Thursday Blues

The first game back will be as soon as it is safe to play!

-We look forward to a full fun session!!


*The Winter Session faced the Covid-19 pandemic that ended our fun time at the French Palace in Mid-March.  We contacted the team captains and individuals on league built teams about the credits or money owed to the league. If you have not heard from your captain, please contact your captain or John “Struts" Struthers. We will be in touch in late July/early August as usual for the Fall Session. Stay safe and healthy! 

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2020 Winter Session, March 12

Falcons vs Blackbirds…Falcons win 3-2

Silver Bullets vs Twine Finders…Twine Finders win 4-2.

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2020 Winter Session, March 5

Blackbirds vs Silver Bullets…the hockey was great. Both teams know how to play and play well as a team. Teams teaming together grow women’s ball hockey in the best, most positive way and this attracts new players to the game. Be the best person you can be under any circumstance and this will serve you well in everything you are associated with including this league. 4-4 tie.

Falcons vs Twine Finders…two teams with short benches gave it all they had from start to finish. Amazing plays from players that tried passing to help with those tired lungs. 1-1 after one and 2-1 Falcons after two. The Falcons scored the key goal in the 3rd to get some breathing room if one could say that lol! Falcons win 4-2.

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2020 Winter Session, February 20

Blackbirds vs Twine Finders…Twine Finders win 4-1.

Silver Bullets vs Falcons…Falcons win 3-1.

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2020 Winter Session, February 13

Twine Finders vs Silver Bullets…in the first of two terrific games the first period ended in a 1-1 tie. The Twine Finders were up 2-1 after the 2nd period. In the 3rd period with the Twine Finders up 4-3 the Bullets hit the post with 2-seconds left in the game! Note that it was the 4th hit post for the Bullets who deserved a better fate! Twine Finders win 4-3.

Falcons vs Blackbirds…The Blackbird were up 1-0 and 2-1 at the period breaks as both teams were playing well. Then the Falcons tied it up on a beautiful goal by Laura Mazier (see upper right hand corner for the Instagram slider pic of the night for this great goal). Then the Falcons scored a fluky goal for a 3-2 lead. They continued to press for more but Veda Loknath shut the door (see upper right hand corner for Twitter slider pic of the night showcasing one of those key saves). Then with 8 seconds left in the the game the Blackbirds “Shoelace" Alex Sioulas’ shot from the point found the net for the tie. 3-3 tie.

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2020 Winter Session February 6:

Blackbirds vs Silver Bullets…(see upper right hand corner for Twitter and the Instagram sliders pics of the night from this match). The Bullets did not want a repeat of their opening game 9-1 loss to these same Blackbirds on this night. So they played a great game! 0-0 after one period and it was no paint drying periods as both teams had great chances and played a sound overall game. In the 2nd and 3rd periods the Blackbirds scored some goals and the Bullets would have kept up with them save for the Blackbirds spare goalie Val Jobin who was very good in her debut with them. Blackbirds win 5-1.

Falcons vs Twine Finders…an end to end game. Very entertaining with awesome goaltending at both ends from Liz Miller and Bridget Worry. The Falcons scored two early goals to stake a 2-0 lead and were up by 3 goals for a 4-1 lead late in the 2nd. The Twine Finders clawed back to within one goal, but could not tie it up. Falcons win 4-3.

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2020 Winter Session January 30:

Twine Finders vs Blackbirds…a very intriguing game on paper. The Twine Finders still have roster in flux, but always are very creative team with a solid structural game along with strong goaltending. The Blackbirds were in full flight last week hence the intrigue for this match-up. However after scoring 9 goals last week the Blackbirds were stymied by the Twine Finders defence and goalie Bridget Worry. The Twine Finders struck for 3 very quick goals late in the first period and that was the difference. (see upper right hand corner for Twitter slider pic of the night from this match). Twine Finders win 3-0.

Silver Bullets vs Falcons…the Bullets were looking for good effort tonight as they knew they would get a solid run in with the Falcons who pass and move well. This was an awesome and fun game! 0-0 after one period and 0-0 after two periods!. Heavy betting on who would score first was in full entertainment mode in the stands. After the Falcons captain Kate Richer missed on a penalty shot the Bullets scored first only to have the Falcon answer back with two quick strikes. The play of the game is featured in the Instagram pic is from this awesome game (see Instagram Slider on top right of this page and join!) Val Gies was on a break away but was thwarted by the Falcons goalie Liz Miller. After that the Falcon scored two late ones followed by a Bullet goal to close out the scoring. Falcons win 4-2.

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2020 Winter Session January 16:

Opening Night!

Blackbirds vs Silver Bullets…the two teams were pumped to get back playing after the fun Xmas Classic tournament. It was the Blackbirds that seemed to have the extra step. Blackbirds win 9-1.

Falcons vs Twine Finders…how about a rematch of last sessions Final?! The Twine Finders are an ever evolving team so its a different looking roster this time around. It looks like these two team love to play each other as once again the two teams both played well in a draw. 3-3


We turned the Thursday Blues night into
a fun and exercise filled night…it was a group effort! Thanks to everyone for
being good people and making everyone better for it! The Winter Session starts
Thursday, January 16th!


Highlights for Thursday, Dec 12 Final and 3rd Seed Match:

Twine Finders vs Falcons (Final)…two different teams in the Final from the last one! It seems the championship game turns into a classic that rival all the previous
amazing games that are called classics! This one saw the league built Twine Finders score the only goal of the first period and the veteran laden Falcons who have been OBBHA lovers for quite some time now, score the only goal of the 2nd period to leave the teams knotted up at 1-1 heading into the final period. The buzz in the French Palace was that OT would be needed. However the 3rd period saw the Twine Finder strike for two quick goals. First Missy Minor Penalty scored on a rocket from a long way out that curved and beat the Falcons Veda
Loknath who was subbing in for the big game. Then to make it 3-1 for the Twine Finders Kristen Miles teamed up with Ashley McManus for a pretty 2 on 1 goal.
The Falcons never say die and pushed back hard to make it 3-2 and just could not get that equalizer. Congrats to the Twine Finder for the Championship win
in their first ever season! See team championship picture on Tweet andInstagram Sliders at above right (Follow and Share for the next Winter
Session!). Twine Finders win 3-2.

Silver Bullets vs Blackbirds (3rd SeedMatch)…these two staged such a wildly entertaining Final last Winter that thereis anticipation that this 3rd Seed Match would offer some fine entertainment toend all the league play in the OBBHA for 2019. Both teams were on their game.
The Blackbirds scored the only two goals of the first period which was followed by a scoreless 2nd period. The Bullets tried hard to score, but Veda Loknath back with her main team was heroic if not completely focussed on the shut-out which she achieved in the last game of the season for league play in the OBBHA
overall until 2020. Blackbirds win 3-0.

Congrats to the Fall 2019 Thursday
Blues Champions The Twine Finders!

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2019 Fall Session Game #3 of the 3-game Play-off Round Robin (Followed by the Final and 3rd Seed Match) December 5:

Falcons vs Blackbirds…the Falcons were already through to next weeks Final and the Blackbirds needed a win to have any chance at defending their title. It was a game played at a great speed. The teams played to a well earned draw. 4-4 tie.

Twine Finders vs Silver Bullets…the Bullets needed an outright win to make the Finals while the Twine Finders could tie or win to do the trick. The Twine was intertwined with chemistry and they played extremely well in front of their very sharp goalie Bridget Worry who lost her shut-out bid in the final seconds of the game. The Twine Finders are into the Finals while the Bullets will vie for the 3rd Seed. Twine Finders win 5-1.

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2019 Fall Session Game #2 of the 3-game Play-off Round Robin (Followed by the Final and 3rd Seed Match) November 28:

Blackbirds vs Twine Finders…a huge game for the Twine Finders. They needed a win to stay alive in the hunt for a Finals berth. No worries in their net as Bridget Worry held the fort in the first period as the Blackbirds were coming in waves at her net. But she stymied the Blackbirds to scoreless first period. The Twine girls started to find their game and played an even 2nd and even held a 2-1 lead after it completion. The Twine Finders were the better team in the 3rd and slowly pulled away for the massive win. Twine Finders win 5-1.

Falcons vs Silver Bullets…both teams played an extremely good game. Not much to choose from in a very close match. In the end it was Veda in the Falcons net who was the difference as she posted the shut-out with several outstanding saves as the Bullets tested her. The Falcons bulged the twine twice in the 2nd for the only two goals of the game. Falcons win 2-0.

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2019 Fall Session Game #1 of the 3-game Play-off Round Robin (Followed by the Final and 3rd Seed Match) November 14:

Twine Finders vs Falcons…the tweet and instagram pic is from this awesome game. The Twine Finders finally filled their roster and they played an amazing first period up 2-0. They were using passing and creative play to keep the Falcons off balance. In the 2nd the Falcons changed their technical game from pure hustle and dump and chase to the passing style that was presented to them. This turned the game in their favour by scoring 2 to tie it up 2-2 after two period. Late in the game with not much to choose from the two teams as they both were using ball control and passing, which made for a wonderful match, the Falcons scored two quick goals for the win. Falcons win 4-2.

Blackbirds vs Silver Bullets…another amazing game. Great pace and great play-making. With the Silver Bullets up 3-1 late in the 2nd period the Blackbirds struck for two very quick goals to tie it all up 3-3 by periods end. In the 3rd there were many chances at both ends but they were near misses or Veda and Anne-Marie shut the door. A very appropriate 3-3 tie.

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2019 Fall Session November 7:

Blackbirds vs Falcons…battle of the feathered. Wings were wide open to embrace a good time and good game. The play clean initiative was once again a theme as Head and Shoulders once again promoted the OBBHA product with the fun pun. After last weeks Halloween player gifts everyone was sad there would be no games on Christmas Day! This was a lows scoring affair. Only 1-0 after two periods of play for the Falcons. But the game featured 3 goals in the final period and ended in a tie. See some of the action in the Tweet photo of the night (see top right for Tweet Slider to view). 2-2 tie

Silver Bullets vs Twine Finders…the Twine Finders found two more players full time! But alas they will make their debut next Thursday. Tonight the question would be if the Bullets could find the twine or the Finders own their own twine and bulge it on the other side. It was 1-1 after two period but then the Twine Finders exploded in the 3rd period for 4 goals including Melanie Bennett scoring a big go ahead goal early in that final period. See some of the action in the Instagram photo of the night (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). Twine Finders win 5-2. 

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2019 Fall Session October 31:

Halloween music and best of all Halloween treat bags for everyone as is tradition for the women in the OBBHA when Halloween falls on game night!

Twine Finders vs Blackbirds…the two teams are showcased in the Twitter Halloween photo of the night (see upper right hand corner for Twitter slider pic of the night). This was an excellent game. The passing was amazing and the goaltending second to none! Bridget Worry got the shut-out in the Twine Finders net, but their were two saves of the night. The top one was from Veda Loknath in the Blackbirds net. Words just can’t describe it, but the crowd reaction was a wild celebration from everyone in the French Palace. Simply wow! An honourable mention has to come from one of Veda’s defence…Cassidy Johnson pulled out a sure goal out from behind Veda that also had a wild reaction from the two teams and the fans. Great fun! Twine Finders win 3-0.

Silver Bullets vs Falcons…and these two teams were featured together celebrating Halloween in a must see Instagram photo that included River the Bullets team mascot (see upper right hand corner for Instagram slider pic of the night). The score did not matter as the teams played a fast paced fun game. River was quite well behaved for the record. Falcons win 7-1.

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2019 Fall Session October 24:

*Please share the following with all your OBBHA friends! Please copy and paste or share the link! To all players regardless of the night of your OBBHA Div!

**A beautiful thing happened at the end of tonight’s games…See the Game Recaps below for those great matches….Half of the Blackbirds and half of the Silver Bullets grouped together after their handshakes at the end of their game. They respectfully and peacefully carried out a group discussion regarding the OBBHA 4-F motto of Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Fair-play. While some who had difficulty with this were in their respective dressing rooms, the players that want to grow the women’s game and improve relations with all involved in the OBBHA women’s game and beyond cared enough to open a dialogue that was heartening to the core. If our future Parliament in our great city follows this example we will be well served! The gathering that is being written about is not something you see on an ongoing basis in life but perhaps should be! This will only make the future of the OBBHA game (and as mentioned, in other distinct leagues as well) be a better product for all to come and enjoy. Here is to this group of special women who are leading the way in not only the OBBHA, but in life!! Congratulations to you and to all who will benefit from this!!!!!!

Falcons vs Twine Finders…(see upper right hand corner for Twitter slider pic of the night from this match). The Twine Finders scored the only goal of the opening period. The Falcons the only goal of the middle period. In the 3rd the Twine was found twice by the Finders. Veda Loknath was the first star of the match in the Twine Finders net. Twine Finders win 3-1.

Silver Bullets vs Blackbirds…(see upper right hand corner for Instagram slider pic of the night from this game). The Bullets were down 3-1 late but scored two big goals including one via the penalty shot to tie it all up. Ginny Gregoire scored twice on rockets to punctuate the Bullets offence. 3-3 tie.

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2019 Fall Session October 10:

“Oh what a night" the song played! It was an awesome night of ball hockey!! Great games with great goaltending and great play-making. A good old time!!! The Beatles “Hello-Good-bye" song was the exit song as everyone left for Thanks Giving with good feelings and an appetite!

Falcons vs Blackbirds…a goalie battle. A pass happy battle. A fun clean battle all around! Put this in a bottle and sell it as the best the OBBHA product can be. See the Tweet pic and Instagram pic of the night for some closer looks at the Falcons net as the Blackbirds try to score on Chelsea Richer (see upper right hand corner for Instagram and Tweet slider). 3-3 tie 

Twine Finders vs Silver Bullets…pretty much the same as the game before. Rewind and play again! Great everything! Saves, Shots. Passes. With the Twine Finders up 2-1 they scored two to go up 4-1 late in the game. But the Bullets scored 2 just as quickly to close within one goal. In the final minute both teams had glorious chances to score but the goalies were just too good. You now know them by their first names. Veda! And Anne-Marie. Twine Finders win 4-3.

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2019 Fall Session October 3:

Blackbirds vs Twine Finders…the score was not indicative of the game and how it was played. The Twine Finders had a rookie in net forced into action as the were missing their starter, but played a great game. However the Blackbirds were on their game too as their captain ‘Shoelace" was back in the line-up and was impressive both on the floor and as a leader on the bench. The Blackbirds scored on their many chances while the Twine Finders were finding it hard to break through Veda Loknath in the Birds net. Blackbirds win 8-2.

Falcons vs Silver Bullets…the first period told the tale of the game. 4-0 Bullets as they raced out to that big lead. In the second the Falcons starting finding the top corners and closed it to 4-2. But the Bullets shut down the Falcons with sold defence and great goaltending. The Tweet and Instagram photos of the night show this (see upper right hand corner for Instagram and Twitter sliders). Silver Bullets win 6-3.

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2019 Fall Session September 26th:

Twine Finders vs Falcons…Bridget Worry was on her game and the Falcons could not solve her until the final moments of the game. The Instagram photo of the night (see upper right hand corner for Instagram slider) shows the Falcons on the attack with Worry taking the worries away for her team. Meanwhile the Twine girls found the 4 times for a surprising victory. Twine Finders win 4-1.

Blackbirds vs Silver Bullets…Another Bridget Worry story. In relief for Bullets she once again kept the opposition off the board until the final minutes of the game. However the Bullets were being thwarted by Veda Loknath as they put on some offensive pressure as seen in the Tweet of the night photo (see upper right hand corner for Twitter slider). They did get two by her so that late goal by the Birds did make an interesting finish. Gentle reminder for everyone on all teams that everyone should shake/bump hands after every game…if you have to leave early make an effort to call out to the other team and thank them for a fun game. Remember the OBBHA motto Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Fair-play. Silver Bullets win 2-1.

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2019 Fall Session September 19th:

Blackbirds vs Falcons…some speed and play-making was predicted for this game. The teams have created some wonderful ball hockey moments in the past so a full game of it was exciting the French Place faithful in advance. And it was as promised! A beautiful passing game and close. Veda Loknath, the now official photographer of the OBBHA Tweets and Instagram action shots you see, was working on her skills before the game as seen in the Tweet pic of the night (see upper right hand corner for Twitter slider). The game was tied 3-3 late when the Falcons made another wonderful long cross-crease pass for the winner. Nicely done everyone! Great fun! Falcons win 5-3.

Silver Bullets vs Twine Finders…the Bullets have a team system down pat so the Twine Finders would need to develop their own through the veteran leadership on the team. This match was scoreless through two periods. Twine Finders goaltender Bridget Worry is seen in the Instagram shot of the night keeping it that way (see upper right hand corner for Instagram slider).  The talking heads were murmuring about a first every 0-0 tie game in the history of the OBBHA (over 12,000 games) in a regular season game….well maybe one jinxed it as the Bullets scores in the first few seconds of the 3rd period to break the ice. But the Twine was Found by the Twine Finders for a tie game. From there the teams played very well and had a blast. 1-1 tie.

Highlights for Thursday Blues 2019 Fall Session September 12th:

Twine Finders vs Blackbirds…"Hot Girl Summer" by Megan Thee Stallion was the song of the night to go with the fun that was very much the focus from the OBBHA. Bianca used the song to embrace her passion for excellence. The music in the French Palace was used to sooth the players for the love of the game. The Blackbirds played their hearts out and they were full value for a shut-out win that Veda Loknath earned with several key saves. The Twine Finders worked hard and this bodes well for the future efforts. Blackbirds win 5-0. 

Silver Bullets vs Falcons…an anticipated match as the two teams are viewed to have speed and a well structured offensive attack. This ended up being the match of the night as both teams played extremely well and lots of laughter ensued. This is how the OBBHA product is meant to be played. Fun and exciting!  Twitter and Instagram pics of the night come from this night (see sliders for both on the upper right side of this page…or follow too!) The game came down to a 3-2 Bullets lead and the Falcons tied it up with the goalie pulled and only 6-seconds remaining on the clock. Great match! 3-3 tie.

Opening Night Highlights for Thursday Blues 2019 Fall Session September 5th

Have a look after each nights games for the Twitter and Instagram shots of the night featuring your favourite players throughout the season! (see sliders to your right of this website to click on for the photo and caption!) Or join to follow!

Falcons vs Twine Finders…the Twine Finders are the new look group of the night. The Falcons are back in similar feathers and an addition to the flock. The question would be show would bulge the twine more? But there were no worries in the net as Bridget Worry withstood an early onslaught from the Falcons and kept her team in it until they got untracked to keep the game close. It was 3-2 late for the Falcons and then finally they got the insurance marker late. Falcons win 4-2.

Silver Bullets vs Blackbirds…the Bullets were excited to get back at it after their fun run in the Winter play-offs. The defending champs were pumped to run and fun. The two teams that met in the wonderful and exciting Final last April (see below) were nicely paired up for the Opener this Fall. Once again a close game until late in the game as the Blackbirds scored a couple of late goals to put it away. But not before some close chances from the Bullets could have made things interesting. Blackbirds win 5-2.


What an amazing season! Great games. Everyone was getting better and better each game as well as getting in shape! Have a great summer. See everyone in the Fall! Cheers!

Thursday Blues April 25 Finals and 3rd Seed Match:

Strikers vs Falcons (3rd Seed Match)…the Falcons found there game on the last night. The Strikers took a ton of shots and the Falcons blocked quite a few of them lol! Falcons win 9-3.

Silver Bullets vs Blackbirds (Finals)…this was one of the most exciting games of the year in all of the OBBHA leagues Saturday through Thursday! It was well played in front of a capacity crowd in the French Palace. The Blackbirds scored the only goal of the first period and the only goal of the 2nd period for a 2-0 lead. Late in the game the Bullets scored two to tie it and force a 5-minute sudden death OT that was played 3 on 3 plus goalie (usually 4 on 4 plus goalie during regulation). In OT it went back and forth at a furious pace and the crowd noise was deafening. The Bullets had the best chance to end it in the final seconds of OT but just shot wide. So we were off to the 5-player shoot-out. It went 6 rounds and the Blackbirds went wild in celebration when they won it on a rifle shot to the top corner by one of their game heroes. Congrats to the Blackbirds for the Championship and to the Silver Bullets for being a part of this marvelous Final! Blackbirds win 3-2 in shoot-out.

Thursday Blues Winter Champs: Blackbirds:

Thursday, April 18 Highlights:

Blackbirds vs Strikers (semi-final)…the Strikers had a late arriving bench and the Birds took advantage of the slim pickings for a quick 2-0 lead. This was the difference as the Strikers came on strong once they had a full bench half way through the game. The Birds were up 4-2 late when the Strikers scored in the last minute to close to within one, but ran out of time. The Blackbirds are off to the Finals, while the Strikers will play in the 3rd Seed Match.  Blackbirds win 4-3

Silver Bullets vs Denim Turtles (5vs4 Elimination Game)…a very well played game to see who would meet up with the juggernaut Falcons right after. The Turtles were up 1-0 after one period and then it was 1-1 heading in to the 3rd. At 2-2 the Bullets scored a late winner to end the Turtles season. Congrats to the Turtles on a fun and well played season! Silver Bullets win 3-2.

Winner Elimination Game Silver Bullets vs Falcons (semi-final)…did the Bullets have anything left against the top club? Well they played stingy defence and the Falcons never could penetrate it much and when they did Anne-Marie in the Bullets net was never better! Then the Bullets took over jumping all over any errant Falcon passes and delivered the payload into the net. A bit of a shocker here! Bullets are in the Finals, while the Falcons will vie for the 3rd Seed next week. Silver Bullets win 7-2

Thursday, April 11 Highlights:

Silver Bullets vs Strikers…the Strikers secured 2nd place with a 9-4 win.

Denim Turtles vs Silver Bullets…the battle for home side advantage in next weeks 5vs4 elimination Game. So a preview of the big match to come. A tie or win would do it for the Bullets. However fatigue was a factor as the Turtles had the jump and leapfrogged into 4th place for the home advantage next week. Denim Turtles win 7-1.

Falcons vs Blackbirds…the battle of the Birds once again. The Falcons already have 1st locked up and the Blackbirds knew they had 3rd place and a meeting withe the Strikers in next weeks semi-final. Falcons win 5-0.

Thursday, April 4 Highlights:

Silver Bullets vs Denim Turtles…the Turtles were the headliner double header team of the night. A great fun game. Bottle this one for all to see! 2-2 tie.

Falcons vs Denim Turtles…the Turtles were full value for giving a full effort in game 2 on the night fro them. 0-0 after one and the tight game continued into the 2nd. Finally deep into the middle frame the Falcons broke the deadlock 1-0 and made it 2-0 by periods end. The Falcons took advantage of the tiring Turtles in the 3rd to pull away for the victory. Falcons win 6-2.

Blackbirds vs Strikers…the Blackbirds scored just seconds into the game for the quick 1-0 lead. From there lots of goals and end to end action. The Blackbirds were down 4-3 after two breaks and 5-4 deep into the 3rd when they scored two quick one for a 6-5 lead. The Strikers tied it up 6-6 with about 3-minute remaining. Great night-cap game! 6-6 tie.

Thursday, March 25 Highlights: all great close games!!!!

Silver Bullets vs Strikers…a great match-up to begin the first night after the break. And it was well played! A pair of goals in the first period for the Strikers and two for the Bullets in the 2nd was the goal scoring summary. 2-2 tie.

Blackbirds vs Denim Turtles…first of the double header for the Blackbirds. Doubly tough after the extended March Break! Another tight match following the first hour of entertainment. A 1-1 first period. The Birds scored a key goal in 2nd for a 2-1 lead. Early in the 3rd the teams traded goals that left the Birds up 3-2 and set the stage for the rest of the game. In the final minutes there were chances on both sides but no more goals were scored. Blackbirds win 3-2. 

Falcons vs Blackbirds…fresh vs seasoned or tired? Tired yes but a valiant effort from start to finish for both birds!! 1-1 after one and the winner was scored in the 2nd by the Falcons. The 3rd was frantic but no goals were scored. Falcons win 2-1.

March Break

Thursday, March 7 Highlights:

Strikers vs Silver Bullets…The Bullets were on the slate for two. The Strikers looked to continue to improve their game. A late 5-5 game had everyone watching intently when the Bullets shot in the winner. Silver Bullets win 6-5.

Silver Bullets vs Denim Turtles…reload the gun and make sure the you get a clean shot away was the focus for the Bullets in their second game of the night. This time a late 3-3 tie went the other way on the Bullets as the Turtles scored the late winner. The Turtle goals were the result of some very nice pass plays. Denim Turtles win 4-3.

Blackbirds vs Falcons…the focus was to play the fast paced OBBHA style game with respect. The Game Manager worked hard to enforce this however it should be the players that embrace this beautiful game. Falcons win 5-1.

Thursday, February 28 Highlights:

Falcons vs Strikers…who would strike first in the Strikers first of two on this night!?  The Strikers struck first with a 2-0 lead. The Falcons slowly worked it back to 2-2 before getting the back-breaking winning goal with 1:27 remaining in the match. Falcons win 3-2.

Strikers vs Denim Turtles…strike two for the Strikers? Strikers win 8-4. The Strikers were well pumped for this one and started out strongly with a quick lead they never relinquished. Veda in her middle game of 3 in the net made a sparkling diving save that had the crowd roaring. Chelsea Richer of the Strikers broke an OBBHA record with a quick two goal burst just 3-seconds apart to achieve the notoriety of the fasted two goals by one player. She added another later to record the hat-trick. Strikers win 8-4.

Blackbirds vs Silver Bullets…could the birds duck the bullets or was there a silver lining? Chelsea Richer joined Veda and several others for a triple header…but this time in the net. Nadia of the Blackbirds scored all 3 of her teams goals and may have had another but it was hidden under Chelsea’s goalie pad and was it inconclusive as to whether it crossed the goal line. The Blackbirds were down 3-2 late but tied it with 1:27 left (ironically as per the last big goal in the opening game tonight). They hit the post late and had the fans dancing thinking it was in, but alas it stayed on the line yet again under Chelsea’s goalie pads. 3-3 tie.

Thursday, February 21 Highlights:

Falcons vs Silver Bullets…

1st: 2 to 0 Falcons

2nd: 2 to 3 Falcons

Final: 4 to 4 

Denim Turtles vs Falcons…

1st: 0 to 2 for Falcons

2nd: 1 to 4 Falcons

Final: 2 to 6 Falcons

Blackbirds vs Strikers…

1st: 0 to 1 Strikers 

2nd: 0 to 2 Strikers

Final: 1 to 2 Strikers 

Thursday, February 14 Highlights: The place to be for Valentines Day Night! Swag for everyone!!

But Truly the highlight of the of the night occurred just before the Falcons game as Marva Major had the yummiest Valentine show up with personal swag that had the Falcons, Denim Turtles and the fans applauding their approval as “love is in the air" that was played in honour of the moment. “Silly Little Love Song" was a hit as were several other old time hits that brought smiles to the French Palace lovers on this special night.

Denim Turtles vs Silver Bullets…The Turtles played their collective shells off and were full value for a well passed win! Denim Turtles win 5-1.

Denim Turtles vs Falcons…the Turtle in the 2nd half of their twin bill could not keep up with the Falcons fresh legs and speed. Falcons win 8-1.

Strikers vs Blackbirds…game of the night in the night-cap. Great momentum shifts along with end to end action had the fans and players engaged from start to finish. The result was appropriate. 4-4 tie

Thursday, February 7 Highlights: Can you say Parity!

Strikers vs Silver Bullets…The opening game of the night set the tone! It was fun and back and forth! The fans enjoyed watching this one and some stayed the entire night to watch all three it was so amazing. In this one it was 4-2 Bullets late but the Strikers scored two late goals to tie. The tying goal was a blistering shot from the point by Missy that Veda got a little bit of, but the ball had a spin on it and at rolled back off off the post it spun right into the net! 4-4 tie

Denim Turtles vs Blackbirds…..first of two for the Blackbirds who were on the slate for the double header tonight.This one looked like it would end 4-4 but the Blackbirds scored in the final minute to steal this one! 5-4 Blackbirds.

Blackbirds vs Falcons….the fresh Falcons knew they wanted to come out with a quickened pace to see how the Blackbirds would fare in the bottom half of their twin bill. The Blackbirds were up 3-1 and 3-2 at the period breaks as they relied on a very good start. But in the 3rd they tired and the Falcons came on strong to tie. 3-3 tie. 

Reminder no games January 24 nor January 31…action returns February 7

Thursday, January 17 Highlights:

Strikers vs Falcons….how would the new look Strikers fair vs the top ranked team? A close 1st period as the Falcons held a 1-0 lead. The Strikers were able to tie the 3rd period 1-1…but it was an explosive 2nd period for the Falcons offence. Falcons win 6-2.

Denim Turtles vs Strikers….the Strikers were looking for energy for the bottom end of their double header. The Turtles needed to have a strong start. They did and held a 1-0 lead after one period. This would be an important goal as the teams tied the 2nd 2-2 and played a scoreless 3rd period. Denim Turtles win 3-2.

Silver Bullets vs Blackbirds…this one had the French Palace faithful intrigued before the game even started. Two teams with speed and tenacity. The Blackbirds broke out their new white jerseys after premiering their black version last week. The White Blackbirds took an early 2-0 lead and the crowd was into it. The Bullets played a great 2nd period and closed it to 2-1. In the 3rd it was 3-2 Blackbirds and the got the insurance marker late with about 2-minutes left for the win. Blackbirds win 4-2. 

A Huge Thursday Blues Welcome Back for the 2019 Winter Session!

Thursday, January 10 Opening Night Highlights:

Silver Bullets vs Falcons…rematch of the Fall sessions Finals andhow a about a double header for the defending champions to see how much they really did in indulge in the Xmas excesses! The Bullets fresh from a finals appearance in the Xmas Classic tournament came out strong and held a 1-0 leads after two periods. The Falcons were up 2-1 late and seemingly to victory, but the Bullets rallied to tie in a very well played and exciting match. 2-2 tie

Falcons vs Denim Turtles…the Turtles were up to see each other and their was a buzz in the French Palace! The Falcons concentrated on quick changes as they were feeling the test of endurance to be sure! The Falcons were up 2-0 and 4-0 at the breaks. Then in the 3rd the Turtles put in 2 to make it interesting but ran out of time as the Falcons emptied their tank. Falcons win 4-2.

Strikers vs Blackbirds…the Strikers are a new team with a bit of the old Indies flavour. The Blackbirds were pumped to be back! The Strikers are chalk full of goalies but their starter was MIA. So ‘Lindsey Vergette’ made her OBBHA debut in the Strikers net and was awesome!. The Strikers were up 2-0 and 3-1 to subdue an unusually quiet Blackbirds crowd. The two teams traded goals in the final period. Congrats to the Strikers for their first ever OBBHA win! Strikers win 4-2.


Great season everyone! Amazing fun!! See everyone back it on Thursday, January 10.

Thursday, December 6 Finals:

7pm (3rd Seed Match) Evergreens vs Denim Turtles…HISTORY! HISTORY IS MADE! Even before the Finals a capacity crowd on both sides of the benches were cheering on their favourites. And they witnessed history as bonus. It is well documented that in 10 years and close to 13,000 games in the OBBHA that no game ever ended 0-0 after regulation time. Finally on this night in this game it happened. Two goalies will forever be remembered. Evergreens (next session to be known as the Blackbirds) had Veda Loknath and the Turtles had Sarah Orovan. Close calls many times and to add to the drama Sarah stopped a penalty shot and Veda made several unreal sprawling saves in a wild scramble sequence in front of the net that had the fans on their feet cheering! So OT was needed….and another record! Two seconds into the OT the Evergreens scored! Great fun! Evergreens win 1-0. 

8pm (Finals) Silver Bullets vs Falcons…The final had drama too! The Falcons scored the only goal of the first period on a long shot that found the corner. In the 2nd the Bullets were the only team to score and they did on a close in the play at the net that went in just under the cross bar. At 1-1 in the 3rd their were rumblings in the crowd about another OT, but the Falcons scored 3 late goals as they just kept up the hustling pace to take the Championship. Congrats to both on a great Final. And to the Falcons for showcasing a clean, skilled and crisp game of ball hockey all season for all to aspire too in the OBBHA! Congrats Falcons!! Falcons win 4-1.

Congrats to the Fall 2018 Champions The Falcons:

November 29 Highlights: The semi-finals! -and they were both great!

Silver Bullets vs Denim Turtles…1-1 after one period. The Turtles held a 3-1 lead in the 2nd but the Bullets roared back to tie 3-3 before the end of the period. No goals in the 3rd so it was off to the 5-player shootout round. It went 7 rounds! The Bullets one it 3-2 and are off to next weeks Finals while the Turtles will vie for the 3rd Seed. Silver Bullets win 4-3.

Evergreens vs Falcons…rookies vs veterans. Same style with some bumps along the way that were called and in the end the teams adjusted to the no-contact rules. The Falcons were up early 2-0 and then potted a 3rd goal in the 2nd for a 3-0 lead. The Evergreens excited their large crowd by scoring early in the 3rd to make in closer. The teams worked so hard in this game and everyone was exhausted at the end of this really great run. The Falcons are off the Finals again while the Evergreens continue their impressive first season with a 3rd Seed Match next week. Falcons win 3-1. 

Nov 22 the 5th place team vs 4th place team:

Indies vs Evergreens at 7:00pm…ticket sales were brisk and the French Palace was expected to be jam packed with Evergreen faithful. The flu bug was rumoured to be running rampant through the Evergreens sqaud most notably their captain. The Indies kept their starting goalie (choice of 3) a secret from the press as this would be a key ingredient for any success for the Indies. “The Veda" was a given in the Evergreens net and everyone knew she would be focussed despite the huge crowd…a factor she has grown accustomed to playing in front. In fact she has flourished under these circumstance and has become a fan favourite as a result. So on to the game! Winner moves on to the semi-finals while the losers cool their engines until January. Due to perfect circumstances or not….the Indies goalies were unable to make it. So they played 5 on 4. There has been significant debate and results of games that show no advantage either way for this unique style of play. Hence a very tight game ensued. 0-0 after one and 1-1 after two. The teams seemed destined for OT but the Evergreens scored the winner with 1:34 remaining to a great sigh of relief from their fans. Congrats to the Indies on a great season as they improved right to the end….see you in January! Evergreens win 3-2.

 The Evergreens and just some of their fanatical fans! The French Palace loudest fans!!

Regular season ends on Nov 15 (play-off games will be posted in schedule section each week)

Nov 22 the 5th place team vs 4th place team: Indies vs Evergreens at 7:00pm

Nov 29 are the two semi-finals

Dec 6 is the final night with the Finals and the 3rd Seed game

November 15 Highlights:

Indies vs Falcons…it was expected that the Indies would start their goalie with the Falcon kryptonite. The Falcons were eager to try their luck once again. But it was not the famous Bridget Worry in the net it was the new kid on the block Torianna Maguire who was stellar for this match anyways! The Indies had some offence to bring too, but came up just short. The Indies will be in the sudden death 5thvs4th seed elimination game next Thursday at 7pm while the Falcons get the bye into the semi-finals in 2 weeks. Falcons win 5-3

Evergreens vs Denim Turtles…a win by the Evergreens and they would avoid next weeks sudden death elimination game vs the Indies. Now note that the Tuesday league 5vs4 two nights ago was a wild OT tilt (have a look at that Game Recap for the exciting report on that). A tie would still put who plays the Indies next week in doubt as the Turtles were the team slated for tonight’s double header. A Turtle win would catapult them into an automatic berth for the semi-final in two weeks. The Turtles were not slow out of the gate going up 2-0 very quickly, but the Evergreens tied it up 2-2 by the end of the 1st. The Greenies took a 3-2 lead early in the 2nd and then the Turtles started scoring late for a 5-3 lead heading into the 3rd period. The teams traded a goal each to send the Turtles into the semi-finals in 2 weeks and the Indies into the big elimination game next week. Denim Turtles win 6-4.

Denim Turtles vs Silver Bullets… the Bullets were in waiting as well to see if the Turtles needed to come out flying for points. So it ended up these two teams were already through to the semi-final so they played the game for love and as a prelude to their semi-final as they are slated to meet! So the first Turtles game was no fluke…they were simply on fire tonight! Denim Turtles win 6-3.

-Everyone received a sample of Head & Shoulders Old Spice Pure Sport anti-dandruff shampoo which helps get rid of dandruff and does so with a manly Old Spice scent.

If you have Struts take a photo of you and some or all of your team with one sample only for submission to Head and Shoulders….you could win $300 for a team party at Ralph’s!

(staged or funny will give you a better chance of winning we are told…so for example one player (or all) with shampoo in her hair might do the trick!)

As Doug Gilmour said back in 1994 “you can’t hide under the helmet all the time"

Play clean!

John and Jason at the OBBHA

November 8 Highlights:

Falcons vs Denim Turtles…the Turtles wanted points from this game to stay away from a potential elimination game is 2 weeks featuring the 5vs4 match up on Nov. 22nd. The Falcons had a 2-0 lead after the first break but the Turtles rallied to tie 2-2, but a late Falcons goal made it 3-2. The 3rd was exciting but no goals were scored. Great effort though from the Turtles vs a top team. Falcons win 3-2.

Evergreens vs Silver Bullets…the Evergreens were in even more need for points to stay away from that elimination match. They had two chances at it tonight with their final double header of the session. The Bullets scored the only goal of the first while the Evergreens tallied the only marker in the 2nd. The 3rd was played well with speed on both sides. The Evergreens perhaps scored their most important goal in franchise history in the 3rd for the win! Evergreens win 2-1.

Indies vs Evergreens…the night cap was difficult to predict in advance. None of the OBBHA pundits could even hazardous a guess so it was just game on! The Evergreens knew more points would help them for next weeks final regular season game with the turtles next week. The had the heart, but did they have the legs and lungs? Torianna Maguire made her debut in the Indies net and was impressive. Veda Loknath in the Evergreens net wanted to win the goalie battle and get the win so that they only need a win (a tie does not guarantee anything) next week to advance to the semi-finals and stay away fro the nail-biter game. 0-0 after one ad 1-1 after 2. The Greens scored 2 for a 3-1 lead then the Indies made it 3-2 to set up a nervy finish. The Evergreens held on for the double header win! Evergreens win 3-2.

November 1 Highlights:

Indies vs Denim Turtles…this all Sarah Orovan in the Turtles net for her 2nd career OBBHA shut-out. The Indies played well but could not break the Orovan 0. The Turtles #1 line of Sandra Kari and Liz Rodgers were on fire and buzzed all night with their electric play! Denim Turtles win 4-0.

Falcons vs Evergreens…the first of two for the Falcons. The Evergreens were in this game and only down 3-2 heading into the final period. Some bounces went the Falcons way to enable them to pull away. Falcons win 6-2. 

Falcons vs Silver Bullets…always an interesting match-up. The Falcons are in shape but its still hard to make good plays all the time in the bottom half of a double header. The Bullets were aware of this and looked for counter attack opportunities. The Falcons were simply on their game all night in the end, but the Bullets had a strong 3rd winning it 2-0. Falcons win 5-3.

October 25 Highlights: A Night fit to be tied!

Evergreens vs Denim Turtles…a great game. The Evergreens scored early and the goal was the only for the game until the 3rd period. The Turtles scored 2 quick early in the 3rd only to have the Evergreens tie it up soon after. The teams traded late chances but the goalies stood tall. 2-2 tie.

Indies vs Falcons…Bridget Worry got the start for the indies so that there would be no worries in the Indies net. The prediction was that the Falcons would tilt the floor, but as they did have plenty of shots and opportunities and took an early 1-0 lead that held up until the 3rd period…the Indies played one of their best structured games yet and tied it up 1-1 mid-way through the final period. The French Palace fans were now on the edge of their seats as the Falcons turned up the pace to try and win it. The Indies matched the pace and work ethic as Worry held the fort. 1-1 tie.

Silver Bullets vs Indies…The Bullets scored first mid-way through the opening period but the Indies in their 2nd game tied it up late in the first for a 1-1 tie. The Bullets scored twice in the 2nd and the 3-1 lead. Indies were quite tired in the 3rd but had chances that were denied by Anne-Marie Buisson in the Bullets net until finally they broke through and rallied for two!. Quite the effort from the Indies on this night!! 3-3 tie.

Remember no games Oct 18…see you on Oct 25th!

October 11 Highlights:

Denim Turtles vs Indies…the Indies just exploded on offence to set all time high franchise records for goals in a period…5 in the opening period and 9 in total despite not scoring at all in the middle period. Indies win 9-2.

Silver Bullets vs Falcons…a very well played game and exciting to watch. Both teams hopefully know these are the games we play the game for. Close and not too much to choose from for predicting any kind of outcome. A one goal game that the crowd was hoping would end in a tie as both teams deserved praise for their efforts. Falcons win 2-1.

Evergreens vs Silver Bullets…no score after one. The Evergreens scored in the 2nd as the fans went their usual crazy for the goal. The Bullets were tired for the 2nd game of two but still worked their tails off. 2-0 Evergreens until late in the 2nd the Bullets scored and then in the 3rd tied it up. 2-2 tie.

October 4 Highlights:

Indies vs Evergreens…a pre-turkey crowd was expected to arrive hungry for action. They were appreciative and polite but not as boisterous as usual. The Evergreens themselves were on their game as the Indies gave them a game but could not keep up on the scoreboard though. Evergreens win 7-3.

Denim Turtles vs Silver Bullets…a tough slate for the Turtles facing the top two teams in their double header. A great effort by both teams and at 5-5 the Bullets scored the winner with 1:27 left. Silver Bullets win 6-5.

Denim Turtles vs Falcons…talons were out for turkey and a win let alone turtles. This was by far the fastest game in terms of pace. The Falcons scored a goal a period. Everyone in this game deserves seconds at Thanks Giving Dinner! Falcons win 3-0.

September 27 Highlights:

Indies vs Silver Bullets…1-1 after the first and 2-1 Bullets after the 2nd. No goals in the 3rd. A goalie battle to be sure as Anne-Marie Buisson in the Bullets net and Bridget Worry in the Indies net put on a show for the 2nd week in a row going head to head. A pleasure to watch these two weave their magic. Silver Bullets win 2-1.

Denim Turtles vs Evergreens…first ever double header for the Greens. Two fun fan bases were in attendance cheering on their teams made it an even more fun festival atmosphere. The Turtles scored the only goal of the opening period and the only goal of the 2nd. in the 3rd the Turtles potted a pair and Sarah Orovan finally collected her long sought after shut-out! Congrats!! Denim Turtles win 4-0. 

Evergreens vs Falcons…a tough team to face in their second game as the Evergreens knew the Falcons would bring speed and structure to the match.The Falcons a little older and wiser vs the young, speed and learning Evergreens….but the similarity is both teams run fast and extremely hard in a more soccer style game. This breathtaking pace left the teams tied 0-0 after one but eh Falcons scored a pair in the 2nd for a 2-0 lead. in the 3rd the Falcons pulled away and the Evergreens broke the shut-out bid late in the game. Falcons win 6-1.

September 20 Highlights:

Falcons vs Evergreens…it was a late arriving crowd but they came in and filled the French Palace again and created an intimidating atmosphere for the visiting Falcons who are the defending champs. The Evergreens rode with emotion and used a fast paced running game for 3-2 and 4-3 period break leads. With the score knotted up 4-4 late in the game the Falcons broke the crowds hearts with a winner with 33-seconds remaining on the clock. Falcons win 5-4.

Silver Bullets vs Indies…the Bullets were in the docket for tonight’s double header. This was a titanic goaltender battle as Anne-Marie Buisson in the Bullets net and Bridget Worry making her OBBHA debut were looking to make history…never has there been a 0-0 tie final in over 12,000 OBBHA games. So at 0-0 late in the second the buzzing started but with 1:10 left in the 2nd the Bullets popped the bubble. And that was it! no more goals. So close to history!!! Silver Bullets win 1-0.

Denim Turtles vs Silver Bullets…the Turtles were hoping the Bullets would be tired like…well turtles for their bottom end of their double header. The Indies had given the Bullets all they could handle and now more was being asked from them. Sandra Kari opened the scoring for the Turtles putting the Bullets on their heels and wondering if they would be on the opposite end of a tight game. Then the turtles score 2 quick goals 30-seconds apart midway through the 2nd for a 3-0 lead. In the 3rd Sarah Orovan for the Turtles was working on the shut-out, but the Bullets broke the shut-out and then made thing interesting by closing to within 3-2 with 3-minutes left in the game. The Bullets were pumped now and came on strong to get the equalizer…but the Turtles hung on for a nail-biting one goal win. Denim Turtles win 3-2. 

September 13 Highlights:

Silver Bullets vs Evergreens…the fans came out of the forest to once again create that ever-fun atmosphere in the French Palace. The Bullets enjoyed the festival and the Evergreens will to run hard and hustle on every play. However the Bullets have the veteran know-how to side-step the fore-check and make fine passing plays. The Bullets had to sweat to make those smart plays. And they know its a matter of time before the Evergreens begin to figure it all out. Silver Bullets win 6-1. 

Indies vs Falcons…the first of two for the Indies. The veteran Falcons were able to use their skilled passing to their advantage as the Indies came on strong with a full bench that worked hard each and every shift. It was a tight first period that ended 2-1 Falcons who the extended the lead to 5-2 heading into the final period. The Falcons played a smart 3rd period to preserve the victory. Falcons win 7-2.

Denim Turtles vs Indies…the 2nd half of the Indies double-header. The Turtles were ninja-like in the 1st period going up 4-1. In the 2nd the Indies played extremely well and closed the gap to 4-2 while their goalie Anne Shoemer, aka Hevan, shut the door. In the 3rd the Turtles go a huge goal to make it 5-2 while the Indies came on strong. Denim Turtles win 6-2. 

Opening Night Highlights for the Fall Session September 6th…Our 10th Season Anniversary!!

Indies vs Evergreens…with a capacity crowd jammed to the rafters in the French Palace on Evergreens side the Indies new revamped line-up had some die-hard fans but know they have to step up the season ticket drive. The new girls in town meshed well together and held a 3-0 lead heading into the 3rd period. The Evergreens signed a veteran goalie in Veda Loknath and she had the Evergreen faithful roaring as she made save after save. Finally the Indies broke through and their noise level rivaled the new crowd. Way fun! Evergreens get first franchise win 4-2.

Silver Bullets vs Falcons…this was a well played match and turned into a goalie battle. In the end the first star was Bullets veteran net-minder Anne-Marie Buisson who earned a tough and rare OBBHA shut-out! Silver Bullets win 2-0.

Falcons vs Denim Turtles…2nd half of the Falcons double header and the desperately wanted to score. They did early to take the pressure off. The Turtles got off to a slow start no pun intended…as they are new team looking to build some chemistry. In her 3rd start of the Veda Loknath was the Iron Woman of the night and to boot pulled off an unlikely heroic shut-out!! Falcons win 6-0.


What a great season! See everyone back in the Fall for the 10th Season of the OBBHA!

Note we offered a short Spring Session like we do for the men…but not enough interest…we will offer it every year just in case.

Here are the match-ups for the Newbie Blue & True Blue Div Finals and 3rd Seed Matches on Thursday, April 19

(Newbie Div 3rd Seed) Indies vs Silver Bullets…a very fun time with lots of laughter! 3-0 and 4-0 for the Bullets at the breaks. In the 3rd the ever populur Cassidy of the Indies broke the shut-out and a little dance that brought out the smiles and good cheer in the French Palace. The Silver Bullets win 5-1 and the 3rd seed.

(Newbie Div Final) Boomers vs Falcons…a tight match with tons of speed and play-making. A very worthy final! The Falcons scored the only goal in what was a goalie battle as chances were aplenty. The Falcons also scored the only goal of the 2nd for a 2-0 lead. Early in the 3rd the Boomers scored to narrow the gap to 2-1 and came on strong to try and tie it. However the Falcons potted to late markers to put away the championship. Congrats to the Falcons who win 4-1.

Newbie Champs The Falcons:

(True Blue Div Final)  Red Jays vs Nordiks…the Jays came out gunning for goals and had the Nordiks on their heals a bit early in the first period. But Whitney in the Nordiks stopped everything then and all game. The Jays played well despite the final score. The Newbie players waiting to play the next game or hanging out to watch the start were extremely impressed with the talent and the play-making! Congrats to the Nordkis who win the Championship 7-0.

True Blue Champs Nordiks:

(True Blue A-Div 3rd Seed) Black Panthers vs Sonics…a great way to end the season with a fun run for everyone in the nightcap!! Thanks for this! Sonics win the 3rd Seed with a 7-2 victory.

Thursday Women Blues April 12 Highlights:

Game 3 of the 3-game play-off round-robin to see who goes into the Finals and who plays in the 3rd seed Match for both Divisions:

Newbie Blues Div:

Falcons vs Boomers…a preview to next weeks Newbie Blues Final. The Falcons slowly pulled away and once up kept the lead safe. The Boomers scored late to ruin the shut-out bid. Falcons win 6-1.

Silver Bullets vs Indies…another preview game, this one for next weeks 3rd seed match-up. A close game until late in the 3rd when the Bullets pulled away. Silver Bullets win 6-2.

Jersey day for Humboldt supported by the OBBHA Silver Bullets…nicely done!!

True Blues Div:

Red Jays vs Black Panthers…Karine Hebert made her guest appearance in the Panther net and kept the game scoreless through the opening period. The Red Jays kept on coming and finally broke the bubble in the 2nd period. The Panthers keep improving and played exceptionally well and were unlucky not to score more. Red Jays win 6-1.

Nordiks vs Sonics…Sonics needed to win to make the finals while the Nordiks were already with a ticket to next weeks dance final. The Nordiks had a slight advantage in the passing game but the Sonics played inspirational ball hockey to make it a good game…a very good game! It was 4-3 Nordiks deep into the 3rd when the Nordiks capitalized for some late goals. Nordiks win 7-4.

Thursday Women Blues April 5 Highlights:

Game 2 of the 3-game play-off round-robin to see who goes into the Finals and who plays in the 3rd seed Match for both Divisions:

Newbie Blues Div:

Falcons vs Silver Bullets…some great plays and both teams played hard so not much to choose from. The goalies were simply fantastic in this game. Frustration was prevalent at times perhaps at the 0-0 score, which by the way has never happened for a final score in the OBBHA in over 12,000 games in the 9 years of play in both men’s and women’s play. A late goal by the Falcons kept this amazing stat intact. Falcons win 1-0.

Boomers vs Indies…the Indies looked to continue to improve while they have fun. The have become the most popular team to play as their is always a ton of laughter. The Boomers also have a notion to improve their team play and they worked hard for ever goal they got. 2-1 and 4-1 at the breaks followed by another closely played 3rd. Boomers win 6-2.

True Blues Div:

Nordiks vs Red Jays…the Nordiks kept getting 2 goal leads only see a resilient Jay team keep coming back to tie. It was 4-4 deep into the 2nd when the Nordiks scored twice for a 6-4 lead. The Jays came back to tie it 6-6 and had momentum, but then lost focus for some reason and the Nordiks took full advantage on offence. Nordiks win 11-6.

Sonics vs Black Panthers…the Panthers were missing a few paws for this one as the Sonics were fully prepared for this important game for them. Sonics win 10-2.

Thursday Women Blues March 29 Highlights: Happy Easter!

Game 1 of the 3-game play-off round-robin to see who goes into the Finals and who plays in the 3rd seed Match for both Divisions:

Newbie Blues Div:

Falcons vs Indies…Falcons went hunting for eggs in the first period and were up 3-0. The Indies searched but could not break the egg. Falcons win 7-0

Silver Bullets vs Boomers…two evenly matched teams for the night-cap prior to the start of the Long Weekend with bunnies. 2-2 heading into the 3rd with lots of chances….and it was the Boomers (not Thumper the bunny from Bambi) that found the only candy of the final period for the big win. Boomers win 3-2.

True Blues Div:

Nordiks vs Black Panthers…the Panthers believe in the Easter Bunny who stole their goalie. The Nordiks goalie was the one who put up the goose egg however. Thumper was more a theme than the Easter Bunny in the end. Nordiks win 6-0.

Red Jays vs Sonics…the Sonics were up 2-1 after one period and after two periods. The Red Jays scored 2 in the 3rd to take a very important win away from the bunny teeth of defeat. Red Jays win 3-2. 

Thursday Women Blues March 8 Highlights: International Women’s Day!

Newbie Blues Div:

Falcons vs Silver Bullets…game of the night! The Bullets were out in front 2-1 after one. Then the Falcons turned the tables and were up 4-3 after two periods. The Bullets scored the only goal of the 3rd to create an appropriate tie. 4-4 tie.

Indies vs Boomers…the Indies were looking for their 2nd win in a row for the first time ever in franchise history. The played well and were up 1-0 after the first. In the 2nd, the Boomers tallied twice for a 2-1 lead. In the 3rd the Indies ran out of steam and the Boomers pulled away. Boomers win 5-1.

True Blues Div:

Nordiks vs Sonics…the Sonics kept up for two periods but seemed to run out of gas in the final period. Nordiks once again used the ball control game to wear down their opponent. Nordiks win 7-1.

Red Jays vs Black Panthers…the Panthers once again were at their hustling best and they created some fine plays. The first ended 2-1 Red Jays but then they had a big 2nd period on offence and carried it away in the 3rd. Red Jays win 10-5.

Thursday Women Blues March 1 Highlights:

Newbie Blues Div:

Silver Bullets vs Boomers…a very good tight match. 0-0 deep into the 2nd period. The Boomers scored the only goal of the 2nd. In the 3rd the Boomers scored seconds after the Bullets had tied it and then got a late insurance marker. Boomers win 3-1.

Indies vs Falcons…Indies were looking for their first win and were hungry after their solid outing last week. Things looked promising after a 1-1 first period. The Indies seemed to gain more confidence as the game wore on and then scored an adrenaline pumping last second goal to end the 2nd period up 2-1. When the Indies made it 3-1 the texts were flooding into the French Palace, but the Falcons scored to make it 3-2 and silenced social media too. in the final minute with the goalie pulled the Indies scored 2 in the empty net and not a single fan was unhappy for this team getting a very long awaited win. Indies win 5-2!

True Blues Div:

Sonics vs Black Panthers…once again the Black Panthers played well but were not rewarded on the scoreboard. Good goaltending and bounces kept them off the score-sheet. The Sonics had a great first up 5-0. The it was very even as the 2nd was scoreless and the 3rd only featured 2 Sonics goals. Sonics win 7-0.

Red Jays vs Nordiks…this was all Nordiks ball position. The counter attack was dangerous at times for the Jays, but the ownership of the ball prevailed. Nordiks win 7-2. 

Thursday Women Blues February 22 Highlights:

Newbie Blues Div:

Boomers vs Falcons…the Boomers scored early and often to put the Falcons off balance. The Falcons tried valiantly to get back into it but the Boomers played a solid team game and Sarah Orovan was equally solid in the Boomers net. Boomers win 6-3.

Silver Bullets vs Indies…the Indies had the French Palace crowd smiling up 2-0 after the first period. A very active and entertaining 2nd period left the Silver Bullets up 5-4 with a ton of fun being had. The Bullets carried the momentum in the final period to pull away for the victory. Silver Bullets win 10-5.

True Blues Div:

Black Panthers vs Nordiks…the Nords once again used their creative play and never stopped using the passing game. This gave the Black Panthers the game they wanted to adapt to. The Panthers showed flashes of smart play with short quick passes to gain more ball control. A team in the making at this level. Nordiks win 9-0.

Sonics vs Red Jays…a bit of a shocker here, but not really. The Sonics held a close 1-0 lead after one but then roared out to a 5-0 lead by the 2nd break. Mel Simard was almost unbeatable in the Sonic net as the Jays had several surges on offence. But the Sonics had some snipers on fire and played a smart game in the 3rd to protect the lead comfortably. Sonics win 7-1.

Thursday Women Blues February 15 Highlights:

Newbie Blues Div:

Silver Bullets vs Falcons…a 1-1 tie after one and it looked to be tight game to the finish. But the Falcons gained some momentum in the 2nd and grabbed a 4-2 lead heading into the final period. The Falcons scored the only goal of the 3rd for the victory as Shirley Macleod in a sparing role in the Falcons net held off all the Bullets she faced.. Falcons win 5-2.

Boomers vs Indies…another game that was tight checking with excellent defensive coverage. The Boomers scored the only goal of the opening period. Indies Cassidy Johnson scored but it was kicked in so disallowed much to the dismay of the French Palace crowd . Cassidy and friend Sophie Fobert have been nick-named the “Mob Line" with an insider in the know regarding their fan base with the Wonderful Wednesday league team The Block. The Boomers potted a pair of goals in the 2nd and played a smart 3rd period to protect the lead and the shut-out!!. Boomers win 6-0.

True Blues Div:

Black Panthers vs Red Jays…there is big excitement for the new Black Panther movie that starts this weekend. So these Panthers wanted a starring role for this game. They played the top ranked team extremely well in stages. A 5-2 deficit after a strong few minutes of the first was the difference. The Jays had to work hard to win the 2nd period 1-0 and the 3rd 3-2. Red Jays win 9-4.

Sonics vs Nordiks…an excellent run for both teams. The Sonics wanted to keep the game low scoring as they are not a fire-wagon style team. They welcomed back Sasha Pellerin-Gardner who opened the scoring. The Sonics were full valued to be in this game at 3-3 until the heart-breaking ending. The Nordiks scored the winner with 25-seconds remaining. Nordiks win 4-3.

Thursday Women Blues February 8 Highlights:

Newbie Blues Div:

Falcons vs Indies…a coffee spill ruined the live footage so all the Falcons visions of grandeur were for story telling. The Indies started out well and never let up. Falcons win 11-1.

Boomers vs Silver Bullets…an excellent close game. 1-1 after one and then the bullets held a 4-3 lead moving into the final period. late in the game with it 5-4 the Bullets scored with 12-seconds left to seal the deal. Silver Bullets win 6-4.

True Blues Div:

Nordiks vs Red Jays…the game everyone was hoping to see. Skill and quick ball movement. A great game. Both teams learned any physical play will not be a part of the OBBHA slick product. The Nordiks held a 3-1 lead late in the 2nd. Then the Red Jays simply kept trying and scored a late period goal and then scored two in the 3rd to win a huge game. This bodes well for future games as it really is a pleasure to play in these games and test the skills out! Red Jays win 4-3.

Black Panthers vs Sonics…a wonderfully played game. Both teams were on their coverage and worked hard for every scoring chance they could get. A scoreless first was followed by a 1-1 2nd. A late goal by the Sonics was the difference. Sonics win 2-1.

Thursday Women Blues February 1 Highlights:

Newbie Blues Div:

Falcons vs Boomers…the Falcons get the rare OBBHA shut-out! This was a team effort from the goalie out. The Boomers did have some chances along with a solid effort. Falcons win 5-0.

Indies vs Silver Bullets…the Indies are getting better with each game. The defending champs were the test for the Indies and they did well! The Bullets had the scoring power take it. Of note the Indies Cassidy Johnson scored her first ever ball hockey goal!! Congrats! Silver Bullets win 7-2.

True Blues Div:

Nordiks vs Black Panthers…Nordiks passed well and you could see the Black Panthers learning to cover the creative plays and generate a few of their own. Nordiks win 11-1.

Red Jays vs Sonics…yet another classic game for these two! At 4-4 with 2-minutes remaining Taylor Chapman scored her 3rd goal of the night for the winner for her Red Jays. Red Jays win 5-4.

Thursday Women Blues January 25 Highlights:

Newbie Blues Div:

Indies vs Boomers…great tight game. 2-2 and 4-4 at the breaks. In the 3rd the Indies were short benched but giving it their best. The Boomers eked out a one goal victory. Boomers win 6-5.

Falcons vs Silver Bullets…low scoring, but hard working affair. Bullets were up 1-0 and 2-1 at the period breaks. The Falcons scored two late goals in the 3rd for a fun comeback win. Falcons win 3-2.

True Blues Div:

Nordiks vs Sonics…Edie Brenning made her debut in the nets…see pic in the tweet to the right of this page…and she kept her team in at 4-4 until late in the game her squad scored twice for the win. Nordiks win 6-4.

Red Jays vs Black Panthers…the live streaming malfunctioned for the first two periods, but worked for the 3rd where the teams tied the final period 1-1. The first two periods were all Red Jays for the record. Red Jays win 10-2.

Thursday Women Blues January 18 Highlights:

Newbie Blues Div:

Silver Bullets vs Boomers…very interesting game. The Bullets had a slight edge up 2-0 and 5-4 at the period breaks. The Boomers tried valiantly to tie it up in the 3rd but the Bullets scored the insurance marker. Silver Bullets win 6-4. 

Indies vs Falcons…Indies goalie Tina the “cool bean" was playing her 2nd game after helping the Bullets win the opening game of the night as their “guest goalie". It was tied up 1-1 and Sophie Fobert scored her first ever OBBHA goal for the Indies assisted by her good friend Cassidy Johnson. The Falcons had many chances and finally scored a couple in the 2nd and then one in the 3rd as Liz Miller shut the door down the rest of the way in the Falcons net. Falcons win 4-1.

True Blues Div:

Sonics vs Black Panthers…a goaltending battle mad scoring most difficult. The Black Panthers adjusted well after their opening night jitters and gave the Sonics a thorough running work-out! 0-0 and 1-1 at the breaks. In the 3rd the Black Panthers were up 2-1 early and it took the Sonics until 3 minutes remaining to tie it up. Whale of a game! 2-2 tie.

Red Jays vs Nordiks…a highly anticipated match! The pace was set by the Nordiks and the Red Jays matched it in the first period that ended 2-1 Nordiks. in the 2nd the Nordiks were successful with their cross court passing and won the period 3-0 for a 5-1 lead. in the 3rd the Red Jays adapted defensively and shut down that cross passing and played an even 3rd with the Nords. Very entertaining match. Nordiks win 5-1.

Thursday Women Blues Opening Night January 11 Highlights:

True Blues Div:

Sonics vs Red Jays…and the two teams that staged such a wonderful Finals last session were back at it again to open up the winter session. Yet another amazing game! The Red Jays were up 1-0 and 3-2 at the period breaks. The video in the Live Streaming will show at least 5 superlative saves by the Sonics goalie Melanie Simard. The Red Jays had the one goal lead and kept it in the end. Red Jays win 5-4.

Black Panthers vs Nordiks…welcome to the two new teams! The Nordiks are a well oiled machine and will only make everyone better as their ball movement is a treat to watch. The Black Panthers are a work in progress but you could see their work ethic is excellent and a willingness to adapt. This development will be fun to follow. Nordiks win 9-1.

Newbie Blues Div:

Silver Bullets vs Indies…The Silver Bullets have chemistry while the Indies will need some time to work on that aspect as they have quite a few new faces. Great effort on both sides. Silver Bullets win 7-2.

Boomers vs Falcons…an end to end style of game. Some nice plays on both sides made for a very fun game to play in let alone witness. The Boomers owned the first period up 4-0, however the Falcons missed a few great opportunities. Then the Falcons started to capitalize and close it to 4-3 in the 2nd period with about 10-minutes left in the middle period and that is how the period ended setting the stage for the 3rd. The two teams went all out to score goals and the goalies were focussed and tracked the ball well. The checking became tighter and tighter as the game drew to a close. Could the Falcons complete the comeback?? The Boomers made it 5-3 with about 7:30 remaining. Then with 2-minutes left the Falcons kept the fans in their seats and glued to the Live Stream by making it 5-4! They tried for the equalizer but came up just short. Boomers win 5-4.

Thursday Night Women’s Blues OBBHA Team caps……Another great season is underway, 

This season we have a couple of new initiatives to stimulate some positive vibes with the OBBHA.

See below as John will follow up and provide specifics before the start of your game.

Thank you in advance for sharing items B and C with your players.

1. Stats

Team captains will have the option to keep track of their stats. HOW? see below.

1-On the home page under  STATISTICS / WINTER 2018 on the bottom left click on your respective league/division statistic sheet

2-Input team Roster in your respective “Team Sheet/Label"  You only need to enter the player once. Keep adding the players as they show up (max 20 per team)

3-Input number of goals and assists by each player on a game per game basis

Thursday Night Women / TRUE BLUES Division 

Thursday Night (W) /  NEWBIE BLUES Division

2. OBBHA Weekly Hockey Pool

Hockey experts, we got something for you!

In an attempt to create a buzz and raise funds to enable underprivileged kids to play ball hockey, we came up with the following idea.

Why not create a weekly hockey pool, using the same concept as Pro Picks (Proline) where you have a chance to win every week!!

-Every week, you have the chance to win a 50$ giftcard from Canadian Tire

-20$ to join / pay John directly or send money transfer to “[email protected]

-Submit your weekly picks before the deadline (5 minutes before first scheduled game on Saturday)

-Pick the winner / 1 point per game 

-Tie breaker is “TOTAL GOALS of CBC Featured game of the week (Saturday 7pm) 

-1 winner / per week (Most points)

-Join anytime

 Week 1 / Saturday January 20th Selection Form – Deadline 12:55 EST 

3. Live Streams and game archives

 All your games are available on the following link


Please feel free if you have any questions.

Please forward to your team members

Bigger, Better and Stronger in 2018, thanks to you guys and your efforts!

See everyone in the New Year for the first game of the Winter Session on Thursday, January 11th.

Thursday Women Blues December 21 Play-off Highlights:

Cherry Pickers vs Silver Bullets…Cherry Pickers can win the Rec Div with a win or tie. However it was the Silver Bullets that came on strong for the win to take the Rec Championship! Silver Bullets win 9-5.

Palace Gals vs Indies…the Indies finished off the season with a strong win. The Palace Gals will revamp the team and come back as the Falcons in the New Year. Indies win 8-5.

Sonics vs Red Jays…Game 3. Series tied 1-1. Appropriately the game was close. 1-0 Sonics after one and 3-2 Red Jays after two. The teams traded goals in the final period as the Red Jays hung on for the Championship on the Competitive Side. Congrats! Red Jays win 4-3.

Thursday Women Blues December 14 Play-off Highlights:

Palace Gals vs Silver Bullets…The bullets were shooting all gold as they had the silver goal scoring touch. Silver Bullets win 7-2.

Red Jays vs Sonics…amazing game. With the Sonics up 1-0 in the series best of 3 the Red Jays needed the win. 2-2 and 5-4 Jays and 6-6 at the breaks. Then the 5-player shoot-out! It took 9 rounds before finally the Red Jays prevailed! Red Jays win 7-6 via the shoot-out.

Indies vs Cherry Pickers…the pickers were picking tap-ins for the majority of their goals. Cherry Pickers win 9-3.

Thursday Women Blues December 7 Play-off Highlights:

Sonics vs Red Jays (Game 1)…first of 3 games for these two competitive teams. The Sonics had a strong start and built a big lead after two periods of play. The Red Jays came on stronger in the 3rd. Interesting styles of play as the Sonics were the more offensive team and the Jays were more conservative with a defense first approach. Sonics win 8-4.

Cherry Pickers vs Palace Gals…game one for both these teams for the 3-game round robin play-offs in the rec division. Cherry Pickers had the offence in gear for this one. 4-2 and 6-3 period break leads for the Pickers. The great pace of the game carried into the 3rd too. Cherry Pickers win 8-4.

Silver Bullets vs Indies…game one for both these teams for the 3-game round robin play-offs in the rec division. The Indies held 2-0 and 2-1 leads at the breaks in a very closely played game. No goals in the 3rd in a classic play-off style game. Indies win 2-1. 

Thursday Women Blues, Make-up Sunday December 3 Highlights:

Silver Bullets vs Cherry Pickers…an even 1st period at 2-1 Cherry Pickers. The pickins were good in the 2nd as it became 7-1 in total cherries. The Bullets had a solid 3rd. Cherry Pickers win 10-3.

Indies vs Palace Gals…a marvelous game. Well played and close all the way with 1-1 and 3-2 Palace Gals for the two period break scores. The Indies had tie things up 4-4 and with 1:28 remaining Sandra Kari jumped all over a rebound for the game winner. Indies win 5-4.

Palace Gals vs Red Jays…then Gals from the French Palace played well and made the Jays work for their win. Red Jays win 10-1.

Red Jays vs Sonics…skills were in display for this match. The Jays were slow out of the gate as this was game 2 of their double header. The Sonics were up 2-0 and 4-1 at the breaks. The Red Jays found life and energy tying it up 4-4, but the Sonics scored 2 quickly for a 6-4 lead. A late marker with 28 seconds left finalized a one goal game. Sonics win 6-5.

Thursday Women Blues, November 30 Highlights:

Red Jays vs Indies…the Indies played a good team game vs the talented Red Jays. Red Jays win 7-2.

Sonics vs Cherry Pickers…Sonics were pumped in the 1st and this set the stage for some cruising. Sonics win 9-3.

Silver Bullets vs Palace Gals…preview for some interesting B-Div (rec) play-off games. 2-0 Palace Gals at the first period break. The Silver team fired some bullets to tie things up 3-3 heading into the 3rd. The Palace Gals scored 2 big goals in that final period for the win. Palace Gals win 5-3.

Thursday Women Blues, November 23 Highlights:

Sonics vs Indies…Indies in the first game of their double header were in tough vs the mighty Sonics, but played very well! The Sonics had to sweat to get this game in their favour as the Indies improved with every shift. Sonics win 6-1.

Cherry Pickers vs Indies…game two of their double header and the Indies were in full gear. At 2-2 going into the 3rd period they exploded for 4-goals and another win! Indies split their double header. Indies win 6-3.

Palace Gals vs Cherry Pickers…Cherry Pickers in the bottom half of their double header were on their game for two periods as were the Palace Gals. The Palace Gals were up 2-0 after one period, but the Cherry Pickers roared back to tie 2-2 heading into the final period. the Palace Gals took a 3-2 lead early in the period only to run out gas as they gave up 3 straight goals. Cherry Pickers win 5-3.

Silver Bullets vs Red Jays…the Red Jays once again had the ball and used team play to move it around impressively. The Silver Bullets never said die and worked their tails off all game. Red Jays win 12-2.

Thursday Women Blues, November 16 Highlights:

Indies vs Silver Bullets….game of the night! The Indies looking for their first win were up 2-1 and 4-2 at the period breaks. The Bullets scored the only goal of the 3rd as the Indies worked hard to keep the lead intact. Indies win 4-3.

Sonics vs Silver Bullets…2nd game of the double header for the Silver Bullets and they gave as much effort in this one as they did in the first. A solid effort against a top team. Sonics jumped to a 3-0 first period lead and had a meteoric 2nd. Sonics win 7-2.

Sonics vs Palace Gals …Sonics win 8-2. Sonics in the bottom half of their double header again jumped to a 3-0 first period lead and the again had an amazing 2nd period. The Palace Gals looked very good with some nice heads up passing…they are showing some good chemistry to be sure! Sonics win 8-2.

Red Jays vs Cherry Pickers…A very impressive effort from the Cherry Pickers vs a top team. The Pickers had their chances and played a structured game. The Red Jays flashed their skill and offence that is fun to watch as it is created with vision and precision. Red Jays win 11-5.

No games Nov 9th


-play resumes next week Nov. 16 as per the posted schedule

The final renovations are taking place this week

-then we can start the Live Streaming!!

Thursday, Nov 9th games that were missed are moved to:

Sunday, Dec 3rd Noon, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm

The Thursday play-off schedules will be posted shortly for Dec 7,14 and 21

Sonics vs Red Jays in a 3-game series for the A-Div

Cherry Pickers, Silver Bullets, Indies and Palace Gals play a 3-game play-off round robin for the B-Div Championship

(all play-off games will be decided with a 5-player shoot-out should a game be tied after three 18-minute periods.) 

Great News!: Looks like we have a 3rd A team to join the Winter Session…so still working on another A-Div team to make 4 appropriately skilled teams in each division.

Thursday Women Blues, November 2 Highlights:

The night opened with the news that the new Fall Session play-off structure is in place for December: Red Jays and Sonics will play a 3-game A-Div play-off set…and the other 4 teams will play a round-robin for the B-Div championship.

The next phase for the Winter Session that starts Thursday, January 11 is to have an A-Div and B-Div…so we are looking to bring in two more A-Div teams to join the Sonics and the Red Jays.

Indies vs Red Jays…the indies embraced every good play they made and this made it a fun time. The Jays still showed them the ball control game they aspire to achieve. Red Jays win 15-0

Cherry Pickers vs Sonics…the Cherry Pickers played a strong game and gave Sonics goalie Mel Simard some quality work at times. The Sonics needed some hard work to be up 3-1 after one period. Another spirited period followed which left it 5-2 Sonics. Both teams continued the gppd pace right to the final whistle. Sonics prevail 8-3.

Palace Gals vs Silver Bullets…the night-cap looked like the game to watch on paper. And it was a great game from the opening whistle until the last second of the exhilarating run. 2-0 Palace Gals after one period and 3-2 after two. Silver Bullets tied it up early in the 3rd. Palace Gals and the French Palace crowd thought they had the winner late in the game but it was called on the line. 3-3 tie

Thursday Women Blues, October 26 Highlights:

Indies vs Cherry Pickers…a Killer Bee was in the net named Shirley Macleod. She robbed the Indies who perhaps deserved more goals than they were able to get. Cherry Pickers built 2-0 and 4-0 period break leads before the Indies took the 3rd period 2-1. Cherry Pickers win 5-2.

Silver Bullets vs Sonics…the Bullets had some nice plays and talked it up on the bench how to disrupt the Sonics offence. A few give-aways up the middle cost them a couple of goals in the first to be down 2-0. The effort was there for the Silver Bullets. Mel Simard was rock solid in the Sonics net however. Sonics win 9-1.

Red Jays vs Palace Gals…There is game in those Palace Gals. A solid first had the Red Jays adjusting as the Jays held a 2-0 lead after one period. The Palace Gals popped in a few to keep the fans in it, but the Red Jays snipers did their job. Red Jays win 12-6. 

* Remember no games Oct 19th…play resumes Thursday Oct 26th!

Thursday Women Blues, October 12 Highlights:

Indies vs Sonics…Veda Locknath was peppered with shots for this one. In the 1st she held the fort at 1-0. In the 2nd the Sonics were able fire some missiles through for a 6-0 lead. The Indies never quit and their effort gave them a 1-1 3rd period tie. Sonics win 7-1.

Red Jays vs Silver Bullets…end to end first period provided lots of goals that left the Red Jays up 4-2. The 2nd period the Jays turned the red light on 4 more times for an 8-2 lead. Red Jays win There was no quit in quite a few of the Silver Bullets as they wanted to learn and keep up with talent that was presented to them…a good run! Red Jays win 13-3.

Cherry Pickers vs Palace Gals…game of the night! Palace Gals worked their tails off and it paid off for 2-0 and 4-3 leads. The Cherry Pickers were not going to go away so the 3rd was an even battle too. But the Palace Gals got a couple of huge goals to keep their lead safe. Palace Gals win 6-4

Thursday Women Blues, October 5 Highlights:

Silver Bullets vs Indies…Indies were short-benched and then had an injury to boot. The Silver Bullets took advantage early for a quick 3-0 lead they carried into the 2nd period. The teams the played an even 2nd period at 1-1 and no goals were scored in the 3rd. Silver Bullets win 4-1.

Cherry Pickers vs Red Jays…a quick pace to this match from the outset. The Red Jays had the edge with a 2-0 lead at the first period break and then just exploded in the 2nd with 5-goals and a 7-2 lead heading into the 3rd. Red Jays win 10-2.

Palace Gals vs Sonics…the Sonics have a well tuned team that moves the ball around to each other very well. The Palace Gals are just getting used to each other and played hard with lots of communication with one another. Sonics were up early for a 4-0 lead after one and played with confidence the rest of the way. Sonics win 9-1.


Welcome everyone! Ans what a welcome!! Close and entertaining games!

Sonics vs Red Jays…two teams that moved the ball around nicely. Some nice hands out there were noticed too! The Sonics were up 2-1 after one period but the Red Jays rebounded for a 4-3 lead by the end of the 2nd period. In the 3rd the Sonics held a 6-5 lead late, but in the final minute the Red Jays brought the French Palace crowd to their feet with the tying goal without pulling their goalie for an extra attacker. 6-6 tie.

Palace Gals vs Indies…two brand new teams looking to build some chemistry with all the new faces making friends for the first time. The Palace Gals looked like they had somthing going with 1-0 and 2-0 period break leads. In the 3rd the Indies roared back early to tie it all up 2-2. And dramatically in the final minute of play Veda Loknath in the Indies net made the glove save of the season so far to preserve yet another tie! 2-2 tie

Cherry Pickers vs Silver Bullets…the Cherry Pickers seemed to have the sharp-shooters edge, but it was all tied up 3-3 after an entertaining first period. The CP were up 5-4 moving into the 3rd period. The CP ramped it up in the 3rd with a flurry of goals to make it 9-4 before the Silver Bullets pumped in 2 quick ones to make it 9-6 and then finally a late marker our it away for the CP. Cherry Pickers win 10-6.


Thanks for an excellent Winter Session everyone! See you all back in the Fall…tons of exciting stuff will be announced over the summer! Get ready!

Thursday Blues, April 27 Revolver Game #3

Les Ti-Loups vs Ottawa Avengers (Final)…a very close tightly played game. The score did not indicate this for the first and second period, but the final score certainly did!. 3-0 after one period for the Avengers and they increased this to 5-0 after two periods. Note that Avengers goalie Ryan Girgrah was flawless for those periods. In the 3rd with the score 7-3 Avengers with 3-minutes left, the Little Wolves scored 3 quick ones to pull within 7-6 with under a minute remaining. They had a couple of chances but the miracle comeback bid came oh so close! Congratulations to both teams for an awesome final and to the Avengers for defending their title! The Ottawa Avengers win the Winter Session Championship Game 7-6.

Struts Stars vs New Blues (3rd Seed Match)…a very fun time with amazing goaltending. The teams sawed off exhausted for a 1-1 tie.

Garbage Men vs Ottawa Blues (5th Seed Match)…2-2 after one. 4-4 after two. And in OT the G-Men scored the winner to take the 5th Seed! G-Men win 6-5 in OT

Thursday Blues, Game #2 of the Revolver April 20

Les Ti-Loups vs New Blues (semi-final)…the upset of the play-offs took place early. A very quick 3-0 lead for the Little Wolves was the difference. After that it was close as the Little Wolves held 3-2 and 4-3 leads at the breaks.  The 3rd was tight until at 5-4 the Little Wolves scored into an empty net in the final seconds. Les Ti-Loups win 6-4

Ottawa Blues vs Ottawa Avengers (semi-final)…2-0 and 6-4 period break leads for the Avengers. In the 3rd nothing until an empty netter put it away. The Avengers will defend their title next week. Ottawa Avengers win 7-4

Garbage Men vs Struts Stars (Seeding Game)… The battle to see who would play in the 3rd Seed Match next week. After two close periods at 1-1 and Struts Starts up 5-3 after two. Struts Stars blew it open in the 3rd with a 5-0 run. Strut Stars win 10-3 

Thursday Blues, Game #1 of the Revolver April 13 (Happy Easter)

Struts Stars vs Ottawa Avengers (4vs3)…even though they split the season series and one of the games was one of the most lopsided losses for the Avengers, the Avengers are the favourites as the defending champs and an amazing talent pool to draw from. Struts Stars are just happy to be there. The Struts team were missing a few shooting stars on offence so they played a defensive game to start and it worked for almost a full period at 0-0, but the Avengers got a buzzer beater to take a 1-0 lead. Then in the 2nd and 3rd the lack of offence hurt Struts Stars as they became the falling stars as the Avengers put their game in gear and went on to win in a romp. Ottawa Avengers win 13-2 to make the semi-finals.

Ottawa Blues vs Ottawa Blues 2vs1)…the best games ever have been between these to respectful teams. So much fun! The Ottawa Blues have the edge here as they have taken away championship after championship and almost every game from the younger New Blues. Both teams can afford to lose this one as they both are guaranteed a semi-final spot next game. But this is a very important game as the winner gets an “easier" opponent in the semi-final. The New Blues brought out an Easter Weekend crowd to enjoy the game and Ryan Leask’s birthday. The Old Blues were up 1-0 after one and then the New Blues were up 4-3 after two periods. The 3rd was a great period for about half of it, but after some near misses by the Old Blues the New Blues ran away with it and held the fort backed by solid goaltending from Mike Lynch. New Blues win 9-6.

Garbage Men vs Les Ti-Loups (6vs5)…a pick-em game. Both teams work extremely hard. Breaks and favourable bounces factored in this match for sure. The Wolves were up 1-0 after one period and then it was tied up at 2-2 heading into the 3rd. The Wolves were up 4-3 with under 2-minutes left in the game. The G-Men then shocked the crowd with a tying goal with 1:41 left and then went ahead with 1:15 remaining. The Little Wolves tied it with 1:00 remaining. The game ended up in a 5-5 tie and then the shoot-out! Jason Prevost scored the only goal in the 5-player per team shoot-out and powered his team into the semi-finals. Les Ti-Loups win 6-5 in a shoot-out.

The 3-game Revolver Play-off! Starts Thursday, April 13

(2vs1, 4vs3, 6vs5….then winner of 6vs5 plays winner of 2vs1 for one semi-final, winner of 4v3 plays loser of 2vs1 for the other semi-final, while loser of 4vs3 plays loser of 6vs5 for consolation match. Finals and 3rd and 5th Seed games close it out.

Thursday Blues, Tuesday April 11 Highlights: Thursday league action on a Tuesday!

Ottawa Avengers vs New Blues…the result of this match will dictate who plays who on Thursday in the opening game of the Revolver Play-off series. Although one play-off series is know already with Les Ti-Loups meeting the Garbage Men. The Avengers could finish 2nd with a win/tie or 3rd with a loss. The New Blues were loose knowing the had 1st locked up. They took a very quick 3-0 lead. Then the Avengers closed to 3-2 before a late New Blues made it 4-2. The Avengers won the 2nd period 4-2 to knot everything up at 6-6. The New Blues romped to a 6-3 3rd period win to take a 2nd game away from the Avengers and send them down to 3rd place. New Blues win 12-9.

Thursday Blues, April 6

Les Ti-Loups vs New Blues…the first period was the difference in the game as the New Blues went up 5-0. After that the Little Wolves were stingy on defence and won the offensive game 5-3. So the final ended up being in favour of the New Blues. New Blues win 8-5.

Ottawa Avengers vs Struts Stars…another game where the game was won in the first period. This time it was the Avengers up 6-2. After that Struts Starts won the next two periods 4-3. Ottawa Avengers win 9-6.

Garbage Men vs Ottawa Blues…after two periods it was 7-4 Blues and it could have gone either way. But the Blues showed more stamina to win the final period 4-0. Ottawa Blues win 11-4.

Thursday Blues, Tuesday April 4 Highlights: Thursday league action on a Tuesday!

Les Ti-Loups vs Ottawa Blues…the Wolves don’t want to talk about this one as the Farm team was called up and they ran around like lost animals vs the well oiled veteran Blues. Ottawa Blues win 19-6.

Struts Stars vs Garbage Men…a very good game. Goaltending was at its best for this one too. 0-0 after one. The difference was the 2nd period as Struts Stars passing game gave them a 4-0 lead. In the 3rd the game was played even at 3-3. Struts Stars win 7-3.

Thursday Blues, March 30 Highlights:

Ottawa Avengers vs Les Ti-Loups…The Little Wolves were up for this match and held 3-2 and 5-4 period break leads. Jason Prevost opened the 3rd with the prettiest goal of the game utilizing his patented spinarama move to put his Wolves up 6-4. But the Avengers have the patent on comeback wins and they did so again with 3-unanswered goals for the win. Ottawa Avengers win 7-6.

Ottawa Blues vs Struts Stars…and the big upset of the night! The Struts Stars jumped to an early 3-0 lead, but the Blues scored one late in the 1st to make it 3-1. The reverse occurred in the 2nd as the Blues scored 3 to take a 4-3 lead before a late Stars goal tied it at 4-4. In the 3rd the Stars scored two to make it 6-4 and the Blues only had one left in them despite some pressure with the goalie pulled. Struts Stars win 6-5.

Garbage Men vs New Blues…once again the score does not indicate the level of play. The New Blues have plenty of snipers on their team and the found their targets for this match. 3-1 after one for the New Blues, but the 2nd the flood-gates opened for a 9-2 lead. New Blues win 13-2.

Reminder no games Thursday, March 16 and 23 (March Break)….play resumes Thursday, March 30th.

Thursday Blues, March 9 Highlights:

Struts Stars vs Les Ti-Loups…3-3 and 5-5 at the breaks. Struts Stars did have more ball control, but the Little Wolves had a more dangerous counter attack. With less than 2-minutes remaining in the game Struts Stars held an 8-6 advantage. Then Les Ti-Loups scored with 1:35 and 00:35 second left to tie it all up. 8-8 tie.

New Blues vs Ottawa Blues…the New Blues brought in their unbeaten record vs the team that they have not beaten in two sessions (some ties in there). The Old Blues went up 3-0 only to see the New Blues roar back to take a 4-3 lead, but the Old Blues scored two late first period goals for a 5-4 lead. Less goals in the 2nd as the teams tied 2-2 to leave the Old Blues up 7-6. The 3rd was all Old Blues as they won the period 4-1. Ottawa Blues win 11-7.

Garbage Men vs Ottawa Avengers…G-Men jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead. But the Avengers scored the next 15. For lopsided game it was quite something to watch how intense all the battles were right up to the final whistle. Great hustle from everyone as neither team gave up in the effort department. Great to see everyone get optimum exercise! Ottawa Avengers win 15-2.

Reminder no games Thursday, March 2….play resumes Thursday, March 9th.

Thursday Blues, February 23 Highlights:

Struts Stars vs New Blues…could the upstart Stars continue their great play from last week? Could the New Blues remain unbeaten in 2017? One of the three featured match-ups of the night started us off! Struts Stars had another dynamic line-up with a tweak or two. The New Blues made a statement in the first with a 6-2 lead that showcased their skill and finding the open man. In the 2nd the Struts Stars showed some resilience by closing to within 10-8. They even made it 10-9 but then a comedy of errors (see Struts) lead to the ultimate collapse…and included in this was the fastest ever natural hat-trick in the OBBHA as Garret of the New Blues did this amazing trick in about 20-seconds. And they were the back-breakers as the game was still on the line in a one-goal game at 10-9. New Blues win 16-9.

Ottawa Blues vs Ottawa Avengers…always a highly anticipated match-up. The Blues were missing a couple of leaders who were on their own little All-Star break to mourn the summertime blues without the Blues. The Avengers were out to avenge last weeks shock loss that had jaws dropped and chins wagging. So these excellent rivals were tied 2-2 after one (Blues were up 2-0) and 5-5 after two periods (Blues were up 5-2). It seemed we had a winner late in the game with the Blues up 7-6, but the Avengers once again came up with the late goods by scoring with 45-seconds remaining to get the tie. A little more gentlemen play and respect from a select few in the future please!. 7-7 tie.

Les Ti-Loups vs Garbage Men…the pundits had no idea who to pick for this one let alone an over-under. Anything could happen with these two matched up. The Little Wolves were a little short in the wolf pack but they had a 3-0 lead behind their amazing goalie Al Jolivet on this night. At 7-1 in the 2nd the G-Men came back to make it a 7-4 deficit by the end of the 2nd period. The 3rd was even at 2-2. Les Ti-Loups win 9-6.

Thursday Blues, February 16 Highlights:

New Blues vs Les Ti-Loups…the New Blues were looking to remain undefeated. The Little Wolves gave them some doubt for two periods as the New Blues had to work hard for 3-1 and 7-4 period leads. Finally they put it away in the final period. New Blues win 10-5.

Struts Stars vs Ottawa Avengers…uh ok, things suddenly look like a wrench has been thrown into the Blues division! Struts Stars finally had their full line-up and they looked extremely comfortable versus the defending champion Avengers. Struts Stars came out flying and caught the Avengers off guard for sure! The Avengers could not respond as they usually do. Struts Stars look to form some kind of consistency in the coming months while the Avengers will most certainly review their style as a pass happy team just served them and the division notice. Struts Stars in the surprise win 13-3.

Ottawa Blues vs Garbage Men…the G-Men played hard and well. Its just that the Ottawa Blues were completely on their game. This Blues team look like they are on a collision course with their fun rivals the New Blues…but Struts Stars might have a say in all this before too long. The G-Men needed some defensive coverage work in this one as the Blues dominated down low for many scoring chances that were capitalized on enough for a comfortable win. Ottawa Blues win 9-1.

Thursday Blues, February 9 Highlights:

Les Ti-Loups vs Ottawa Avengers…within the first 3-minutes of the game the Avengers were up 3-0 and looked like a blow-out! Then the Little Wolves pushed back and the game was completely even as that is how the first period ended. The second period was just as even as the Avengers scored two quick ones and looked to go on to that big lopsided win, but the Little Wolves score 2 to end the period at 5-2 Avengers. In the 3rd Les Ti-Loups came on very hard and made it 5-3. Finally late in the game the Avengers scored a late one for some breathing room…but it was heavy breathing for the win!. Ottawa Avengers win 6-3.

Struts Stars vs Ottawa Blues…the Stars were hit with the flu bug among other things, so the line-up was a spare-part group. The did their best, but the Blues were just too powerful and went on to a relatively easy win despite the closer score due to Stars goaltending from Terry Cleroux. Ottawa Blues win 8-4.

Garbage Men vs New Blues…the G-Men never give up so they are always close to an upset win if we can really call them upsets anymore. The New Blues only held 3-2 and 5-4 period breaks as Shawn Pilon did his best to keep the G-Men in it. The 3rd finally saw the New Blues pull away just enough for the win. Never an easy win it seems for anyone from week to week. New Blues win 8-5.

Thursday Blues, February 2 Highlights:

Les Ti-Loups vs Struts Stars…Struts Stars were looking for their first win. Both teams were lean and mean for this one. Pundits had predicted the Stars passing game would win the day. And thus it was made so…the Stars owned the game early with ball possession and precision passing at times. The Little Wolves had some bite in them as they did score some goals through sheer determination. Struts Stars get their first franchise win!. Struts Stars win 14-8.

Ottawa Blues vs New Blues…old vs young yet again. When will the torch be passed? The Old Blues were pumped to keep a full grasp on that burning torch! The New Blues are newer with a revamped line-up designed specifically for the Thursday Blues Div. The New Blues were up 3-0 despite some strong Old Blues play. The Old Blues scored one late in the first to close it to 3-1 and then scored 6 unanswered goals in a dominant 2nd period for a well deserved 7-3 lead. But in the 3rd the New Blues scored two hard working goals to make the deficit 7-5 before going down 8-5. Lights out? No sir! The New Blues showed some big heart with 3 goals to tie it all up at 8-8. The thriller? The Old Blues had the game won by moving the ball around into a one time shot from the side slot into an empty net, but Trevor Polk playing D came across and blocked the winning attempt! Wow! 8-8 draw.

Ottawa Avengers vs Garbage Men…the G-Men were very interested to see how they could perform vs the defending champs. The Avengers were rattled by last weeks startling late loss to the New Blues…so a rebound game was in the cards. But it was the G-Men who came out with the edge in play and a 4-2 lead after one period. In the second the Avengers won the period 4-2 so we were all knotted up at 6-6 heading into the final period. The Avengers found their offence and blasted their way to an 11-9 lead and then put on final one into an empty net. Avengers win 12-9.

Thursday Blues, January 19 Highlights:

Ottawa Avengers vs New Blues…could the Avengers deliver another 10-0 regular season?? They looked impressive with 5-4 and 9-7 period leads. It seemed every time the New Blues closed the gap the Avengers would regain the lead. For example in that first period they built a first period lead of 4-1 only to see the New Blues roar back to tie it up at 4-4, but then regain that lead at 5-4 before the end of the first. At 9-7 the New Blues once again negated that deficit and tied it up 9-9…but the Avengers took yet another lead at 10-9. The New Blues tied it up and then dramatically with just over a minute left in the game they potted the winner for a very big upset. This will only give the New Blues some confidence with their new look roster. New Blues win 11-10.

Ottawa Blues vs Les Ti-Loups…the Old Blues were up 3-1 after one period with an unusually very good start (they are known for their slow starts). And then they parlayed that into an very strong second period for an insurmountable 8-3 lead. The Little Wolves won the 3rd period 3-2. Ottawa Blues win 10-6.

Garbage Men vs Struts Stars…the Stars were hit by the flu bug and gathered up a patch work roster to take on a healthy and full running G-Men sqaud. At 2-2 after one period it looked to be a toss up. Slowly it became evident that the G-Men had a half-step advantage and they took a 6-4 lead into the 3rd and then relentlessly took over the game for the win. G-Men win 10-6.

Opening Night for the 2017 Winter Session Thursday, January 12:

Struts Stars vs New Blues….the Stars missing Struts, some coaching and a few stars. The New Blues are a new look team and were looking for new and improved chemistry. The New Blues held 1-0 and 3-2 period break leads. The Stars played the 3rd minus another 2 key brothers (Labelle’s due to other commitments) and this hampered the comeback attempt that fell just one goal short. New Blues win 5-4.

The REMATCH! Ottawa Avengers vs Ottawa Blues…last years Finals replayed on Opening Night! 1-0 Avengers after one period. The Avengers held ball control and scoring chance advantages in the 2nd period for a convincing 4-1 lead heading home in the 3rd. The Blues were down 5-3 late and pulled the goalie only to give up two more in the empty net. Ottawa Avengers win to make the early statement 7-3.

Garbage Men vs Les Ti-Loups….the Little Wolves were up 3-0 and 7-4 at the breaks. Then the G-Men roared back to tie at 7-7. But the Little Wolves scored two big goals an added an empty netter to take this one. Les Ti-Loups win 10-7.

Thursday Blues, December 15 Revolver Game #3 Highlights

THE FINAL: It just so happens this is the last Final of all the OBBHA Finals for 2016…just before the Big 24 Team Xmas Classic on Saturday! So many were intrigued with…well all the intrigue! So they decided to make the trek into the French Palace to be entertained by the top skilled ball hockey in Ottawa “Gentlemen" style! Ottawa Blues vs Ottawa Avengers…the Blues were the only team to beat the Avengers all session and it took them on their 3rd try. Do the Blues have their number now or was it just an anomaly that the Avengers can adapt too? Goaltending would be key. So would team play. So would scoring on great opportunities. So would defence. Ah! Let’s just play and see what happens!! Avengers win 9-8 in a shoot-out.

5th Seed Match. No slouches in this one! New Blues vs Garbage Men…the G-Men have their new full time goalie between the pipes in Usaamah Gill and he fills the net with size and agility. He will be tested as the New Blues have the snipers and want to build some momentum for the upcoming Winter Session that starts January 12th! New Blues win 4-1.

3rd Seed goes to Les-Ti Loups for a gimme 5-0 win over the Ottawa 69’s.

Thursday Blues, December 8 Revolver Game #2 Highlights

Ottawa 69’s vs Ottawa Avengers (semi-final)…The Avengers had lost their first game last week but this did not deter them in the least from coming out strong and playing their game. They had the 69’s a step behind at times and were full value for a 3-2 lead after one period. In the 2nd period the 69’s showed flashes of brilliance and they won the period 3-2 to set the stage for the final period at 5-5. The Avengers have kept a roster that shows up week in and week out and developed chemistry to the point that they owned the 3rd period all year and pulled out wild last minute or last second wins. Tonight they came out with a burst of enthusiasm in the first 5-minutes of the 3rd period to seal the deal and an 8-5 lead. Finally with a few minutes remaining the 69’s pulled the goalie but with the extra attacker the 69’s saw the Avengers outscore them 2-1. Ottawa Avengers are in the finals! And the 69’s will play for the 3rd Seed. Ottawa Avengers win 10-6.

New Blues vs Ottawa Blues (semi-final)…another breath taking match. The New Blues came out just flying and played their best ball hockey of the session. They held a 3-1 lead late in the first, but the Old Blues scored two late ones to tie 3-3. This seemed to put the New Blues off their game a bit. In the 2nd the New Blues had moments when they looked amazing, but the Old Blues capitalized on their counter attacks for an 8-6 lead heading to the 3rd. In the third with the Old Blues up 9-6 the New Blues made it extremely interesting by closing to 9-8 but a ghastly give-away gave the Old Blue a 10-8 lead and they scored another into an empty net. Old Blues advance to the Finals while the New Blues will play for the 5th Seed. Ottawa Blues win 11-8.

Les Ti-Loups vs Garbage Men (Seeding game)…Les Ti-Loups were up 1-0 after two period with Andrew Gowing working on the shut-out. New full timer goalie for the G-Men, Usaamah Gill, held the fort while the G-Men tried to mount some offence missing two their key elements on offence. Finally the Little Wolves put the game away leading 4-0 late. The shut-out bid was ruined with one minute left in the game. G-Men play for 5th. Les-Ti Loups play for 3rd. Les Ti-Loups win 4-1.

Thursday Blues, December 1 Highlights:

The Play-off format after the 10 games will be a 3 game Revolver play-off

(2vs1, 4vs3, 6vs5….then winner of 6vs5 plays winner of 2vs1 for one semi-final, winner of 4v3 plays loser of 2vs1 for the other semi-final, while loser of 4vs3 plays loser of 6vs5 for consolation match. Finals and 3rd and 5th Seed games close it out.

Revolver Play-off Format Game 1:

Les Ti-Loups vs New Blues…6th vs 5th. Winner moves to the semi-finals and the loser begins Seeding matches next week. The New Blues were up 1-0 and 4-3 at the period breaks as a goaltending battle evolved. Sly in the Little Wolves net was his usual steady self, along with some coaching help heard from him when he had the lungs…but the New Blues peppered him enough to keep him catching his breath. Over in the New Blues net Mike Lynch once again came up with a solid performance that he carried through from start to finish. In the 3rd the New Blues won the period 4-2 to move on to the semi-finals vs their “old" friends. Les Ti-Loups will try for 3rd. New Blues win 8-5

Ottawa Blues vs Ottawa Avengers…2nd vs 1st. What a game! Goaltending and great team play was the theme. Stephane Portelance in the Blues net was the big asset for that team as they played a style that let their netminder play the angles and not worry about back-door plays. On the other side Ryan Girgrah was lights out as usual! In fact he had the Blues wondering yet again how to beat him. As the Avengers brought their undefeated season into the play-offs, a 0-0 tie after one period seemed to favour them…after-all they came up with many last minute or last second game winning goals all year to the tune of ten wins in a row. Then the Blues threw some doubt into the picture with a 2-1 lead moving to the 3rd. In the end the Blues scored a win with some fine ball possession and some impressive down low corner work. The Avengers lost, played very well and are still in next weeks semi-finals due to their top finish in the regular season. The Blues also move on to the semi-finals vs their “young"friends. Ottawa Blues win 5-3.

Garbage Men vs Ottawa 69’…4th vs 3rd. Nick Lamb was the big differentiator in this one. The 69′ s just needed to get an early lead and coast to a win. The “riding the wave of confidence" they get from their goalie is huge. Putting up a 0 is a team game too, but Lamb was on his game as the G-Men could not jam anything by him.  2-0 and 6-0 period leads followed by a scoreless 3rd was the storyline for the 69’s methodical win. Ottawa 69’s win  6-0.

Thursday Blues, November 24 Highlights: Revolver Game 1 of the Play-offs begin next week!

Les Ti-Loups vs New Blues…battle for 4th, 5th and 6th spot for the play-off seedings. The New Blues put it all together in the first period for a 5-0 lead and Mike Lynch came up with the goods in their net. In the 2nd period Les Ti-Loups scored the only 3-goals to close to 5-3. The final period was wild as the Little Wolves scored two quick goals to complete the comeback at 5-5 and then the team traded goals until finally at 9-8 for the New Blues and with the goalie pulled Les Ti-Loups tied it up 9-9 with 28-seconds remaining. 9-9 tie

Ottawa Avengers vs Ottawa 69’s…the Avengers go for 10 in a row! While the 69’s want to hang on to 2nd with the Ottawa Blues nipping at their heals. The 69’s seemed poised to be the first team to finally hang a loss on the Avengers as they held a 5-4 lead moving into the final period. But the Avengers scored 4 straight for an 8-5 lead. The 69’s made things very interesting by closing to 8-7. At 9-8 for the Avengers and the 69’s goalie pulled the Avenger scored two in the empty net for a 10th straight win!!! Ottawa Avengers win 11-8.

Garbage Men vs Ottawa Blues…the G-Men go for 2 in a row and known to put their game in high gear at the end of the sessions. The G-Men excited the crowd by being up 2-0 after one period and gained even more confidence behind the goaltending of Terry Cleroux who was simply outstanding! The Blues did score the only two goals in the second period and took 3-2 and 4-3 leads in the 3rd. The G-Men tied it up with 1:48 remaining and the teams traded glorious opportunities in the closing minute. Amazing game! Look out for the G-Men now! 4-4 tie.

Thursday Blues, November 17 Highlights:

Ottawa Avengers vs Les Ti-Loups…do the Avengers have 9-lives? As in 9 wins in a row? Les Ti-Loups had a short bench and could only offer a decent effort for one period that ended competitively enough at 3-3. After that it was 8-3 after two period for the undefeated darlings on the division and they went on to a relatively easy win. 12-4 Ottawa Avengers.

Ottawa Blues vs Ottawa 69’s…despite the Avengers story-line, many believe these two teams are the ones to look out for. So they meet and play for some bragging rights later in the evening. A very even game for the most part, but Nick Lamb in the 69’s net was a main factor for sure. 69’s were up 4-3 after two periods and went on to win by two plus an empty netter. Ottawa 69’s win 7-4.

Garbage Men vs New Blues…Ryan the unkown goalie to most in the G-Men net will be a factor as the New Blues try to figure out what is wrong with their offence. 3-3 after one period and then the New Blues looked to headed to an easy win at 8-4 after two period. But wait! The G-Men win the final period 5-0 with their work ethic that just pulverized the New Blues. Garbage Men win 9-8!!!!!!!

Thursday Blues, November 10 Highlights:

Ottawa 69’s vs Les-Ti Loups…the 69’s had ball possession quite a bit in this game but it was an interesting match to say the least. At 1-1 heading into the final minute of the first period the 69’s exploded for 3 goals to take a 4-1 lead into the second period vs a shocked Little Wolves squad. However they growled they back with 3 early quick strikes in the second to tie it up 4-4. An unfortunate turnover on a excellent chance by the Wolves went down the other way and the 69’s scored the back-breaker and added another late in the second for the 6-4 lead that that they never really were in doubt losing the rest of the way. Ottawa 69’s win 9-5.

New Blues vs Ottawa Blues…a New Blues team with some need of confidence jumped to an early 2-0 lead and were up 2-1 moving into the second period. But inexplicably that was all they could muster up. The older Ottawa Blues man-handled it the rest of the way for a win in a no doubter. Ottawa Blues win 9-3.

Garbage Men vs Ottawa Avengers….who have signed their final piece to the roster: An Avenger with Vision…..

Strutting his stuff with the team for the first time this season, this Avenger sees everything on the dance floor, earning him the name Vision. John Struthers has superhuman senses and analytical capabilities, and the ability to process information and make calculations with incredible speed and accuracy. The Vision is every inch a human being, except that all of his bodily organs are constructed of synthetic materials, providing him youthful vitality and a never aging body. Keep an eye on this powerful Avenger tonight at the French Palace…..

-the G-Men were in this one for the first period as the match was even at 1-1 heading into the second period. But then this Avenger squad that is unbeaten and ever improving took over the match. With this Vision guy more than rumoured to be playing on one leg scoring on a play using one hand on the stick in multiple moves, the G-Men were left shaking their collective heads as the Avengers can do no wrong it seems! Ottawa Avengers win 11-2.

The Struts OBBHA Challenge Series…November 6th Inaugural Match:

 All Mesh (Saturday) vs Tsunamis (Monday)…All Mesh is undefeated in the Saturday A-Div with almost half their team very solid female performers. Tsunamis is a 9-year veteran team of the OBBHA in the Monday Division (they have seen Blue Zone Gym action and in recent years the French Palace Gym). For this first Challenge Game the game was tied 1-1 after the 1st period as both teams felt each other out with some end to end action. In the 2nd period All Mesh got their vaunted passing game going and had Tsunamis chasing enough to take a 4-1 lead until a late 2nd period goal by the Wave brought the score to 4-2. In the 3rd it was that All Mesh passing game that took over for the most part despite some spirited efforts on offence from Tsunamis. Andrew Gowing in the All Mesh net made key saves to keep the Wave from making All Mesh feel too uncomfortable with their game.  Of note Melanie Dagenais was injured and her sister subbed in for her. Stephanie Dagenais of the Saturday Newbies played up front with Struts and scored the hat-trick to the squealing delight of the French Palace faithful…even a helmet was dropped on the floor to salute her 3-goals in lieu of hats! In the end these two teams enjoyed a game that featured contrasting styles and lots of great action. Passing/ball control vs hustle/determination. The All Mesh recipe prevailed 8-4.

This first game of the Struts OBBHA Challenge Series was a success and paves the way for more to come! Here are the two teams that trail-blazed this exciting initiative: (pic to come shortly)


The Struts OBBHA Challenge Series…starts Sunday, November 6 at 3pm as the Monday Night Div Tsunamis take on the Saturday All Mesh squad!

-this game is the first of an exciting series that will feature teams from different OBBHA divisions playing one another for a fun time and test their skills vs one another.

-the games will always be on a Sunday at 3pm

-teams of similar skill level and like-mindedness regarding the OBBHA 4-F motto will be asked to play one another to promote what that OBBHA is all about! Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Fair-Play.

These games should be a lot of fun and very interesting for the French Palace faithful to see. Watch for the Tweets and the Game Recap for this first game and the ones to follow as every couple of months a game will be scheduled.

Thursday Blues, November 3 Highlights: (Night of the Living Dead Goalies)

New Blues vs Ottawa Avengers…the Avengers added one of the final two pieces of the puzzle to their roster and this has only made them more formidable. Andrew Dubroy aka Mr. Stark returned from the IR and was a factor immediately. The Avengers dominated the first period and were up 5-1 vs the full New Blues team. They cruized from there. This team is now full on the favourites! As 4 of the 6 teams used back-up goalies tonight it is worth noting Terry Cleroux aka “adaptiator" or some such avenger, was on fire and kept the New Blues at bay and from mounting a comeback on the scoreboard….but the New Blues did make strong pushes at times. Ottawa Avengers win 12-7.

Les Ti-Loups vs Ottawa Blues…this was a close game from start to finish as both goalies were on their game. Andrew Gowing in the Little Wolves net and Stefan Marquis were wonderful in back-up roles a la Condon in the Sens net on this night. The Blues were always up a goal or two after the half-way point of the game and hung on as Les Ti-Loups were a little unlucky around the net as well. The Ottawa Blues win 7-5.

Ottawa 69’s vs Garbage Men…game of the night! The first time these two teams met the G-Men were in tatters regarding team play. Oh! How this has changed!! This team plays as a team and has the heart of a lion and more as their work ethic is second to none!!! The 69’s were up 2-1 after one period. And then the G-Men had a second period to remember…they won the period 4-0 and were up 5-2 heading into the 3rd period. Predictably the 69’s came on with a huge push and their goalie on this night Jamie is Brown shut the door down. Aneel Nauth (Monday Vipers and Wednesday Grizzlies #1 goalie) in the back-up role for the G-Men had a game to remember as he thwarted several big-time attempts from the 69’s. The 69’s did score 3-goals in the 3rd to earn a tie…and it was earned as the G-Men played with everything they had and just missed scoring on many 3rd period scoring chances. 5-5 tie.

Thursday Blues, October 27 Highlights:
Ottawa 69’s vs New Blues…Steve Meredith scored two early goals and then the 69’s sat back and relied on their goaltender Nick Lamb for a couple of periods. The 69’s capitalized on their chances and were up 6-2 after two periods. Then the New Blues closed the gap quickly early in the third period to 6-5. The 69’s then put on a push to put it away with 3 late goals. Ottawa 69’s win 9-5
Ottawa Blues vs Ottawa Avengers (see below for special coverage of the Avengers)…ok so the Ottawa Avengers are for real! Another impressive outing. This time they jumped out a quick 2-0 lead and found confidence from this and kept up with the furious pace the Blues brought to the table. The Blues did tie it up 3-3 but the Avengers scored two in the third period to take a 5-3 lead and were up 6-4 before getting an empty netter. A sidebar story that changed the tale of the game was the Pierre Caron vs Ryan Girgrah part of the game….Caron did score a couple but Girgrah made a number of stunning saves off of him to preserve leads. Ottawa Avengers continue their winning ways 7-4.
Les Ti-Loups vs Garbage Men…The G-Men are notorious slow starters. This time they were down 5-1 after one period and 8-1 near the end of the 2nd. Then they came alive and made the score respectable. Les Ti-Loups win 10-6.
The Ottawa Avengers have played every team once now, plus the Ottawa Blues twice and are the only undefeated team at this point….How did they do it?!
Here are the Avengers that have done it so far:

Zach Bissonnette AKA Spider-Man:

With his incredible strength, agility, and the ability to cling to net posts, this sensational Spider-Man can do it all. Zach Bissonnette possess a sixth sense when on the floor that provides him with the uncanny ability to avoid his attackers and dance around defenders with effective ease. Swinging from slot to slot, watch out for this web-slinger’s deadly shot. With great power comes great responsibility, and we expect to see this Avenger deliver just that this fall!

Ryan Girgrah AKA Hulk:

This Ottawa Avenger has been a beast for the Avengers in the arenas, smashing anything and anyone that comes into his crease. It’s rumored this monster of a goalie goes pantless when between the pipes, forgoing needless protection and opting for speed and agility. Ryan Girgrah stuns opposing snipers with his quick and massive mitt, snatching all hope and shattering their dreams. His capacity for physical strength and speed is potentially limitless due to the fact that his strength increases proportionally with his level of great emotional stress, and anger in particular. Is this goalie man or monster? Stay tuned this season to see this Avenger in action.

Liam de Römer-Brisland AKA Quicksilver:

Quicksilver has the ability to move and think at supersonic speeds, with enhanced stamina and durability. This speedster, Liam de Römer-Brisland, can propel himself through the strongest defense, and maneuver around goal tenders in a blink of an eye. A small unknown fact is the Ottawa Avengers have borrowed the same technology and design from Quicksilver’s advanced thermoresistant clothing into each team member’s uniform. Keep your eye on this Avenger in his debut season with the OBBHA. If you blink, you may miss him.

Christian Vandersterre AKA Thor:

Thor is capable of incredible feats of strength, and has a very high resistance to physical injury that approaches invulnerability. Christian Vandersterre possesses keen senses that allow him to track objects traveling faster than light, and the ability to defend against the strongest of foes. This Norse god of thunder wields a mighty stick, the Mjolnir, that when let loose, his thunder-clapper can wreak havoc on any goal tender that attempts to stand in the way.

Chris Mathews AKA War Machine:

The War Machine wears a sophisticated suit of body armor containing various defensive and offensive weaponry capable of withstanding tremendous amounts of punishment and delivering brutal blows to all of his foes. Chris Mathews is an experienced player trained in art of hand to hand combat and with his brute strength and skill, can dangle and outwit entire teams. With advanced targeting systems and a wide arsenal of deadly tricks, this Avenger is a lethal threat from anywhere.

Jason Murfitt AKA Hawkeye:

Hawkeye is a world-class marksman. His above average reflexes and hand-eye-coordination make him the most proficient sniper ever known. Jason Murfitt is able to fire six shots faster than the average human can fire six bullets and is known to be a master shooter with extraordinarily fast reflexes, exceptional dexterity, and near-perfect aim.

Mark Mathews AKA Winter Soldier:

The Winter Soldier’s physical strength and speed has been enhanced to the very peak of human potential. His entire cybernetic left arm grants him enhanced strength, allowing him to send foes flying through the air in a display of power that far surpasses normal humans. As the Winter Soldier, Mark Mathews is a highly skilled player and a talented marksman.

Stuart Ayling AKA Black Panther:

The Black Panther is a brilliant tactician, strategist, and a master of all forms of unarmed combat whose unique hybrid playing style incorporates acrobatics and aspects of animal mimicry. Taught by his father to think two steps ahead of enemies and three steps ahead of friends, Stuart Aylinguses his amazing speed and dexterity to run circles around his enemies.

Simon Lalande AKA Ant Man AKA Picaku:


Andrew DuBroy AKA Iron Man:



John Struthers AKA Vision:


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Thursday Blues, October 13 Highlights:
New Blues vs Les-Ti Loups….the key for the Little Wolves would be for their team defence to keep the New Blues sharp shooters from getting long looks to tee-off. And of course “Sly" in the Wolves net must be alert as ever. The Les Ti-Loups squad played an inspired spirited game that took the New Blues off of their game to a degree. The “Breakfast Club" had a bet on the game that generated some fun banter in the French Palace stands. The Little Wolves held 3-2 and 5-4 period leads. In the 3rd the New Blues took a 6-5 lead with a pair of quick goals with just under 5-minutes remaining. The Little Wolves tied it up 6-6 with a little over 2-minutes left. Then with 1:15 left the New Blues took the lead only to have the Les Ti-Loups tie it 5-seconds later. The final minute was a wild ride of trying to score and not be scored on. 7-7 tie.
Ottawa 69’s vs Ottawa Avengers….the Avengers were looking to run through the division undefeated as they faced the only team they have not seen nor beaten for the that matter. The 69’s were looking forward to this test. The Avengers were the team on a mission and they built an 8-3 lead heading into the final period. The 69’s showed some pride with a big push to make it an 8-7 deficit. But the Avenger popped in a late goal and then an empty netter to run away with this one. Ottawa Avenger remain undefeated with one run through the division 10-7.
Ottawa Blues vs Garbage Men….the G-Men feature the top goalie in Ottawa in the name of Nick Lamb tonight. And their new strategies of defence and offensive entry would be put to the test vs one of the best teams in the city at those particular strengths. The Blues were in a game and they knew it. The scored a couple of late goals in the first for a 4-1 lead. But the G-Men scored two early in the second to make it 4-3 and were only down 6-4 after two periods. Both teams played a hard running game, but the Blues prevailed based on their team passing game. Ottawa Blues win 9-5.
Thursday Blues, October 6 Highlights:
Les Ti-Loups vs Ottawa Avengers…the Little Wolves were missing their true hero, but they had 8 heroes step it up plus another in the net. Sly was a huge factor in this one in the Les Ti-Loups net. The teams played a very spirited match. The game had many many scoring chances and the goalies were on their game. 0-0 after one period and 3-3 after two periods. The game was still tied 3-3 and you just knew the Avengers had a late miracle planned once again!! Yep, they did it again but this time they potted the winner with 4-minutes remaining and then an empty netter to put it away. Ottawa Avengers remain undefeated with a 5-3 win.
Ottawa 69’s vs Ottawa Blues…the featured match on the fun meter! Some great plays were forecast in front of this one. Like the first game it was 3-3 after two periods. But this game was more of a chess-match style game as the passing was crisp and creative. A key injury to the 69’s in the 3rd period opened the door for the Blues and they had the extra jump to pull away convincingly late in the game. Ottawa Blues win 9-3.
Garbage Men vs New Blues…David vs Goliath on the marquee. Although the New Blues were still looking for their first win they were the favourites in this one. The G-Men have been working on their team game and they showed they are a team that can learn and adapt. Although the final score showed a 7-goal gap, the game was a good test for the New Blues as the G-Men are improving each game. And the last sequence of the game that was added on for fun was very exciting and ended in a very pretty G-Men goal! New Blues win 13-6.
Thursday Blues, September 29 Highlights:
Les Ti-Loups vs Ottawa 69’s…the Little Wolves were interested to see how they would stack up against another solid passing team. They brought in a veteran OBBHA goalkeeper Andrew Gowing to help track the play and stop the outside shot. The 69’s used their snipers to gain a sizeable lead but like a dog with a bone, or a wolf with a bone if you please, Les Ti-Loups kept nipping at their heels to keep close. With a couple of late goals the Little Wolves made the 69’s earn the win. Ottawa 69’s win 10-8.
Ottawa Blues vs New Blues….this headliner always quickens the heart beat. The “winless" New Blues were looking to avenge this with a big performance. The Old Ottawa Blues also had the Avengers on their mind, but first had to ready themselves against a team that so badly wants to have success against them. This was a wild one as advertised. There were many great plays to get the game to a 10-10 tie with a minute left in the game. With the French Palace crowded with the next two teams watching and a decent contingent of fans on hand…the Ottawa Blues took and 11-10 lead with 1:00 left on the clock. The New Blues tied it at 11-11 with :40 second left. The Ottawa Blues took a 12-11 lead with 30-seconds left. Then the New Blues tied it with :25 seconds left. Finally it ended 12-12.
Ottawa Avengers vs Garbage Men…the only team with a perfect record, the Avengers, came into this one with supreme hero confidence. The G-Men were quietly scheming behind the scenes with a different approach…a new goaltender that will fit into a new defensive strategy that is being employed the G-Men’s new consultant. Garbage pick-up is back on!. The Avengers played their game while the G-Men worked on their game. Portelance was a star in the G-Men net as his team steadily learned and improved. The Ottawa Avengers stay undefeated with a 9-4 win
Thursday Blues, September 22 Highlights:
Ottawa Avengers vs New Blues…Game of the night. The Avengers came out flying and they sustained a furious pace that had the New Blues on their collective heels. By the second period the New Blues were up to speed and in the game to the point where they had a 3-2 lead. By the 3rd period the Avengers held a 6-5 lead late in an end to end entertaining match. The New Blues tied it up 6-6 and things looked to be headed for a tie for the second week in a row for the New Blues. However on the flip side of the coin for the second week in a row the Avengers found another hero to score in the waning seconds for another wild win. 18-seconds were left on the clock when the winner was scored. Ottawa Avengers win 7-6.
Ottawa Blues vs Les Ti-Loups…the Little Wolves roared out to a 2-0 lead. But after that they struggled with coverage as the Ottawa Blues adapted and played a diamond formation that was not covered by the Les-Ti Loups squad. Goaltending was solid in the Blues net as well which made the score a little more lopsided. Ottawa Blues square their record with a 14-4 win.
Garbage Men vs Ottawa 69’s…the 69’s brought out some supreme talent and they seemed to score at will. The G-Men had spurts of offence but their defensive coverage of another team (see above) that played a diamond style offence was almost non-existent. The G-Men and Les Ti-Loups only need to get on the same page for 4-man defensive coverage of this offensive diamond formation and the games will be closer for sure. Ottawa 69’s win 11-3.

Thursday Blues, September 15 Highlights of Opening Night!

Ottawa 69’s vs New Blues…and it started with a whale of a game! The 69’s seemed to have more jump at the beginning and this resulted in a quick lead. At one point in the second period the 69’s were up 5-2. But the New Blues kept to their game plan and kept creating some golden chances and roared back to tie it up 5-5 after two periods. The two teams traded a goal each in the final period and the game was as evenly played as you could get. 6-6 tie.
Ottawa Avengers vs Ottawa Blues…the barn-burner of the night was this one. The Avengers wondered if they could keep up with the defending champion Ottawa Blues. Early on the Avengers were up 3-1 and feeling comfortable with their game. Then the Blues as they always do woke up and blasted into a 6-3 lead. The Avengers never quit and kept it very positive. The Blues meanwhile looked to have the game in hand as they were up 10-7 with less than 4-minutes remaining the 3rd period. The Avengers have many heroes on the squad and later in the session you will read all about each one….so these heroes banded together to score 3 goals with the tying goal jammed in with just over a minute remaining. It looked like another tie was imminent, but the Avengers shocked the Blues with a winner with only 5-seconds left on the clock. Ottawa Avengers are for real as they “upset" for their first OBBHA franchise win in the Thursday Blues division. Ottawa Avengers win 11-10.
Garbage Men vs Les Ti-Loups…and it ended in a whale of a game. The G-Men and the Little Wolves ran end to end all night which seemed impossible on the first night. But both teams had plenty in the tank to go right to the end with the supreme hustle. The G-Men lead the game throughout and headed into the 3rd period up 6-3. Les Ti-Loups made it 6-4 and came so close many times to making it a one goal game, but the G-Men scored another insurance marker to make it a seemingly comfortable 7-4 lead. Les Ti-Loups pulled the goalie and they scored with 1:05 and :25 seconds left in the game to close within one and scare the G-Men, but came up short after this valiant effort. G-Men open up with a 7-6 win.
Some night eh?! Go Canada Go!

A ghost writer has offered the following thoughts on the upcoming Fall Session for the Thursday Blues Division:

Les Ti-Loups – lead by Jason Prevost, these little wolfs have little bark, but a lot of bite. They look more like a football team, and have a few players that can move and score with skill, and make you work in the corners. 

The Ottawa Blues – This is their playground and they have the skill, speed and tenacity to make every game interesting. Ed Wadey and his crew look to bring a perennial Monday night winner to the Thursday league and dominate as they have for years. 

The New Blues – Trevor Polk earned the rights to the name, The New Blues played extremely well vs Ottawa Blues in the Monday Finals last Winter but lost a heartbreaker in Game 3 of the Series. Where the Ottawa Blues rely on their veterans experience, the News Blues are heavy on offense with a group of young speedsters. Expect to be dangled and dazzled by these young guns. 

The Ottawa 69’s – They are back.and have always had a strong team with a group friends that have fun together. They hav been really successful on Monday and Thursday nights in the OBBHA. Expect a strong forecheck and heavy shots from the D, and a guaranteed fun game. 

The Garbage Men – These guys are coming back again, wanting to prove they can play with the big boys. They had a slow start last season, but significantly picked up their game later in the year. These guys can run all night, and pickup the trash around the net. Keep your legs moving, and your man marked well, for the Garbage Man comes once week as do the G-Men!

Ottawa Avengers – this team plays Saturday too, but this line-up has been filled to compete in the creative Thursday Blues Div. The roster is impressive on paper, but can they mesh together to keep up with the furious pace!? Remember Balls In went 7-0 to start the last Thursday session before teams adapted to their game. The key will be for the Avengers to have different heroes every night that can adapt to the distinctly different style each of the teams in this division bring.

Big time fun ahead in this Division!

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From Sunday-Thursday and (Saturday until 7pm), when 3 or more teammates come in to Dooly’s and show their Key Tag you will get 1 Free App and a Free Hour of Pool and when 6 or more teammates come in, double down with 2 Free Apps and a Free Hour of Pool!