine! 0-0 after one period. The Belles got the only goal of the 2nd. The Boomers tied it up early in the 3rd. Then the Belles scored later goal and held on proving to themselves that they can beat the defending champs. Hells Belles win 2-1.

Dragons vs Lucky Pucks…Both teams played well but the LP were more than lucky on this night as they had the offence in full gear! The Dragons scored two goals less than 10 seconds apart at one point, but that was all they got. Lucky Pucks win 6-2.

Chicks with Sticks vs Killer Bees…Instagram pic is from this game (see Instagram Slider at top right of this website and Follow!). A bit of a shocker! The Bees were seen discussing strategy on how to shut down the Big 3 of the Chicks. They employed the strategic genius to perfection. The Chicks tried to make some strategy changes of their own on the fly, but to no avail. Killer Bees win 8-2.

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday January 21:

Hells Belles vs Lucky Pucks…Instagram pic is from this game (see Instagram Slider at top right of this website and Follow!). The Belles played two amazing periods for a 5-0 lead. In the 3rd the LP outscored and outplayed the Belles 2-1 and were “unlucky pucks" to not score more. Hells Belles win 6-2.

Killer Bees vs Boomers…a late second period goal by the Bees broke the Boomers shut-out bid and closed the deficit to 3-1. But the Boomers scored two quick goals to open the 3rd and cruise to the victory. Boomers win 7-3.

Chicks with Sticks vs Dragons…Tweet pic is from this game (see Tweet Slider at top right of this website and Follow!). Game of the night! The Chicks roared out to a 2-0 lead on the first shift of the game. Late in the first period the Dragons scored 3 for a 3-2 lead. That was it until with 3 minutes remaining the Chicks tied it up. Then the heartbreaker! The Chicks scored the winner with just 8-seconds left in the game. Chicks with Sticks win 4-3.

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday January 14:

Opening Night!!

Dragons vs Hells Belles…a very closely played first period ended 1-1. In the 2nd the Belles started to pull away at 4-1 and then played it close to the vest in the 3rd to ensure the two points. Classic Belles hockey, but the Dragons had some fire. Hells Belles win 6-1. 

Boomers vs Chicks with Sticks…the Tweet and Instagram pic come from this match (see top right for Tweet and Instagram Sliders to view). Some new Chicks in the Sticks line-up and missing a key component. So the Boomers well oiled machine took advantage and dominated. Remember the Juniors from Canada losing 6-0 to Russia before turning it around. Just sayin. Boomers win 9-0.

Killer Bees vs Lucky Pucks…a very good match for both teams. A closely played game. The Bees were up 1-0 and 3-1 at the period breaks and then secured the two points with the only goal of the 3rd. Veda Loknath in the Bees net waved goodbye to the shut-out bid late in the 2nd in a strong performance as the LP’s were playing well on offence and generated some nice chances on some nice quick pass and shoot plays. Killer Bees win 4-1.


What a great fun Fall session!

See everyone back at it for the Winter Session that starts on Tuesday, January 14th…be happy, eat healthy foods and streeeetch!

Tuesday, November 26 Revolver Game #3 Final and Seeding Matches:

Dragons vs Lucky Pucks (5th Seed Match)…after last weeks “so much fun" tie game last week this time we needed a winner so OT was a possibility as these two teams are so evenly matched. The Lucky Pucks were having nothing to do with OT as they came out flying and dominated at times for a big lead of 5-1 after two periods. The Dragons showed some fire in the 3rd and played to a 0-0 draw in that final frame. 5th Seed to the Lucky Pucks crew! Lucky Pucks win 5-1.

Boomers vs Hells Belles (Final) *See Photo of the Champs below and on today’s Tweet and Instagram photos*…the defending champs vs the most improved team in the league this year the Boomers who also finished first place in the regular season. A close and fun match has been anticipated all week long like a Grey Cup week!! A 0-0 first period had the French Palace crowd buzzing about OT. Then in the middle period the Boomers scored two beautiful goals for a 2-0 lead. In the 3rd the Belles gave it their all to try and score but the Boomers played amazing over all defence and Melanie Lavergne was just unbeatable in the net! They added a late goal to finally put it this great game to rest. Full credit to both teams for a wonderful Final for all to enjoy. Congrats to the Boomers for their big Championship win! Boomers win 3-0.

Killer Bees vs Chicks with Sticks (3rd Seed Match)…the Bees really wanted to win the 3rd Seed and there were even some bold predictions about this too!! It took a massive effort from Veda Loknath in the Bees net to keep her Bees out in front and her Bees had come offence on this night as well to help! A very fun game and with the Bees up 5-4 in the final minute time ran out on the Chicks as they pressed with enthusiasm for the tying goal to no avail. 3rd as predicted by a key Bee for the Killer Bees! Killer Bees win a nail biter 5-4.

Photo of the Terrific Tuesday Fall 2019 Champions: Congrats!

Tuesday, November 19 Revolver Play-offs:

Chicks with Sticks vs Boomers (semi-final)…the Tweet pic of the night comes from this match (see top right for Tweet Slider to view). The Boomers employed the shoot first mentality and put on a ton of shots of goal including at least 5 posts or crossbars! The Chicks might have over-passed a bit but they had their fair of shots on goal but were stymied quite often by the Boomer goalie Melanie Lavergne. Boomers are off to the Finals while the Chicks with Sticks will try their luck in the 3rd Seed Match next week. Boomers win 8-3.

Killer Bees vs Hells Belles (semi-final)…the Instagram pic of the night comes from this match (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). The Bees played one of their better over-all games but came up short as the Belles scored just enough to get to defend their title next week. The Bees will be in the 3rd Seed Match. Hells Belles win 4-1.

Dragons vs Lucky Pucks (6vs5)…this game was wonderful! No score until early in the 3rd when the Dragons opened the scoring. Then late in the game the LP tied it up. There were agonizingly close chances and a ton of laughter. So much fun that the teams will have to do it all over again next week for the 5th Seed Match as this ended in a wild 1-1 tie. 

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday November 12 Revolver Play-offs:

Helles Belles vs Boomers (2vs1)…both teams were guaranteed a spot in next weeks semi-finals so this was for seeding for the 1st and 2nd spot. It was a glorious match with excellent goaltending. The Tweet and Instagram shot were repeated as the same since it was an excellent play and great photo (see the sliders at the top right to view). The Belles snuck in a couple of goals early and that kept the Boomers at bay until they got one in the 3rd, but the Belles scored late to take the top seed for the upcoming semi-finals. The Boomers are seeded 2nd. Hells Belles win 4-1.

Dragons vs Chicks with Sticks 6vs3)…this ended up being a winnable game for the Dragons. They were only down 5-4 late before the Chicks scored a late insurance goal. Kudos to the Dragons for creating some drama as the French Palace had a little buzz in it as the game was played with some doubt to the outcome. Chicks take the 3rd seed for the semi-finals as the Dragons will start playing in the consolation round next week. Chicks with Sticks win 6-4. 

Lucky Pucks vs Killer Bee’s (5vs4)…For two periods this was anyone’s game. The Bees held 2-1 and 3-1 period break leads and the LP were working hard. The Bees owned the 3rd to take the final spot in the semi-finals next week, while the LP will start into the consolation round. Killer Bees win 7-3.

The 3-game Revolver Play-off Format:

(November 12, 19, and 26)

2vs1 (Hells Belles vs Boomers), 6vs3 (Dragons vs Chicks with Sticks, 5vs4 (Lucky Pucks vs Killer Bees) ….

then winner of 6vs3 plays winner of 2vs1 for one semi-final, winner of 5vs4 plays loser of 2vs1 for the other semi-final, while loser of 6vs3 plays loser of 5vs4 for consolation round match. The over-ride is the highest seed plays the lowest seed in the semi-finals.

Finals and 3rd and 5th Seed games close it out.

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday November 5:

Boomers vs Killer Bees…the Boomers secured first place with a win. They were down 1-0 after one period but a few giveaways was the undoing of the Killer Bees despite a great effort and great goaltending for their part. Boomers win 5-2.

Dragons vs Hells Belles…the Dragons looked very good in this game and were in it until very late in the game. The Instagram pic of the night is from this match (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). Hells Belles win 7-3.

Lucky Pucks vs Chicks with Sticks…a very close match and only a couple of quick goals in the 2nd period was the difference for a 5-3 lead for the Chicks. There were no goals scored in the 3rd period to give you an idea of how close checking it was. The Tweet pic of the night is from this action (see top right for Tweet Slider to view). Chicks with Sticks win 5-3.

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday October 29:

Lucky Pucks vs Boomers…the Boomers were on their total game. The Lucky Pucks gave it all they had but those Boomers were just clicking! Boomers win 8-0.

Hells Belles vs Killer Bees…The Tweet of the night shows some speed captured from this game (see top right for Tweet Slider to view). The Belles jumped to a quick 4-0 in the first period. After that it was a very tight match. Hells Belles win 6-1.

Chicks with Sticks vs Dragons…great Instagram photo from this one (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). The Chicks were the favourites going in but the Dragons were right in this game. A fairly even distribution of offence, but the Sticks were able to score at key moments. Chicks with Sticks win 6-3.

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday October 22:

Hells Belles vs Chicks with Sticks…the Chicks had a game plan going in so the crowd was enticed to keep an eye on this match! The Tweet photo of the night comes from this match (see top right for Tweet Slider to view). Fast forward to the start of the 3rd period with the Belles up 6-3. The Chicks made the comeback to tie it all up at 6-6 only to have their hearts broken with 10-seconds left as the Belles scored the winner after some hard work. Hells Belles win 7-6.

Dragons vs Boomers…a tough one to call said the OBBHA pundits. The Boomers would play their style of game, but the Dragons counter attack could be a factor. So let them play was the final sentiment. This was a great game and the Boomers had to work hard for every shot on goal. The Boomers slowly pulled away from a tight game in the latter parts of the game. Boomers win 5-1.

Killer Bees vs Lucky Pucks…the Bees were aware that momentum builds quickly so they needed to be prepared for a loose Lucky Pucks team after getting their first victory last week. The Instagram photo of the night is from this game and features the two captains (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). A wonderful game from two wonderful teams. 3-3 tie.

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday October 15:

All one goal games!

Boomers vs Hells Belles…this one was looked forward to just a much as this past weekends turkey. The crowd was hoping for a tie as both teams deserved it for their efforts in this game. But the Boomers scores a late goal with just under 2-minutes left in the game for the one goal win. The Tweet pic of the night highlights some of the game action (see top right for Tweet Slider to view). Boomers win 3-2.

Killer Bees vs Chicks with Sticks…yet another test for the Killer Bees to see if they have consistency in their game. It did not look good early as the Chicks scored a ton early for a big lead and seemed they could score at will as the Bees were very sloppy on defensive coverage. Suddenly the Bees starting swarming on offence and picked up loose balls and the goals started to go in. They finally came back to tie it all up 8-8 before the Chicks scored a heart-breaking late winning goal. Chicks with Sticks win 9-8.

Lucky Pucks vs Dragons…the sentimental favourite were the Lucky Pucks so they would get their first win of the season. And they got it! Congrats! But it was not easy as this game was in doubt right to the very end. The Instagram photo shows some of the fine action (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). Lucky Pucks win 6-5

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday October 8:

Dragons vs Killer Bees…Anne Pilon had a very good game in the Dragons net as she had the glove working all night. Trouble was Veda Loknath her friend and Bees goalie gave up nothing despite facing Chelsea Richer on a break-away and on a penalty shot as well. The Tweet pic of the night shows come action coming Veda’s way (see top right for Tweet Slider to view). And the game started with the big reveal as to who drew the killer art last week featured in the Tweet of the night….it was Hanna and the youngster was given a loud banging of the sticks tribute! Killer Bees win 2-0. 

Hells Belles vs Lucky Pucks…the Instagram pic of the night shows the Belles on attack (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). The Puck played well and had plenty of quality chances to score but were stone-walled all a but once by the Belles goalie Karine Hebert. Hells Belles win 6-1.

Chicks with Sticks vs Boomers…what a game! Great passing by both sides and good goaltending. Tania Larose had her best game yet in the Chicks net. The game was a full run and it showed in the feature player of the night Julie Lamframboise as her fit bit showed her pushing 3,000 steps playing D for the Boomers. The Chicks were up 3-1 at the midway point of the 3rd period, but the Boomers scored two quick ones a few minutes apart to tie it up 3-3. Then on a beautiful play the Chicks scored the winner with 1:48 remaining. Great show girls! Chicks with Sticks win 4-3.

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday October 1:

Killer Bees vs Boomers…the OBBHA is always looking for new talent and on this night we found it in the arts! Check out the Tweet pic of the night (see top right for Tweet Slider to view). Fresh off an amazing win over the Belles, the Killer Bees would be tested right away to see if it was fluke!? The Boomers have been looking like a tight knit group this session, so the Bees were in for an interesting time. And the Bees passed the test to be sure! The Boomers scored a picture perfect goal in the first period and then an own goal by the Boomers had the teams knotted up at 1-1 heading into the final period. The Boomers seemly had the game in hand after 3 quick goals to open the 3rd period, but the Bees scored two make it a one goal game and pressed for the equalizer. But the Boomers held on. Boomers win 4-3.

Chicks with Sticks vs Lucky Pucks…could the Chicks keep up the good chemistry? Would the Lucky Pucks be able to keep up? Hockey is a crazy game so we just had to play the game! This was a fun and intense game. End to end with some funky goals as well as some nice ones set up by some fancy passing. The Chicks kept taking leads, but the LP squad was pesky and kept creeping back closer. Finally the buzzer went as the LP ran out of time to tie. Chicks with Sticks win 7-5.

Hells Belles vs Dragons…the nightcap. It would be all about goaltending as Karine Hebert does not give up too much in the Belles net and always keeps her team close enough in hopes the offence will catch fire. She is featured in the Instagram pic of the night (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). The Belles had an early lead but the Dragons carried the play at times without scoring as much as the Belles. Great dancing as always when the Dragons play, so the Belles grooved a bit too as the hit parade was popular in the nightcap. Hells Belles win 7-2. 

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday September 24:

Boomers vs Lucky Pucks…the ever evolving Lucky Pucks were looking to see how they would fair vs the well structured game the Boomers bring to the French Palace each time out. Melanie Lavergne was almost unbeatable, it took an amazing top shelf shot to beat her, and she helped the Boomers to a big win as her offence was very creative and quick on this night. Anne-Marie Buisson in nets for the Lucky Pucks is the featured Instagram shot of the night (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). Boomers win 5-1.

Dragons vs Chicks with Sticks…another full time stick was added to the team that passes so well. And the welcome addition hopefully will help fill up the roster with more interest as the season progresses.  Meanwhile the Dragons would like to continue their fine play of late. The Chicks were at it again with fine passing. The Dragon gave it there all but could not beat Veda Loknath who was doing relief duty for the Chicks starter Tania. Chicks with Sticks win 5-0.

Killer Bee’s vs Hells Belles…the fun time teams were the night-cap entertainment. Laughter was expected, but so too was the will to pass and create. The Bees wanted to emulate the Belles game of ball control…no easy task as the Belles have a knack of breaking up plays with solid defensive positioning. The game of the night it ended up being. The Bees scored an early one and this seemed to get the Belles off their game a bit. The Bees then played an extremely tight game in front of their goalie Veda Loknath and held the 1-0 lead into the 3rd period. The Bees then put some forechecking pressure on the Belles as shown in the Tweet photo of the night (see top right for Tweet Slider to view). The Belles finally scored to tie it, but not long after the Bees scored to take a one goal lead and carried that to a stunning victory. Killer Bees win 2-1.

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday September 17:

Chicks with Sticks vs Hells Belles…the passing game was expected to be on full display in all its glory! The only difference was karine Hebert in the Belles net. She just loved getting tested so much and she responded by only giving one goal. However the Chicks deserved more. The Belles were able to capitalize but were pooped at the end of this great run. Hells Belles win 5-1.

Boomers vs Dragons…the Dragons hoped to have another strong outing as they knew the Boomers would offer yet another consistent performance. The Dragons were in this all the way. Melanie Lavergne in the Boomers net was the difference makers as she was a hot as Hebert was in the previous game. The Boomers had just enough timely goals to stay ahead. In the Tweet pic (see top right for Tweet Slider to view) it shows the Dragons scoring in the last minute of the second only to have the Boomer score right away before periods end as shown in the Instagram photo of the night (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). Boomers win 4-2.


Lucky Pucks vs Killer Bees…a great match-up for the night-cap. So much fun in this game. A great night-cap match to send off everyone into a beautiful summer night with smiles. Killer Bees goalie and captain Veda Loknath maybe had the biggest smile getting a shut-out with some brand new equipment she was trying out for the first time. Safe to say it won’t get washed after this game! Killer Bees win 5-0.

Highlights for Terrific Tuesday September 10:

 Dragons vs Lucky Pucks…this game started a string of 3 amazing games! A goalie battle between Anne Pilon of the Dragons and Anne-Marie Buisson of the Lucky Pucks gave us a 0-0 game until well after the half-way point of the game.  Then Pilon’s daughter (see top right for Instagram Slider to view) Genevieve  L"Heureux went top shelf twice where you find the cookie jar and Laurie Reinhart potted two goals a minute apart (assisted both times by Colleen Mclaughlin her line-mate). A key moment is captured in the Instagram pic of the night (see top right for Instagram Slider to view) as Anne Pilon made a big save off of Lucky Pucks Julie Villemaire. The icing on the cake for the Dragons first win of the session was the hat-trick goal by Genevieve! Dragons win 5-3.

Chicks with Sticks vs Killer Bees…so this team of girls and hockey sticks have become the talk of the OBBHA. The men’s Blues team (the league is named after them) are the best passing men’s team in Ottawa, the province and at times at the National level. This new Chicks team is passing like no other women’s team at the moment. They are simply a treat to watch. The beauty of this is that the other teams are noticing and trying emulate this wonderful aspect of the game of ball hockey. The Killer Bees were down 5-1 and then took the time to adapt their game to the passing prowess they were being subjected to and rallied to close it to 5-4. However the Chicks scored two late insurance goals to pull away. Some of their goals actually induced applause from the Killer Bees bench who were impressed with the creative play. Chicks with Sticks win 7-4.

Hells Belles vs Boomers…The great games continued as mentioned as a 0-0 draw after one period lead to a 3 goal outburst in the 2nd period by the Belles. Karine Hebert was simply perfect as she earned yet another OBBHA shut-out and is featured performing her art in the Twitter pic of the night (see top right for Twitter Slider to view). Boomers had their chances but were thwarted by Hebert time and time again. Hells Belles win 3-0.

Opening Night Highlights for the Terrific Tuesday 2019 Fall Session September 3rd:

Have a look after each nights games for the Twitter and Instagram shots of the night featuring your favourite players throughout the season! (see sliders to your right of this website to click on for the photo and caption!) Or join to follow!

Killer Bees vs Dragons…a new look for both teams as both rosters are chalk full of new players. So the French Palace had many eyes on them for this exciting opener…Ved Loknath featured in tonight’s photo shot Tweet (see top right for Twitter Slider to view) was the difference as she back-stopped the Killer Bees to a win despite some offensive pushes from the Dragons. Killer Bees win 8-2.

Lucky Pucks vs Hells Belles…the defending champs are back and were welcomed back by their friends on the Lucky Pucks!…the Lucky Pucks looked very good vs the top ranked Belles. They were in this one late only down 4-3, but Karine Hebert in the Belles net closed the door with authority and watched her squad add 3 late goals. Hells Belles win 7-3.

Boomers vs Chicks with Sticks…there is a new team in town and they have sticks! Exciting moment for the new players and for the league to have a 6th team in the making (remember we still need a few more chicks with sticks to join this team)….Melanie Lavergne in the Boomers net stole the show and one of her saves is featured in the Instagram photo of the night (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). Boomers were up 3-2 late and needed two late goals to salt in away. Boomers win 5-2.


A TERRIFIC Session Everyone! See you back in the Fall! (have a safe and fun summer xo)

April 16 Finals and 3rd Seed Match:

Lucky Pucks vs Boomers (3rd Seed Match)…Melanie Lavergne was unbeatable in the Boomers net as she was tested by the LP. Great effort from both teams as it was clear everyone got in good shape playing all year. Boomers win 8-0.

Killer Bees vs Hells Belles (Finals)…the Bees were flat in the first period and a half. 2-0 Belles in the first as they dazzled the crowd with some fine ball control and passing. At 3-0 half way through the game Bridget Worry woke up the Bees with a clapper top corner to make it 3-1 and it was game on! The Belles were up 4-2 late in late in the 2nd and the Bees narrowly missed making it a one goal game. In the  3rd period the Bees made it 4-3 and came on strong to tie. Even in the final seconds Karine Hebert had to make some fine stops to preserve the win the and Championship for her Belles. Hells Belles win 4-3.

Congrats to the Winter Session Terrific Tuesday Champions!  Hells Belles

April 9 Play-offs:

7pm = Dragons vs Lucky Pucks (5vs4 Elimination Game)…a great game as one team would unfortunately be going home until the Fall. 1-1 and 2-2 at the period breaks. And then 4-4 late in the game and it looked like OT! But the Lucky Pucks scores a late goal and then added an empty netter for the win. Congrats to the Dragons on a fine season as they tested each and every team on every night they competed despite being just short of a full roster….make sure you join this fun team next Fall if you are looking for a team!! Lucky Pucks advance to semi-finals with 6-4 win.

8pm = Winner Elimination Game Lucky Pucks vs Hells Belles (sem-finals)…The LP needed to have strong start and they did only down 1-0 after one period. But they tired in the 2nd and this is when the fresh Belles pounced for a 4-0 lead after two periods. Karine Hebert was on her game and worked the shut-out to ensure her teams appearance in next weeks Finals at 8pm. The Lucky Pucks will be in the 3rd Seed Match. Hells Belles win 5-0.

9pm = Killer Bees vs Boomers (semi-finals)…what a night-cap! 1-1 after one, 3-3 after two and 4-4 after 3 periods of play. For the 2nd night in a row the new OBBHA play-off format for OT happened! A 3 on 3 for 5-minutes!!.Finally after 3-minutes of play the Killer Bees scores the dramatic winner to propel themselves into the Finals next week at 8pm. The Boomers will be in the 3rd Seed Match at 7pm. Killer Bees win 5-4 in OT.

April 2 Highlights:

Killer Bees vs Boomers…a pre-view of next weeks semi-final match at 9pm. Great pace and some scoring from both sides to have everyone looking forward to the rematch. The Boomers got up early and were able to sustain the slim leads throughout the match. Boomers win 6-4.

Hells Belles vs Lucky Pucks…first of the double header for the Belles. The surprising Pucks played an inspired game to make next weeks potential rematch in a semi-final very interesting. 4-4 tie.

Dragons vs Hells Belles…with the Dragon Lady away on holidays the Dragons wanted a good showing for her to read about! Anne is all about wining and not whining anyways! The Dragon also played an amazing game against the first place team. 1-1 after one and the Dragons were up 2-1 after two periods. Then the Dragons scored the only goal of the 3rd. Look out Belles! The winner of the Dragons/Lucky Pucks will give them a semi-final test next week! Can’t wait!! Dragons win 3-1.

March 26 Highlights:

Boomers vs Lucky Pucks…both teams were eager to get their legs early after the March break of food and beverage debauchery. After a 1-1 first period the teams went om a wild scoring spree that left the Lucky Pucks up 5-4. In the 3rd with the Boomers down 6-5 they pulled the goalie for the extra attacker and tied it up in the final minute. 6-6 tie.

Dragons vs Killer Bees…the Bees were the double down team of the night. The game was scoreless until in the final seconds of the 2nd period the Killer Bees took a 1-0 lead. The Dragon score in the 3rd but so did the Killer Bees for a hard earned one goal win. Killer Bees win 2-1.

Killer Bees vs Hells Belles…a tough bottom half of their double header the Bees wanted to have a strong killer instinct in the opening period. It was a scoreless first period. The Belles scored twice in the 2nd and seemed destined to walk away with it as one suspected the Bees would not have any sting left in period 6 for them. But the Bees score to make it 2-1 and lots of life was in them yet as they pressed to tie! But alas the Belles tallied to restore their 2-goal lead. Hells Belles win 3-1.

March Break

March 5 Highlights:

Lucky Pucks vs Killer Bees…a dance off if there ever was one! The Bees had a small nest so the worker Bees had to gut out this effort. And what an effort it was! They scored early and held 2-1 and 3-1 leads at the breaks and played a scoreless 3rd for an upset win with the short bench. Killer Bees win 3-1.

Dragons vs Hells Belles…the first breath of fire! The ever improving Dragons were tied late 3-3 only to have the Belles score a hear-breaker late in the game. Hells Belles win 4-3.

Boomers vs Dragons…would their be a second breath of fire!? 2-2 and 4-4 after the period breaks. Again the Dragons were tied late in the game 6-6 only to have a seeing eye goal break their hearts after such a strong effort. Very entertaining match. Boomers win 7-6.

February 26 Highlights: More swag giveaways to promote clean play!

Boomers vs Killer Bees…a great opening act on the slate. A 1-1 game into the 3rd period. The Boomers then scored 3 big goals! Boomers win 4-1.

Lucky Pucks vs Dragons…the first of two for the LP but they had to go through the Dragon net first. The Dragon roared out to 4-0 lead after one period then never scored again. The LP put in two in the 2nd to close it to 4-2 but the 3rd was scoreless in a well played game. Dragons win 4-2.

Lucky Pucks vs Helles Bells…and then through Hell for the bottom end of the double header for the LP.  LP were tired but played a great 1-1 first period. The Belles took advantage in the 2nd for a 5-1 lead and then played a smart final period. Hells Belles win 7-1.

February 19 Highlights:

Boomers vs Lucky Pucks… 

1st: 2 to 1 Boomers 

2nd: 4 to 1 Boomers 

Final: 6 to 1 Boomers

Helles Belles vs Boomers…

1st: 0 to 0 

2nd: 2 to 1 Helles Belles

Final: 3 to 2 Helles Belles

Dragons vs Killer Bees…

1st: 1 to 1

2nd: 1 to 4 Killer Bees

Final: 3 to 8 Killer Bees 

Note the February 12 games have been moved to April 2 due to the Big Snow Storm! See everyone back in action February 19th.

February 5 Highlights: With the Dragons playing inspired hockey the Terrific Tuesday match-ups are toss ups each and every time! 

Boomers vs Dragons…the high flying Boomers were hoping to continue the boom days. After two great outings in last weeks double header the Dragons hoped to continue their fine play. Both came true! The Boomers were up 1-0 and 3-1 at the breaks, but the Dragons scored two in the 3rd to produce a well played tie! 3-3 tie.

Killer Bees vs Hells Belles…the Killer Bees were the featured double header team tonight. Would “The Veda" be a part of it? Yes she was! After a scoreless first period the Belles potted 2 in the 2nd for a 2-0 lead. In the 3rd the Bees narrowed it to 2-1 and then tied it up late 2-2! The Belles scored an even later goal for the win. Hells Belles win 3-2.

Killer Bees vs Lucky Pucks…round two for the Bees as the “dancing pucks" were in the French Palace for another party. The teams were all knotted up 1-1 moving into the final period. The Bees showed no signs of tiring scoring two to go up 3-1. But the Pucks scored a big goal to make things interesting for the last half of the 3rd at 3-2 Bees. The Bees hung on to gain a split in their twin-bill. Killer Bees win 3-2.

January 29 Highlights:

Boomers vs Helles Bells…the rematches of the last sessions final are always a fun romp to be a part of. The first two periods were excellent as the teams played skilled and fast. 0-0 1 and 1-1 at the period breaks. In the 3rd the Boomers surprised the French Palace crowd with 3 goals to get the win and make things very interesting! Boomers win 4-1.

Killer Bees’s vs Dragons…the Dragons continue to add to their roster as they had some injuries and late releases. Some new players have added some zing to the line-up so a double header test was in order! The Bees are have a full line-up in front of “The Veda" or whoever these days so naturally it was game on! Another excellent game. The Bees built up a 3-0 lead in the first period and they needed it! For the teams tied the final two periods 1-1 and 0-0. Killer Bees win 4-1.

Dragons vs Lucky Pucks…the tests continue for the Dragons as they played the bottom half of their double header. Who would be Lucky in this one? The Dragons score early and this completely changed the complexion of the game. It gave the Dragons confidence and they played an excellent opening period to a 1-1 tie. The teams traded plenty of chances in the 2nd in which the Dragons came out on top by a 3-2 margin. Could the exhausted Dragons hang on? Were secret coaching ingredients from Anne Pilon work? Gatoraid and chocolate got them into a 3-3 tie in the 3rd and the fans were fretting away as chance after chance came on both sides. In the end it was the Lucky in Pucks! Lucky Pucks win 5-4.

January 22 Highlights:

Boomers vs Dragons…the Dragons are still looking for more dragons to breathe fire into their game. The Boomers are set and looking to refine their chemistry. This one went right down to the wire! It was 3-2 Boomers into the final two minutes and then the Boomer score 2 insurance goals for the nervy win. Boomers win 5-2.

Hells Belles vs Lucky Pucks…Lucky two for the Pucks? Their first run was vs the top ranked Belles. Karine Hebert was the full story as she earned the shut-out with fine play in the Belles net. Lucky Pucks played well and just could not beat Karine. Hells Belles win 4-0

Lucky Pucks vs Killer Bees…would would the Lucky Pucks get stung in the bottom half of their double? The Bees stung first and you could see the fire in Veda’s eyes as she loves playing with a lead in her net. The Lucky Pucks were set with determination not to be stymied twice in a row by hot goaltenders. The Bees found the only honey of the 2nd period for a 2-0 lead. Then the Lucky Pucks finally scored in the 3rd to make it 2-1, but with 2-minutes left the Killer Bees stung for the final time to make it 3-1, but the Pucks scored with 1-minute remaining to make it a one goal game! The Killer Bees hung on! Killer Bees win 3-2.

January 15 Highlights: And the 80’s Hit Parade Continued! Disco Night at the French Palace!!

Boomers vs Lucky Pucks…Boomers first of two for their double of the night! The Lucky Pucks were up 2-1 after one but the boomers turned the table in the 2nd period for a 4-3 lead. In the 3rd the Boomers pulled away. Boomers win 7-3

Killer Bees vs Boomers…the return of the “Veda"! And in brand spanking new gear! She looked good and moved well despite her whining…or was that buzzing? The bees were out in full force for this and were looking to build some chemistry in their first real game together. However it was the Boomers with all the chemistry as the veteran team repeated their first game score. Boomers win 7-3.

Helles Bells vs Dragon…the Dragons ever shifting roster was a focal point, but the core group was ready for a stiff test from the very well honed machine known as the “Ladies in Red". The Belles had a strong start for a 3-0 lead. The Dragons responded well in the 2nd to close it to 4-2. The Belles played a smart 3rd to protect the lead. Hells Belles win 7-2.

Welcome back and its Tuesday Winter Session Opening Night!

January 8 Opening Night Highlights:

Lucky Pucks vs Dragons…the very new look Dragons were eager get some chemistry going while the jovial and always social Lucky Pucks were looking to continue the Holiday Spirit together! Oh and Karine Hebert was in nets for the Lucky Pucks and she was the early season Grinch and stole away everything the Dragons could throw at her as the Lucky Pucks had the offence working nicely. Lucky Pucks win 6-0.

Hells Belles vs Boomers….hell of a return for the Belles as it was double header night first night back from all the Xmas goodies consumed! The Boomers were ready to boom the shots as usual. This was a rematch of Fall Final that was just played before Xmas. This game was better! It was a great run and great fun! The Belles were up 2-1 after the first period and the same after a scoreless 2nd period. The Boomers tied it with 4-minutes remaining in the game, but the Belles potted the winner with 2-minutes left. Hells Belles win 3-2.

Killer Bees vs Hells Bells…everyone was asking where “The Veda" was!? No fears as she will be back. Santa still needed her for some workshop stuff.  And rumour has it she is still a Season Ticket Holder for certain men’s nights. But her Bees were missing in action and had to forfeit disappointingly. Hells Bells get the 5-0 gift.


What a fun Fall Session! See everyone in the Winter Session…starts Tuesday, January 8th!

November 27 Highlights: The Finals and 3rd seed Match!

Dragons vs Lucky Pucks…first up was the 3rd Seed Match. The Lucky Pucks were up 1-0 and 2-0 at the breaks. But in the 3rd a wild comeback from the Dragons breathed fire into the French Palace! 3-straight goals from the Dragons and they held on for the one goal win to take the 3rd Seed! Dragons win 3-2.

Boomers vs Hells Bells…the Finals was an intriguing match up. The music pumped up the teams for opening act and the Hells Bells were simply on fire in the first period with 6 beautiful goals. But the Boomers never say die! 0-0 2nd period showed the teams are pretty even and then the Boomers scored early in the 3rd to break Karine Hebert’s shut-out bid. The Boomers contined to work so hard to score more but were thwarted by great goaltending and only got one more. Hells Belles on the basis of that big first period are the Champions! Congrats!! Hells Belles win 7-2.

Fall 2018 Terrific Tuesday Winners Hells Belles. Congrats!

Everyone received a sample of Head & Shoulders Old Spice Pure Sport anti-dandruff shampoo which helps get rid of dandruff and does so with a manly Old Spice scent.

If you have Struts take a photo of you and some or all of your team with one sample only for submission to Head and Shoulders….you could win $300 for a team party at Ralph’s!

(staged or funny will give you a better chance of winning we are told…so for example one player (or all) with shampoo in her hair might do the trick!)

As Doug Gilmour said back in 1994 “you can’t hide under the helmet all the time"

Play clean!

John and Jason at the OBBHA

The Dragons entry!

Regular season ends on Nov 6 (play-off games will be posted in schedule section each week)

Nov 13 the 5th place team vs 4th place team: Killer Bees vs Dragons at 7:00pm

Nov 20 are the two semi-finals

Nov 27 is the final night with the Finals and the 3rd Seed game

November 20 Highlights: The semi-finals!

Winners to the finals 8pm and losers off to the 3rd Seed Match 7pm next week

Lucky Pucks vs Boomers (3vs2)…quite a game! The Boomers were up 5-1 after two periods and frankly the game looked over. But some motivational music must have done the trick as the Pucks scored 3 early 3 period goals to close it to a nail biting 5-4 game. It remained this way as the teams went up and down the floor trading chances. Finally a late Boomer goal put it away to secure a spot in the Finals. While the Lucky Pucks will play in the 3rd Seed Match next week. Boomers win 6-4.

Dragons vs Hells Belles (4vs1)…the Dragons had an excellent first period. They had the Belles on their heals a few times and seemed confident, However they were down 2-1 after all that effort. The Belles were the first place team all season for a reason…they are a veteran club that has much consistency in their game. So they just played their game and slowly took over. 3 goals in the 2nd for a  5-1 lead and then traded goals in the 3rd for a smart win to reach the finals once again. The Dragons much improved will vie for the 3rd Seed next week. Hells Belles win 6-2. 

November 13 Highlights: 

5th vs 4th elimination game to see who moves into next weeks semi-final with the other teams.

Killer Bees vs Dragons…this was appropriately wild and entertaining. The Dragons fired out to a 3-0 lead by the midway point of the 2nd period. But the Bees rallied and excited the crowd with 3 quick strikes before the period ended to send the game into the 3rd period all tied up 3-3. The Dragons poked in 2 early goals for a 5-3 pumped up lead. But the Bees still had some sting left as the once again came back to it 5-5 and send the game into overtime. 3-minutes into the extra period the Dragons scored the thrilling winner to qualify for next weeks semi-finals. Congrats to the Killer Bees on an excellent match and Fall Session. Dragons win 6-5 on OT.

November 6 Highlights: 

Boomers vs Lucky Pucks…the Pucks needed a win to stay away from next weeks sudden death 5vs4 play-off date. The game was tight for most of the game as it was Boomers up 2-1 in the 3rd until near the end they score a couple to pull away from the pesky Pucks. So the Pucks had to wait to see how the Killer Bees faired. Boomers win 5-3.

Dragons vs Killer Bees…the Dragons improved play continued. The Bees wanted a positive outcome as they needed just one win to take 3rd place and a bye into the semi-finals thus staying away from next weeks nail biting elimination 5vs4 match-up. The Dragons were pumped to go into that elimination game they were already penned in for on a winning feeling. The did! Dragons win 5-2.

Killer Bees vs Hells Belles… so now it came down to this game appropriately enough! A tie would not do it for the Bees. The needed the win and the 2 points. Then a wild thing happened! It was 0-0 in the 3rd period. Never in the history of the OBBHA in over 12,000 games had there been a 0-0 game. So the interest level for two huge stories was developing in the late game at the French Palace. The drama about goals ended early in the 3rd as the Belles scored and then up 2-1 the Belles scored a late insurance marker to force the Killer Bees into a killer elimination game next week with the Dragons. Hells Belles win 3-1.

October 30 Highlights: 

Lucky Pucks vs Killer Bees…ok enough about the fine goalies on the two teams. The players went hard tonight and at a fast pace. Well done everyone!! Lucky Pucks win 4-2.

Dragons vs Hells Belles…Dragons were in this for two periods down 4-1 but tired in the 3rd. Hells Bells win 8-2.

Boomers vs Dragons…Boomers had the slight edge in lungs as the Dragons were in the bottom half of their double header. 3-1 Boomers after the 2nd and then pulled away. Boomers win 6-2.

October 23 Highlights: 

Boomers vs Killer Bees…in a nut shell this was all about Veda Locknath in the Bees net. She was simply stellar as the Boomers collectively were shaking their heads after some of the saves by “The Vader". Killer Bees win 5-1.

Lucky Pucks vs Dragons…look out the Dragons are on fire in recent weeks! They are scoring and playing some very decent defence. Some say its the very fun play-list of songs that have changed their game…when they are singing and dancing they get some spring into their game. Tina was into in the nets too as she only gave up one narrowly missing out on her first ever shut-out. Dragons win 4-1.

Lucky Pucks vs Hells Belles…the Lucky Pucks did not run out of gas and played strongly right out of the gate in their 2nd game of the double header. The Belles played their usual high tempo game and this gave them a 5-2 2nd period lead. They played a smart 3rd period with the lead, but the Lucky Pucks never quit and closed to 5-3. Hells Belles win 5-3.

October 16 Highlights: 

Dragons vs Killer Bees…one Bee missing in the famous Veda, but the other famous one Ann-Marie was in her place. The Dragons Karen Veltri recently went with a shorter stick and score two huge goals. Finally at 3-3 Laurie Reinhart scored on a long shot late in the game for the Dragons. Tina Fragnito was solid in the Dragons net too. Dragons win 4-3.

Boomers vs Lucky Pucks…first of two for the Boomers. The Lucky Pucks were up 6-3 in the 3rd but the Boomers staged a very late rally for a dramatic tie. 6-6 tie.

Hells Belles vs Boomers…would there still be Boom left in game two for the Boomers? The Belles took a 2-0 lead and Karine Hebert looked unbeatable in the Belles net. The Boomers never let up even as their legs burned in game two. Down 3-1 after 2 periods the Boomers struck quickly early in the 3rd with 2 goals to tie things up at 3-3. It looked destined to stay that way but the Belles scored the heart breaker with 7-seconds remaining for the stunning win. Hells Belles win 4-3.

October 9 Highlights: 

Killer Bee’s vs Boomers…Boomers win 3-1

Hells Belles vs Lucky Pucks…Hells Belles win 4-2.

Dragons vs. Hells Belles…Hells Belles win 7-2.

October 2 Highlights: 

Boomers vs Dragons…goals in every period by both teams kept the fans interested in this one from start to finish. 3-2 and 6-4 period break leads for the Boomers who increased it to 8-4 in the 3rd before two late goals by the Dragons closed out the stat sheet. Boomers win 8-6.

Killer Bees vs Hells Belles…Killer Bees in the first match of their two for the night. A very well played and even match. Throw in a goalie battle between Veda Loknath of the Bees and Sarah Orovan in a guest appearance for the Belles. 1-1 after the first break and 2-1 Belles after two great periods. The Bees tied it up late for a very appropriate saw off. 2-2 tie.

Lucky Pucks vs Killer Bees…could the Killer Bees keep up to the pace in their second match of the night? The Lucky ones came out and tested the Bees by going out hard from the outset, but the Bees scored the only goal of the opening period that made the statement that their would be no Buzz Kill. In the 2nd the unlucky pucks scored but had it called back as it was kicked in and then quickly after that the Bees went up 2-0 in a big momentum shift. A late goal in the 2nd for the Bees made it 3-0 and the obvious buzz in the French Palace was whether or not Veda would get the much sought after shut-out?! Yes!! And some massive saves to preserve it…Dominic Hasek like saves!!! Killer Bees win 5-0.

September 25 Highlights: 

Boomers vs Helles Belles…the Belles came out on fire and built a 4-1 first period lead and good thing the did. The Boomers were coming on in waves and had many quality scoring chances but were either thwarted by Karine Hebert in the Belles net or missed the mark on many occasions. It was close at 5-3 at the end of the 2nd but the Belles scored the only two goals of the 3rd as the Boomers continued to play very well but missed the net even more in the final period. Helles Belles win 7-3.

Killer Bee’s vs Dragons…first of two for the Dragons and they were into it. They played well as did the Bees. The teams traded goals in the first period and the second period as that was it for the scoring. Tina an Veda were the stars of the game in a game that was as even as the score. 2-2 tie

Dragons vs Lucky Pucks…the Dragons had a slow start to begin their bottom half of their double header. Julie Villemaire scored and set up a beauty in the first minute of play to put the Lucky Pucks up for good 2-0 as they never looked back. The Dragons gave it their best but could not get the offence on track. Lucky Pucks win 8-3.

September 18 Highlights: 

Boomers vs Dragons….a wild 3rd period as most of the goals came then, The Boomers had the edge on offence, but the Dragons missed so many chances it could have gone the other way. Boomers win 10-6.

Hells Belles vs Lucky Pucks….the first game of a double header for the Lucky Pucks and it was a heavy run. Both teams moved the ball well and it was a quick paced match. The Lucky Pucks had a big surge late as they tired out the Belles who hung on for the win. Hells Belles win 6-3.

Lucky Pucks vs Killer Bees…the Lucky Pucks carried their late 3rd period charge into the opening period of their double header for a 2-0 lead and followed it with an even stronger 2nd period for a 5-2 lead. In the 3rd they were up 6-3 and then they tired which opened the door for a Killer Bees stinging comeback to tie it all up. 6-6 tie.

September 11 Highlights: 

Hells Belles vs Dragons…the Dragons were short a few fire-breathers. Though for the first period at 0-0 and the 2nd 1-0 for the Belles, the Dragons were right in this one. The 3rd the Dragons ran out of dragon-fire and Karine collected the shut-out. Hells Belles win 5-0.

Boomers vs. Lucky Pucks…another tight match until the 3rd. Boomers in the first game of their double head were tied 1-1 and up 2-1 at the breaks. In the 3rd they went up 5-2 and hung on for the win Boomers win 5-3.

Killer Bees vs Boomers…game #2 for the Boomers double fun. 1-1 first and the Boomers exploded in the 2nd for an insurmountable 4-1 lead. A closely played 3rd only revealed one one goal. Boomers win 5-1.

Opening Night for the Fall Session September 4th Highlights…Our 10th Season Anniversary!!

Hells Belles vs Boomers….Boomers win 8-3

Killer Bees vs Hells Belles…Hells Bells win 6-2

Lucky Pucks vs Dragons…Lucky Pucks win 7-4


What a great season! See everyone back in the Fall for the 10th Season of the OBBHA!

Highlights for April 10 Play-off revolver Game #3 of 3: (Last games! We will miss everyone until the Fall!!)

(3rd Seed Match) Dragons vs Killer Bees…the Dragon were excited to by vying for the 3rd Seed as they looked to continue their improved team play over-all. A goaltending battle between Veda and Stephanie was the focal point of this one. Finally tie up at 2-2 in the 3rd the Dragons breathed fire on the win. Dragons win 3rd Seed with a 3-2 win.

(5th Seed Match) Boomers vs Lucky Pucks…no matter what Seeding # for the game, both teams come to play every game the same way. With lot’s of fun and effort. Boomers win 5th Seed with a 7-3 win.

(Finals) Helles Belles vs Ninjas…It’s Equal Pay Day. Wear red to work if you’re done with women getting paid less than their male counterparts. It’ll symbolize just how far “in the red" women in the workforce remain. So it was appropriate the Final included the Helles Belles in their traditional red uniforms. It is simply exhilarating entertainment whenever these two teams meet up and even more so in a final. This game was simply amazing. With the Belles up 4-3 late in the 3rd period the Ninjas pushed hard to tie it all up, but Karine Hebert made some great saves and the Ninjas came inches from sending the game to a shoot-out. But the Belles hung on! Helles Belles win 4-3.

The Championship Helles Belles!

Highlights for April 3 Play-off revolver Game #2 of 3:

Killer Bees vs Lucky Pucks (Seeding Game)…the bees had some killer in them tonight as they stung 7 times to reach the 3rd Seed Match-up next week. Lucky Pucks will be involved in the 5th Seed game. Killer Bees win 7-2.

Boomers vs Ninjas (semi-final)…the Ninjas had trouble with the Boomers this years so were well prepared mentally for this one. The were up 4-0 after two periods, but the Boomers had the fans on the edge of their seats when they scored 3 times to close it to 4-3. But the Ninjas scored two late goals to place themselves into the Final, while the Boomers will be playing in the 5th Seed Match. Ninjas win 6-3.

Dragons vs Helles Belles (semi-final)…the Belles wanted another shot at the Finals. They played a stubborn Dragons team but pulled out a well played win to reach those Finals while the Dragons will play in the 3rd Seed Match. Helles Belles win 4-1.

Highlights for March 27 Play-off revolver Game #1 of 3:

(2vs1) Helles Belles vs Ninjas….both teams are guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals to follow. Helles Belles held a 1-0 lead after one period, but the Ninjas took over in the 2nd for a 4-1 lead and extended the advantage in the 3rd. Ninjas win 6-2.

(6vs3) Boomers vs Lucky Pucks…winner will play a semi-final vs the loser of the 2vs1, while loser will play two more consolation seeding games. Boomers had the offence working and their goalie Sarah Orovan on fire. With 1-0 and 3-0 period break leads the Boomers kept on moving with a 5-0 lead before the shut-out was broken by the Lucky Pucks. Boomers advance to the semi-finals with a 6-1 win. 

(5vs4) Dragons vs Killer bees…winner will play a semi-final vs the winner of the 2vs1, while loser will play two more consolation seeding games. A fun time had by all!! Great comradery as the teams traded nice play-making all game long. 1-1 after one and the Dragons were up one 3-2 heading into the final period looking for that semi-final berth.  And they hung on to that lead in a nail-biting defensive effort! Dragons win 3-2.

March 20 Highlights as meaningful games were played tonight to set up the match-ups for the 3-game play-off revolver:

Lucky Pucks vs Ninjas…Lucky Pucks keep 3rd place but Ninjas take first place with 7-3 win.

Dragons vs Boomers…Dragons surprise Boomers and tie two other teams ahead of them with close 3-2 win.         

Killer Bees vs Helles Belles…Helles Belles can’t keep first place as Killer Bees dance their way to the 80’s music and 4th place with 5-1 upset win. 

March 6 Highlights:

Killer Bees vs Ninjas…a most entertaining game! A spot dance song paid tribute to the Killer Bees…"Honey Bee" by the Supremes. And this seemed to give the Bees a bit of jump if not wings beneath their feet or something Bette Midler would say. The Bees held a 2-1 lead after one and then the Ninjas had a strong 2nd for a 5-3 lead. The 3rd was very fun with lots of goals and the Ninjas held on for the honey. Ninjas win 7-6. 

Helles Belles vs Dragons…the warm-up was dedicated to the Helles Belles with the appropriate AC/DC title. The Dragons got a little “Puff" in the first intermission. Oh and a little “Do The Hustle" by Van McCoy in the 2nd intermission. The Belles built a 4-0 first period lead and never looked back. Helles Belles win 11-0.

Boomers vs Lucky Pucks…the French Palace was the place to be as the tunes were popular on this night! Lucky Town for the Lucky Pucks and the “oh what a night" by the 4-seasons for a dance number. 1-1 after one and then the Lucky Pucks racked up some goals for a 6-3 lead heading into the 3rd. Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees was meant for the Boomers obviously…and they made it a 6-4 deficit but could not come closer. Lucky Pucks win 6-4

February 27 Highlights:

Dragons 4 vs Lucky Pucks  8

Ninjas 2 vs Helles Belles 4

Killer Bee’s 2 vs Boomers 8

February 20 Highlights:

Helles Belles vs Boomers…the Boomers have everyone’s attention to be sure! So the Belles played them with a prepared state of mind. 3-3 and 4-4 at the two period breaks. The Belles won the 3rd period but it was not easy and could have gone either way. Helles Belles win 7-5.

Killer Bees vs Lucky Pucks…unlucky Anne Pilon had to go in the Lucky Puck net for a couple of periods and back-stopped her team well enough to be only down 2-1. The Killer Bees pulled away in the 3rd for the two points. Killer Bees win 5-2.

Ninjas vs Dragons…the Dragons were game and gave the Ninjas a strong run. The Ninjas held the offensive advantage with their good hands and creative play-making they were forced to use as the Dragons covered well over-all. Ninjas win 9-1.

February 13 Highlights:

Lucky Pucks vs Helles Belles…the Lucky Pucks are getting better and better and gave the Belles a very good game. They kept the score low and even potted a couple of goals to keep the game in some doubt for quite some time. Helles Belles win 5-2.

Dragons vs Killer Bees…the Bees welcomed another new addition to the team (welcome Carla Barton) as Julie Proulx joined last week. The Bees played another strong game but the Dragons were on their own game and played their best game of the session so far. Dragons win 6-2.

Ninjas vs Boomers…could the Boomers proved another “upset" win over the top ranked team. Well they certainly proved they can play with them as for the 2nd time in a row a great game ensued. It was 4-4 after two even periods. Melanie Laverne was in the nets for the Boomers and was very strong between the pipes and wanted to shut the door down in the 3rd. The Ninjas scored late in the 3rd for a 5-4 lead but the Boomers tied it up with 2-minutes remaining. Great games between these two teams these days!! 5-5 tie.

February 6 Highlights:

Boomers vs Killer Bees…the Killer Bees are still recruiting but played one of their best games. The Boomers played well too but ran into the hot goaltending of Veda! A great pace to this one! Killer Bees win 10-5.

Helles Belles vs Ninjas…the match-up everyone keeps a close eye on. The Belles were missing a couple of regulars but they did seem to still have the chemistry that works so well for them. However the Ninjas had their offence working to stay just enough ahead. Ninjas win 8-5.

Lucky Pucks vs Dragons…a very close game for the nightcap. After a scoreless first period the teams exploded for 7 goals in the middle frame which left the Dragons up 4-3. The 3rd could have gone either way but the Dragons received some big saves from Stephanie Dagenais and won the period 2-1 for the victory. dragons win 6-4.

January 30 Highlights:

Ninjas vs Killer Bees…the Bees stayed close in the 1st only down 2-1. The Ninjas had a big 2nd for a 6-1 lead. But in the 3rd the Killer Bees stung, well like bees and made it close and were unlucky to not be even closer! Ninjas win 7-5.

Lucky Pucks vs Boomers…1-1 after one and 4-3 for the Lucky Pucks after two. The surprising Pucks continued their strong play in the 3rd against a solid Boomers team and gave the French Palace a surprising result! Lucky Pucks win 6-4. 

Dragons vs Helles Belles…the Dragons were the under-dogs and came up with determined effort. 1-1 after the opening run and they gained confidence against a talented Belles roster. The Belles took a 2-1 lead early in the 2nd and brought that one goal cushion into the final period. However in shocking fashion the Dragons shut the door behind great goaltending from Stephanie “Sugar" Dagenais and scored 3 straight goals for the upset win!!! Dragons…yes Dragons win 4-2.

January 23 Highlights:…and the first night with the periods added to the Live Streaming!

Dragons vs Ninjas…2-2 after one as the teams played an even period. In the 2nd the Ninjas flexed their offensive muscle with 4 straight goals for a 6-2 lead. A barrage of goals in the 3rd by both teams but the lead stood up for the Ninjas. Ninjas win 10-5

Lucky Pucks vs Killer Bees…an offensive out burst from the Lucky Pucks! They had 3-1 and 4-1 period break leads. The Bees adapted and played a great 3rd but could not score often enough although they had many chances. Lucky Pucks win 6-2.

Boomers vs Helles Belles…a high paced match. The Belles utilized the passing game better and this was the difference. The Boomers worked hard and covered well, but just needed to have a little more ball control with the passing plays. Helles Belles win 8-4.

January 16th Highlights:

Ninjas vs Lucky Pucks…both team featured rookie goalies as players came to the rescue and jumped in the nets. This made for a very entertaining high scoring game…make sure you enter in the stats lol! Ninjas win 11-7.

Helles Belles vs Killer Bee’s…the Bees are still working on their final roster but Veda in the nets was sensational. Check out the 3rd period in particular on the Live Stream replay. Helles Belles win 6-1.

Boomers vs Dragons…a tight one for the night-cap. Goaltending was great and the teams went at it with gusto from start to finish. Boomers snuck in 1-0 and and 4-1 period break leads and held onto the lead in the 3rd. Boomers win 6-2.

Another great season is underway, as mentioned by John, this season we have a couple of new initiatives to stimulate some positive vibes with the OBBHA.  

1. Stats ….Make sure to lobby your team captain or perhaps take the initiative to help him out in this task.

2. OBBHA Weekly Hockey Pool

Hockey experts, we got something for you!

In an attempt to create a buzz and raise funds to enable underpriviliged kids to play ball hockey, we came up with the following idea.

Why not create a weekly hockey pool, using the same concept as Pro Picks (Proline) where you have a chance to win every week!!

Every week, you have the chance to win a 50$ giftcard from Canadian Tire

  • 20$ (1 time fee) / pay John directly or send money transfer to “[email protected]
  • Submit your weekly picks before the deadline (5 minutes before first scheduled game on Saturday)
  • Pick the winner / 1 point per game
  • Tie breaker is “TOTAL GOALS of CBC Featured game of the week (Saturday 7pm)
  • 1 winner / per week (Most points)
  • Join anytime

Week 1 / Saturday January 20th Selection Form – Deadline 12:55 EST 

3. Live Streams

 All your games are available on the following link. 


Bigger, Better and Stronger in 2018, thanks to you guys and your efforts!


Boomers vs Ninjas….how about a wild affair with lots of goals and upset ending! Yes the first game was that! 1-1 after one and the Ninjas were up 5-4 after two. But the Boomers showed their stuff with some talent to boot! At 7-7 the Boomers scored the winner with just over a minute remaining 1:38. Boomers win 8-7.

Killer Bees vs Dragons…the Bees were missing a few from the nest but were up 2-1 and 4-3 at the breaks. The 3rd was scoreless, but both teams had chances. Killer Bees win 4-3.

Helles Belles vs Lucky Pucks….could their be a 2nd huge upset on opening night? Helles Belles were up 4-2 after one and then only 4-3 after two periods. It stayed 4-3 until late in the game. The Lucky Pucks had several glorious opportunities but were thwarted by incredible saves by Karine Hebert. The Belles scored 3 late goals as the Pucks pushed for the tying goal giving caution to the wind. Helles Belles win 7-3.