Wonderful Wednesday Revolver

Highlights for Wonderful Wednesday 2019 Fall Session September 18th:

Iceland vs Performance Mazda Men…all bets were on for another low scoring game even though the Iceland crew can score in bunches. As all predictions are meant to be thrown out the window at the drop of the ball true to form this was a wild goal scoring game. However the Tweet pic of the night (see top right for Twitter Slider to view) shows Iceland making a fine defensive play. The Iceland crew was in this until late when the Mazda scored a few to end the drama. Performance Mazda Men win 14-9.

The Block vs Grizzlies….a tight game was predicted as both teams always give it there all for the full 3 periods. Markus Esnard in the Grizz net was a factor, but the Bears played a very sound game overall. Grizzlies win 5-3.

Energy Ducks vs Dekes of Hazzard….the Ducks were the big underducks for this one. So the Dekes tried to get their heads into the fact that they could not overlook a dangerous mindset of the dreaded disease of overconfidence! This one even had more goals than the first game. This wild one featured 26 goals and one of them is shown in the Instagram shot of the night (see top right for Instagram Slider to view). The match  was tied 7-7 after two periods, but the Dekes had a huge 3rd period winning the period 8-4. The Dekes of Hazzard win 15-11.

Highlights for Wonderful Wednesday 2019 Fall Session September 11th:

Dekes of Hazzard vs Grizzlies… At 5-4 after two periods for the Grizzlies and they needed a big 3rd to pull away for the victory. In the Instagram pic of the night (see top right for Instagram Slider to view) Kyle Stewart scored a big goal on a breakaway, but the Grizz had the offence in gear for the victory. Grizzlies win 9-6.

Performance Mazda Men vs Energy Ducks…ok so the Ducks have to figure out how the game is played. Passing and ball control will have to be the focus. Making sure the proper players are playing D and Forward.  The Mazda Men exploited these short comings for a convincing win. Time will fix this…but the Ducks need to communicate the message to all on the team from the outset. The Mazda Men have been here before, so they know the next time they play them will be different!  Performance Mazda Men win 16-6.

The Block vs Iceland…The Block built a strong 9-2 lead on the back of Eric Belanger who was relentless on offence early and often. But then Iceland came back to close it to 9-6. Seb the guy in the Block net then made a case for himself for a big contract or least a shot at the starting position as he thwarted the Iceland attack for many key saves to preserve the lead. In the Tweet pic of the night (see top right for Twitter Slider to view) Iceland is seen also trying to stay close by playing inspired defence. The Block had too much offence on this night and pulled away. The Block win 15-8. 

Opening Night Highlights for the Wonderful Wednesday 2019 Fall Session September 4th:

Have a look after each nights games for the Twitter and Instagram shots of the night featuring your favourite players throughout the season! (see sliders to your right of this website to click on for the photo and caption!) Or join to follow!

Performance Mazda Men vs Grizzlies…the boys are back in town! A low scoring game classic as usual!! The Grizzlies carried a 1-0 lead late into the second period on the back of the stellar goaltending from Markus Esnard featured in tonight’s Instagram photo of the night (see top right for Twitter Slider to view). Finally the Mazda Men scored two for the lead and then a late Grizzlies goal was wave off due to a quick whistle on a glove cover up by Mazda Men goalie Nat Girouard fresh off her Gold Medal with our Women’s Team Canada team over-seas at the World Ball Hockey Championships! Congrats Nat!! Performance Mazda Men win 2-1.

Dekes of Hazard vs The Block…the defending champions are a new look for sure as a juggled line-up welcomes a new group of friends to the friendly neighbourhood. The Dekes would of course give them the standard test of ball control and fine passing. The Dekes roared out to a 5-1 lead. The Block slowly crawled back to within 5-3 and then the turning point….in the featured Tweet photo of the night (see top right for Twitter Slider to view) Ryan Girgrah watched a Dekes shot slam off the cross bar and stay out. The Block then took the lead and then the teams traded goals to the end. The Block win 14-11.

Iceland vs Energy Ducks…there are new Ducks in the pond. And what a great way to start with a game vs the wonderful Iceland group who some say the night is named after. This one was close after two periods with Iceland up 6-4. But the Ducks ran out of Energy and Iceland pulled away. Iceland wins 15-6.


Great Winter Session everyone!

See everyone back in September for the Fall 2019 Session…starts after Labour Day Weekend.

Schedule (A-Div and B-Div)  for Wonderful Wednesday Finals and 3rd Seed Matches Wednesday, April  24

Energy Ducks vs Grizzlies (A-Div 3rd Seed Match)…the Ducks were missing some Energy guys on the bench, but the Grizz had the bench and the fans on hand to take 3rd Seed in the A with surprising ease after the Ducks showed such promise the week before. Grizzlies win 12-2.

Performance Mazda Men vs The Block (A-Div Final)…A tight first. The Block took control late in the 2nd period. The Mazda men mounted a comeback early in the 3rd before the Block pulled away late in the game. The Block defend their title and get their 2nd championship in a row. Congrats! The Block win 11-6.

Wonderful Wednesday A-Div Champs! The Block:

Garbage Men vs Yellow Arrows (B-Div 3rd Seed Match)…a tight first. The G-Men took control in the 2nd . A tight 3rd. A great pace for the two teams to showcase their skill. G-Men get the 3rd Seed in the B. Garbage Men win 8-2.

Iceland vs Dekes of Hazzard (B-Div Final)…the Dekes jumped out to an early 4-0 lead and looked to fun away with it, but the Ice Guys kept coming back withing a couple until finally the 4-goal margin established early in the game was the deciding factor. Congrats to the Dekes for the B-Final Championship! Dekes of Hazzard win 13-9.

Wonderful Wednesday B-Div Champs! Dekes of Hazzard:

Highlights for A-Div and B-Div Semi-Finals Wednesday, April 17

Grizzlies vs Performance Mazda Men (A-Div Semi-Final)…well played and close as predicted. 3-3 and 5-4 Mazda Men at the breaks. In the 3rd the Mazda Men scored some pretty goals that required good hands and Bruno on a breakaway was the most impressive of the lot. Mazda Men proceed to the A Final while the Bears play for 3rd next week. Performance Mazda Men win 7-5.

Energy Ducks vs The Block (A-Div Semi-Final)…the Ducks gave the top team a great match. The goaltending of Mike Lynch in the Block net was a factor at keeping Dooby and his Ducks at bay. The Block will get to defend their A title while the Ducks will impressively play for 3rd in the A next week. The Block win 9-5.

Iceland vs Yellow Arrows (B-Div Semi-Final)…Iceland win 7-2.

Garbage Men vs Dekes of Hazzard (B-Div Semi-Final)…by far the fastest game of the night. The speed and quickness was breathtaking. The Dekes jumped out to a quick 3-0 lead and this was the difference in the end. After that the teams played 3-3 evenly for the 2nd and 3rd periods leaving the Dekes up 6-3 before an empty netter put it away. The G-Men once again had an enormous amount of quality chances and heavy shot clock counts. However Shawn Pilon guesting in the Dekes net was out of this world and had folks in the French Palace shaking their heads in wonderment…players and fans alike. Dekes of Hazzard are off the B-Finals while the G-Men will meet the Yellow Stars in the 3rd Seed match for the B. Dekes of Hazzard win 7-3.

New A-Div and B-Div Standings after Game #4 of Revolver Play-offs:


1 The Block

2 Performance Mazda Men

3 Grizzlies

4 Energy Ducks


5 Yellow Arrows

6 Dekes of Hazzard

7 Garbage Men

8 Iceland

Highlights for Revolver Game #4  Wednesday, April 10

Grizzlies vs The Block (2vs1)…a fast pace even though both teams were already in a semi-final position in the A-Div next week. The Block were up 2-0 early and maintained the two goal lead throughout the match. The Block win 6-3.

Iceland vs Dekes of Hazzard (8vs7)…the play-list had the player smiling as it was all “friend" based. Some classics! Iceland had some goalie issues as their #1 had some difficulty getting to the game on time so a player went in….Zander did the Shazam! thing and got the crowd behind him as he gave it his all and played well. Mike Karam the #1 came in cold that was unfair as the Dekes had the offence in gear. Dekes of Hazzard win 15-7.

Yellow Stars vs Performance Mazda Men (4vs3)…Performance Mazda Men win 5-4….a write-up would have been nice as there were some fun moments but too far apart to carve out something nice to say.

Garbage Men vs Energy Ducks (6vs5)…The Ducks had a thief in net (Shawn Pilon) and a sniper on the floor (Andrew Dubroy) who in tandem stole this one from the G-Men who heavily out-shot the Ducks. A late goal by Dooby was the winner as it appeared this one was going to OT. Energy Ducks win 6-5.

New Rankings after Game #3 of Revolver Play-offs:

1 The Block

2 Grizzlies

3 Performance Mazda Men

4 Yellow Arrows

5 Energy Ducks

6 Garbage Men

7 Dekes of Hazzard

8 Iceland

Highlights for Revolver Game #3  Wednesday, April 3

Iceland vs Garbage Men (8vs7)…All G-Men here. Shots on goal were tallied for fun and it was wild!. 48-18, 26-21, 20-20 were the period by period shot count in favour of the G-Men for a total of 94-59. Crazy! Garbage Men win 15-6.

Energy Ducks vs Grizzlies (4vs3)…The Ducks were so unlucky not tie this game up. A great match from start to finish as the Grizz had a great first half and the Ducks were the better team in the 2nd half of the game. Grizzlies win 7-6.

Performance Mazda Men vs The Block (2vs1)…after a poor showing two games ago by the Mazda Men when the two teams met, they wanted to prove that was a one time thing. Well they adapted and gave the defending champs all they could handle in a well played match, At 6-5 late The Block needed a late empty netter to put it away. The Block win 7-5.

Yellow Arrows vs Dekes of Hazzard (6vs5)…break up the Yellow Arrows! For the 2nd straight week the Arrows upset a favourite in a shoot-out. The first period was all Arrows as they carried over their first victory confidence into a 5-0 first period shocker. The Dekes rebounded to make it a 6-4 deficit after two and scored the only 2-goals of the 3rd to tie it all up and force the 5-player shoot-out. It took 8 rounds until finally the Arrows scored the only goal. Yellow Arrows win 7-6 in a shoot-out.

New Rankings after Game #2 of Revolver Play-offs:

1 The Block

2 Performance Mazda Men

3 Grizzlies

4 Energy Ducks

5 Dekes of Hazzard

6 Yellow Arrows

7 Garbage Men

8 Iceland

Highlights for Revolver Game #2  Saturday, March  30

Dekes of Hazzard vs Performance Mazda Men (4vs3)…a great game with the Mazda Men pulling away late for the win. Performance Mazda Men win 7-4.

Yellow Arrows vs Iceland (8vs7)…first franchise win for the Yellow Arrows!!! Congrats!! It took a shoot-out and the full 5 rounds but they finally did it! Yellow Arrows win 8-7.

Grizzlies vs The Block (2vs1)…a close but wild first period left The Block up 7-5. in the 2nd some separation at 11-6 before the Block closed it in the final period. The Block win 15-7.

Energy Ducks vs Garbage Men (6vs5)…shocker of the day! Energy Ducks win 13-4!

New Rankings after Game #1 of Revolver Play-offs:

1 The Block

2 Grizzlies

3 Performance Mazda Men

4 Dekes of Hazzard

5 Garbage Men

6 Energy Ducks

7 Iceland

8 Yellow Arrows

Highlights Game #1  Wednesday, March  27

Performance Mazda Men vs The Block (2vs1)…this one was closer than what the score indicates. PMM played structurally well but were out sniped. The Block win 13-4.

Iceland vs Dekes of Hazzard (6vs5)…Dekes of Hazzard win 8-5.

Garbage Men vs Grizzlies (4vs3)…the difference was the 2nd period. 2-1 Grizzlies after one and then they exploded near the end of the 2nd for a 6-2 lead. The 3rd was played 2-2. Grizzlies win 8-4.

Yellow Arrows vs Energy Ducks (8vs7)…Best game of the night. Everyone had fun and played hard. The Ducks held leads but the Arrows kept creeping back closer until finally late in the game the Ducks scored a couple to pull away. Energy Ducks win 9-6.

The 4-game Revolver format to produce the A-Div and B-Div pools for those semi-finals and Finals works like this:

2vs1/4vs3/6vs5/8vs7…winners move up a bracket and losers move down after each of the 4-games (hence the name Revolver)

After the 4 games the top 4 will be in the A-Div while the B-Div will the 5 through 8 Seeds.

See schedule each week…see standings that will be added below as we move into the 4-game play-off revolver:

BUT FIRST March 5 Highlights!

Iceland vs Yellow Arrows…a complete game shut-out pitched by Iceland in a great team effort. The Yellow guys were shooting arrows but were unlucky not to score as iron was heard a couple of times. Iceland win 8-0.

Grizzlies vs Performance Mazda Men…a perfectly played game by both sides. 2-2 tie.

Energy Ducks vs Garbage Men…a wild wild crazy crazy game. It looked like the Ducks would win this, but the G-Men as is their pattern…came roaring back for an emotional one goal come from behind win. G-Men win 14-13.

The Block vs Dekes of Hazzard…the Dekes showed they can play with the top team. It was a great game. At 8-8 late the Block got a couple of simply amazing skilled goals to pull away. The Block win 12-9.

February 27 Highlights:

Dekes of Hazzard vs Iceland…for two periods the game could have gone either way as the Dekes held slim leads at the breaks of 3-2 and 6-4. But in the 3rd the shorter Iceland bench hurt and the Dekes took over. Dekes of Hazzard win 14-8.

Yellow Arrows vs Energy Ducks…a very fun time! The Ducks were up 5-1 after one but the Arrows rallied to within 7-5 and were only down 8-7 with the goalie pulled. The Ducks put it away with an empty netter….and the first star of the game was Simon Zimmerman with 4 goals for the Ducks.

Grizzlies vs The Block…The Block win 11-8.

Garbage Men vs Performance Mazda Men…great night-cap to end the night. End to end stuff and lots of fun. The G-Men lead throughout but the Mazda Men as always were within striking distance but ran out of time. G-Men win 8-6.

Note there will be no games Feb 13 due to the Big Snow Storm…re-scheduled for March 6

And note there are no games scheduled Feb 20 as per previously informed

Play resumes on February 27 (see schedule)

February 6 Highlights:

Performance Mazda Men vs Yellow Arrows…the Arrows were tested without the number one ranked goalie of the night in their net. The full story was about the Yellow Arrows despite the loud distractions from the Mazda Men guests. The Yellow Stars played their best hockey yet. The Mazda Men stack up and match up well vs every team. It is now quite evident the Stars match up well vs the style of play the Mazda Men play. It was an awesome game. The Mazda Men were able to squeak out a one goal win as they so often do. Performance Mazda Men win 3-2.

Grizzlies vs Energy Ducks…the Ducks were without their number one goalie and number one offensive threat so a team game must have been employed or it would be lights out. It looked bleak after one at 5-1 Grizzlies and then 6-1 early in the 2nd. Then some how the Ducks figured out that passing is the key to success. They closed to 6-4 after one period and had the game tied 7-7 late. The Grizz appeared to have the winner with less than two minutes to go only to have the Ducks pull one of the hat and tie it all up in the final minute. 8-8 tie.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Garbage Men…interesting contrasts in styles of play. Passing vs speed and grit. Close game for the first two periods at 3-3 and 5-4 G-Men. In the 3rd it appeared the Dekes were going home the victors, but the G-Men pulled out a wild rally and scored 3 goals in the final few minutes to tie it up for a fun ending. 9-9 tie.

The Block vs Iceland…last session Iceland gave the defending champs some fits. This one was weird. No goalie for most of the first period for The Block due to a late arrival…so they played 5 on 4 and built a 6-0 lead until their goalie arrived and then promptly let in a goal late in the period for the 6-1 lead. Maybe not surprisingly the Icelanders closed to 6-4 and then only down 7-6 after two periods as they took it to The Block 4 on 4. In the 3rd it was 10-9 for the Block and then they scored two late to finally close out a resilient opponent. The Block win 12-9. 

January 30 Highlights:

Energy Ducks vs The Block…the Ducks needed a full line-up for this match vs the top ranked Block. They did and they had an excellent first period only down 3-2. But lost the 2nd 3-0 and the 3rd 4-1 as they got away from smart passing and some defensive coverage down low in their own end. The Block took advantage of all that in the 2nd and 3rd. The Block win 10-3.

Iceland vs Performance Mazda Men…the ice-men needed to get their team game in order quickly vs the well coached Mazda Men. 1-1 and 2-2 at the breaks a the goalies were terrific and the teams went step for step together. The Mazda Men won the 3rd period 4-0 as Iceland go away from their team game just enough for gaps to form and the Mazda Men took advantage. Performance Mazda Men win 6-2.

Yellow Arrows vs Dekes of Hazzard…the Dekes have struggled a bit of late and the Arrows have been improving with each game. So this one had an interesting outlook to it from the outset. A couple of late goals in the 1st gave the Dekes some breathing room at 4-1. In the 2nd it was all Dekes for an 8-2 lead. In the 3rd the Yellow Arrows threw some orange arrows to narrow it to 8-6 and make in very interesting as they miss a couple of mint chances before giving up a late goal. Dekes of Hazzard win 9-6.

Garbage Men vs Grizzlies…for the night cap a fast and intense run was the forecast. The game was the best of the night. The G-Men had period break leads of 1-0 and 3-2. It was 4-4 early in the 3rd and stayed that way as the teams were so evenly matched it was tough to get any second chances after an initial opportunity. 4-4 tie.

January 23 Highlights:

Dekes of Hazzard vs Grizzlies…a longtime storyline for this match-up! This one opened up the night. The Dekes went down the depth chart to find the “Amazing Steve" of D fame to make his OBBHA debut in the net and he did just fine thank you very much! The Grizzlies simply were better on this night. Grizzlies win 10-6.

Yellow Arrows vs The Block…the Arrows biggest test against the top ranked team. The did very well against the power house offence of the Block…they could power several Blocks and put Hyro to shame! A Fun and interesting game. The Block win 13-7.

Performance Mazda Men vs Energy Ducks…the Ducks were excited to see how they would fair vs probably the most structured team in the OBBHA. The Ducks were up 4-2 after one period. Then that structure came into play and the Mazda Men simply put a wet blanket on the Duck offence. Performance Mazda men win 11-4.

Garbage Men vs Iceland…both teams were without their starting goaltenders. And alas a mutual decision to take a tie for the sake of the weather. 0-0 tie

January 16 Highlights:

Grizzlies vs Yellow Arrows….another interesting test for the New Arrows! They were given a fun opening in the French Palace by the special effects crew and then it was game on! The Arrows played a greatly improved game from the opening night game. Defence was covering well and there was some nice plays up front that resulted in goals. More control is still needed. The Grizzlies did just enough to win. Grizzlies win 6-3.

Performance Mazda Men vs Dekes of Hazzard…the Mazda Men were coming off a very strong performance last week…a real Zoom Zoom Mazda performance! They were up against what all the pundits were saying is the dark horse of the Winter Session, the impressive passing team known as the Dekes of Hazzard. There was general excitement about the game in advance. In the end the Dekes were a out of sync from the openign whistle and the Mazda Men were once again on their game. Performance Mazda Men zoom to a win 8-3.

The Block vs Garbage Men…both teams have chemistry on their side. Question was could the G-Men match the passing game The Block have mastered. The hustle was not in question from both sides. The G-Men were unlucky to not score more than they did. At 4-1 Block in the 3rd the game could have turned but The Block pulled away in the 3rd on the strength of some nifty back door plays while Mike Lynch stymied the G-Men on many occasions. The Block win 9-3.

Iceland vs Energy Ducks…always a fun game between these two. The Ducks are an improved team and Iceland has a core that always makes the game interesting. The Ducks lacked the energy of a full bench…their short bench was disappointing and Iceland took full advantage. Iceland win 8-2.

A Wonderful Wednesday Welcome Back!

January 9 Highlights for Opening Night!

Performance Mazda Men vs The Block…how about a rematch of last sessions A-Div Final to kick things off! And it was the game of the night. Simply put Dana in the Mazda Men net was the star of the game. He was on fire and made brilliant save after brilliant save. So much so his team was up 6-5 until finally a buzzer beater by The Block tied it up in a riveting match from start to finish. 6-6 tie.

Iceland vs Grizzlies…who had more Xmas excesses on their bellies for this one? A great game for the most part until emotions from Xmas’ past surfaced. Grizzlies win 8-6.

Energy Ducks vs Dekes of Hazzard….both teams have tweaked their line-ups so this one was an interesting look from the outset. A well played close game. The only difference was at 3-3 late in the 2nd the Dekes exploded for 3 quick goals for a 6-3 lead. The 3rd was again tight as the teams traded a pair of goals each. Dekes of Hazzard win 8-5.

Garbage Men vs Yellow Arrows…the G-Men the B-Div defending champs were interested to see how the brand new Yellow Arrows team would be. Everyone knew they have a top end goalie, but how would their team structure play out? It was close at 2-1 G-Men after one. The 3rd was close too as the G-Men took that period 3-1. The 2nd was the difference maker as the G-Men won that 4-0. The first star was Dave Labelle in the Arrows net as made a ton of saves that had the G-Men applauding. G-Men win 9-2.


A wonderfully fun time all Fall! See everyone back at it on Wednesday, January 9th

Highlights for A-Div and B-Div Finals and 3rd Seed Matches Wednesday, Nov  28

Grizzlies vs Energy Ducks (B-Div 3rd Seed Match)…The Ducks once again kept in this with Dooby power but were just one shot or two behind from the get-go. The Grizz really gave it all with a short bench and prevailed in the end. Wade was the surprise sniper for the Grizz as was an appearance from Cory! Grizzlies win 12-9.

Iceland vs Sticks and Balls (A-Div 3rd Seed Match)…Iceland held leads for most of the game. But the Sticks and Balls rallied to tie despite their captain going down with injury. The shoot-out was needed and it was iced by the Icelanders. Iceland win 8-7.

Performance Mazda Men vs The Block (A-Div Final)…the big crowd came in as was expected and they were thrilled by their heroes as they jumped out to a 3-0 first period lead. The Mazda Men as always stayed in it and were down 5-2 after two and 6-3 more than half-way through the 3rd. Then they had to try and take some chances to score and The Block capitalized late to run away with it and the A Championship for the first time! Congrats to The Block. The Block win 9-3…see pic below.

Garbage Men vs Dekes of Hazzard (B-Div Final)…G-Men win! G-Men win! After so many, many, many, many, many, many, tries! It was not easy as the Dekes have many championships under their belt and many appearances in the finals as runner ups too, so they were very battle tested! It all came down to an 8-6 Dekes lead late in the game. G-Men team captain AJ Does had limped off earlier with a “Charlie Horse" and looked doubtful to return. But he gutted out a late shift and was instrumental in the wild comeback to tie the game up at 8-8 and force a shoot-out. In the shoot-out guess who scored the winner. AJ Does does the trick!! Congrats to the G-Men!!! Garbage Men win 9-8…see pic below.

A-Div Champs The Block!

B-Div Champs Garbage Men!

Highlights for A-Div and B-Div semi-finals  Wednesday, Nov  21:

Sticks and Balls vs Performance Mazda Men vs (A-Div semi-final 3vs2)…this was a magnificent game from start to the exciting finish. The Mazda Men were up 3-1 after the first break, but the Sticks and Balls turned it around in the 2nd for a 5-4 lead. Late in the 3rd period with 1:30 remaining the Sticks and Balls were up 7-5. The Mazda Men staged the wild comeback including the equalizer with just 6-seconds remaining. In the 5 player shoot-out the Mazda Men won it by by the 4th round as Dana shut the door for the Mazda Men in nets. The Mazda Men are off to next weeks A-Div final while the Sticks and Balls vie for the 3rd Seed. Performance Mazda Men win 8-7 in shoot-out.

Energy Ducks vs Garbage Men (B-Div semi-final 7vs6)…Usaamah Gill in the G-Men net would not let the Ducks, specifically Andrew Dubroy, get close. The G-Men offence was clicking well to get them into the B-Final while the Ducks will play for the B-Div 3rd Seed. G-Men win 11-4.

Grizzlies vs Dekes of Hazzard (B-Div semi-final 8vs5)…Another wonderfully played game between these two long time friends. Close throughout, but the Dekes had just enough offence from their passing game to pull it off and get into the B-Div Final next week. The Grizz will be in the 3rd Seed Match for the B-Div. Dekes of Hazzard win 7-5. 

Iceland vs The Block (A-Div semi-final 4vs1)…The Block roared out to 7-2 lead. Then the Icelanders closed it to 7-5, but a short bench handi-capped them as they lost the legs for coverage and the Block pulled away to reach the A-Div Final. Iceland will play in the 3rd Seed Match game as their very successful season is still viewed as very positive. The Block win 14-6.

Everyone received a sample of Head & Shoulders Old Spice Pure Sport anti-dandruff shampoo which helps get rid of dandruff and does so with a manly Old Spice scent.

If you have Struts take a photo of you and some or all of your team with one sample only for submission to Head and Shoulders….you could win $300 for a team party at Ralph’s!

(staged or funny will give you a better chance of winning we are told…so for example one player (or all) with shampoo in his hair might do the trick!)

As Doug Gilmour said back in 1994 “you can’t hide under the helmet all the time"


Play clean!

John and Jason at the OBBHA

November 14 Highlights: Revolver Game #4 of 4

Dekes of Hazzard vs Performance Mazda Men vs (4vs3)…winner will move into the A-Div semi-final while the other will play in the B-Div semi-final. The Mazda Men got the lead they wanted early as everyone now knows they can stifle offences and win the low scoring games. True to form this happened as they held a 4-2 lead after one and then scored the only goal of the 2nd and tied the 3rd 1-1. The Dekes tried valiantly to get untracked and during the times they did Dana in the Mazda Men net made huge key saves. The Dekes get top seed on the B-Div while the Mazda Men get 3rd seed in the A-div semi. Performance Mazda Men win 6-3.

Energy Ducks vs Iceland (6vs5)…one of these surprising teams will be in the A-Div semi next week as the other will vie for a birth in the B-Div Final. It was a wild offensive show. Very fun to watch! The fans were into it. Iceland held the lead for the entire game but the Ducks kept on coming back to within one. Finally Iceland held on as the Duck dominated for long stretches. Iceland gets 4th Seed in the A-Div while the Ducks will be in the B-Div semi-finals. Iceland win 13-11.

Garbage Men vs Grizzlies (8vs7)…a placement game for next weeks B-Div semi-finals. This was a very closely played game at a torrid pace. Not as much scoring as one would have thought as the goaltending was solid. The G-Men had the lead throughout and in the 3rd had just enough insurance to win comfortably. Both teams playing well as the B-Div Semi-finals are set now. G-Men win 7-4.

Sticks and Balls vs The Block (2vs1)…both teams have punched their ticket into the A-Div play-offs, so a tune up match for the night-cap. How about another 13-11 final! Yep. A crazy pace with some beauty goals. Top seed was at stake and the boys went all out. The Block scored an empty netter in the finals seconds to get top seed in the A-Div. The Block win 13-11.

New Play-off Pools after Game #4 of Revolver Play-offs:

Pool A:

1 The Block

2 Performance Mazda Men

3 Sticks and Balls

4 Iceland

Pool B:

5 Dekes of Hazzard

6 Garbage Men

7 Energy Ducks

8 Grizzlies

Here is the schedule for A-Div and B-Div semi-finals  Wednesday, Nov  21

6:30pm =  Sticks and Balls vs Performance Mazda Men vs (A-Div semi-final 3vs2)

7:30pm = Energy Ducks vs Garbage Men (B-Div semi-final 7vs6)

8:30pm = Grizzlies vs Dekes of Hazzard (B-Div semi-final 8vs5)

9:30pm = Iceland vs The Block (A-Div semi-final 4vs1) 

November 7 Highlights: Revolver Game #3 of 4

Energy Ducks vs Garbage Men (8vs7)…the first period was a shoot the lights out start as the G-Men went up 6-5. The fire wagon hockey did not stop and big 2nd by the Ducks had them up 12-7 and they kept the lead in the 3rd. Energy Ducks win 16-12

The Block vs Performance Mazda Men (2vs1)…great moments at times for a top seeded game. Emotions must be kept under control. The Block win 9-7.

Sticks and Balls vs Iceland (4vs3)…0-0 after one. Sticks and Balls were first to break the bubble and then some in the 2nd for a 5-1 lead. A smartly played 3rd kept the lead despite a hard effort from the Ice crew. Sticks and Balls win 9-4.

Grizzlies vs Dekes of Hazzard (6vs5)…another classic match-up as these teams are near the top for two teams meeting each over the years (Tsunamis vs Wild Dawgs lead the pack in that stat).The Grizz held the lead for most of the game including up 5-2 in the 3rd. The Dekes score 3 late goals including the equalizer with 1:33 left on the clock. In the shoot-out it went 9 rounds so the repeat shooter after all 8 from both teams had shot decided it. Dekes of Hazzard win 6-5.

New Rankings after Game #3 of Revolver Play-offs:

1 The Block

2 Sticks and Balls

3 Performance Mazda Men

4 Dekes of Hazzard

5 Iceland

6 Energy Ducks

7 Grizzlies

8 Garbage Men

Here is the schedule for Revolver Game #4  Wednesday, Nov  14

6:30pm = Dekes of Hazzard vs Performance Mazda Men vs (4vs3)

7:30pm = Energy Ducks vs Iceland (6vs5)

8:30pm = Garbage Men vs Grizzlies (8vs7)

9:30pm = Sticks and Balls vs The Block (2vs1) 

Oct 31 Highlights: Revolver Game #2 of 4

Energy Ducks vs Grizzlies (8vs7)…a trick or treat game as the Ducks had too many out of the nest so some old Blues came out for the very fun run that ended 13-13….but officially Grizzlies win 5-0.

Sticks and Balls vs Garbage Men (6vs5)…tons of offence here. The two teams went end to end and it was fascinating to watch this entertaining show. 4-4 after one. The Sticks and Balls had just a little more offence as they were up 10-6 after two periods and kept the lead in the 3rd. Sticks and Balls win 14-11

Performance Mazda Men vs Iceland (2vs1)…everyone was pumped for this one with no sugar rush needed. Iceland had never lost. Mazda Men have been impressive of late playing their best hockey. This ended up all Mazda Men as Iceland can put this one on ice and move on. But Mazda Men want to bottle this and open it up again next week! Performance Mazda Men win 10-3.

Dekes of Hazzard vs The Block (4vs3)…compelling on paper as the two teams like to pass and like to run hard in all areas of the playing surface. So a wild one took place….the Dekes were up 8-2 at one point and 8-3 heading into the final period. Then the Block tied it 8-8. Dekes go up 9-8 only to have the Block tie it at 9-9. Dekes score with just under a minute and the Block with just 7 ticks left on the clock. In the 5-player shoot-out the Block win in 3.5 shots. Block win 11-10.

New Rankings after Game #2 of Revolver Play-offs:

1 Performance Mazda Men

2 The Block

3 Iceland

4 Sticks and Balls

5 Dekes of Hazzard

6 Grizzlies

7 Garbage Men

8 Energy Ducks

Here is the schedule for Revolver Game #3  Wednesday, Nov  7

6:30pm = Energy Ducks vs Garbage Men (8vs7)

7:30pm = The Block vs Performance Mazda Men (2vs1)

8:30pm = Sticks and Balls vs Iceland (4vs3)

9:30pm = Grizzlies vs Dekes of Hazzard (6vs5)

Oct 24 Highlights: Revolver Game #1 of 4

Sticks and Balls vs Energy Ducks (8vs7)…Sticks and Balls reversed the outcome from last week with authority! Sticks and Balls win 12-3.

Iceland vs The Block (2vs1)…the block was quiet. Icleland wins 5-0.

Performance Mazda Men vs Garbage Men (4vs3)…after last weeks thriller this was the game to watch! 2-1 Mazda Men after one and then 6-3 Mazda Men after two. At this point the defensive minded Mazda Men would be tough to beat despite the G-Men’s ability to sharp shoot at times. It played out with a few more goals with the lead intact. Performance Mazda Men win 9-5.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Grizzlies (6vs5)…a classic rivalry for the night-cap. Grizz score twice in first and then dekes 4 in the 2nd. A great save in the final seconds of the 2nd by Markus Esnard in the Grizz net kept it close but the Dekes scored quickly in the 3rd for a 6-2 lead. The Grizz made it interesting at 6-4 but an empty netter put it away. Dekes of Hazzard win 7-4.

New Rankings after Game #1 of Revolver Play-offs:

1 Iceland

2 Performance Mazda Men

3 The Block

4 Dekes of Hazzard

5 Garbage Men

6 Sticks and Balls

7 Grizzlies

8 Energy Ducks

Here is the schedule for Revolver Game #2  Wednesday, Oct  31

6:30pm = Energy Ducks vs Grizzlies (8vs7)

7:30pm = Sticks and Balls vs Garbage Men (6vs5)

8:30pm = Performance Mazda Men vs Iceland (2vs1)

9:30pm = Dekes of Hazzard vs The Block (4vs3) 

The 4-game Revolver format to produce the A-Div and B-Div pools for those semi-finals and Finals works like this:

2vs1/4vs3/6vs5/8vs7…winners move up a bracket and losers move down after each of the 4-games (hence the name Revolver)

After the 4 games the top 4 will be in the A-Div while the B-Div will the 5 through 8 Seeds.

See schedule each week…see standings below as we move into the play-off revolver:

1 The Block

2 Iceland

3 Garbage Men

4 Performance Mazda Men

5 Grizzlies

6 Dekes of Hazzard

7 Energy Ducks

8 Sticks and Balls

Here is the schedule for Revolver Game #1  Wednesday, Oct  24

6:30pm = Sticks and Balls vs Energy Ducks (8vs7)

7:30pm = Iceland vs The Block (2vs1)

8:30pm = Performance Mazda Men vs Garbage Men (4vs3)

9:30pm = Dekes of Hazzard vs Grizzlies (6vs5)

October 17 Highlights: Quite a night of games to set up the start of the play-off revolver!

Dekes of Hazzard vs Iceland…the game was wild as the Dekes deserved a better outcome as Mike Karam stole this one for the surprising Iceland crew. Iceland wins 8-7.

Sticks and Balls vs Energy Ducks…the Ducks have signed Shawn Pilon as their number one goalie and he gave the Ducks renewed confidence as they responded with a big effort vs the always game Sticks and Balls.Both teams meet in the first play-off revolver next week! Energy Ducks win 9-7.

Garbage Men vs Performance Mazda Men…after this amazing game everyone is pumped these two teams will again next week for the opening revolver play-off. The Mazda Men were up 5-1 only to have the G-Men roar back to take a 6-5 lead. Then with the Mazda Men up 8-7 the G-Men scored in the final minute to tie. 8-8 tie.

Grizzlies vs The Block…The Block win and they take first place despite losing to Iceland earlier in the season…they would hold the first tie-breaker which is total wins (then the head to head match). The Block were up 5-3 after one but the Grizzlies would not go away as the teams traded a goal each in the 2nd to leave it 6-4 Block. The 3rd was fast paced and a flurry of goals had the teams tied 7-7, then the Block made it 8-7 with about 8-minutes left. The Grizz came on strong to try and tie it all up, but could not. The Block win 8-7. 

October 10 Highlights:

Grizzlies vs Performance Mazda Men…the Mazda Men won the opening period 1-0 and the two teams played a scoreless 3rd. It was the 2nd period that was the difference as the Mazda Men were on fire winning the middle frame 7-1. Performance Mazda Men win 8-1.

Energy Ducks vs Garbage Men…one of two wild games that had lots of goals and ended in a tie. The G-Men were once again short benched but again played their best ball hockey. The G-Men were down 3-0, came back to tie and were down again in the 3rd period but rallied to be up 8-7 as they scored with 27-seconds left in the game. But the Ducks scored a buzzer beater to tie it all up. 8-8 tie.

Iceland vs Sticks and Balls…Sticks and Balls were up 6-0 after the first period. After the 2nd things looked interesting as Iceland thawed out and were down 10-6 after a flurry of goals in the middle period. In the 3rd it was wild and the Sticks and Balls were up by one goal twice only to have Iceland track them down again. 12-12 tie.

The Block vs Dekes of Hazzard…The Block played like it was a fire drill. And there was! The Dekes had their moments but tired as the Block used the noisy French Palace and their crowd to their full advantage and passed extremely well for the win. The Block win 13-5.

October 3 Highlights:

The Block vs Iceland…Iceland was hot ice in the 1st for a 4-1 lead. The Block responded with 4-1 2nd period win of their own. 5-5 heading into the 3rd and it was close until late in the game the Iceland squad upped the offence for the win. Iceland win 11-8.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Garbage Men…similar passing styles made this a very fun game. Dekes were up 5-2 after one but the G-Men won the 2nd 5-0 and carried the 7-5 lead until late in the game and pulled away. Garbage Men win 11-8.

Grizzlies vs Energy Ducks…all bears here as the Duks had trouble on offence. Grizzlies turn the table on their blow out loss last week. Grizzlies win 13-2.

Performance Mazda Men vs Sticks and Balls…the night cap. A great game to end it. And low scoring one to boot. 2-2 after one and then 3-2 Sticks and Ball after one. Finally with 1:04 remaining and the score knotted up at 3-3 the Sticks and Balls were caught with too many men and Mazda capitalized on the penalty shot for a one goal lead. With 6-seconds remaining Sticks and Balls received a penalty shot to try and tie it again, but were thwarted by a great Dana save! Performance Mazda Men win 4-3.

September 26 Highlights:

Energy Ducks vs The Block…the hounds were let loose for this one. Goals were plenty as the teams went end to end. 4-2 and 9-5 for the Bock at the period breaks as they seemed just a step ahead throughout. However the Ducks closed it to 9-8 and then missed a penalty shot to tie it before the Block pulled away with 2 late tallies. The Block win 11-8.

Iceland vs Performance Mazda Men…a tightly played game was expected and that what we got. Goals were only from hard work and passing plays. 2-1 Mazda Men after one period who unveiled their new red shirts…a very zoom! zoom! look and they had some jump in their game too. 3-3 heading to the 3rd and Iceland scored 2 big goals at the 4 and 8 minute marks for a 5-3 lead. With 10 minutes remaining the pace remained torrid. Finally at 6-5 for Iceland they iced it with an empty netter. Iceland win 7-5.

Sticks and Balls vs Dekes of Hazzard…a slow start for S&B, but an amazing start for the Dekes who were up 7-2 after one period. The 2nd seemed destined for a scoreless period but then it went crazy. With 5-minutes left in that 2nd the Dekes went up 9-2, but the Sticks and Balls quickly made it 9-6 before the end of the period. They closed it to 9-8 before the Dekes prevailed in the end. Dekes of Hazzard win 12-10.

Garbage Men vs Grizzlies…the fans were interested in this match and it was a pick-em game as the pundits did not who to favour going into this intriguing match up. The G-Men were short benched and the Grizz had a full bear den. Somehow this score will shock you. Garbage Men win 10-1.

September 19 Highlights:

Dekes of Hazzard vs Grizzlies…the Dekes were short their usual roster and it showed as the Grizzlies came in with most of their fire-power and thoroughly dominated this contest. Grizzlies win 9-3.

Garbage Men vs Iceland…a wonderful match minus a few emotional moments. Iceland won this one by a goal but a few quick whistles late in the game went Iceland’s way as the G-Men tried for the equalizer. Noteworthy was the G-Men bringing out alumni supreme in the nets Riel Quimet who was stellar and is expected back next week for an encore. Iceland win 6-5.

Sticks and Balls vs The Block…a tight first period and then it was all Block. Half-moons for the fans on both sides but the sugar rush for the final periods was all Block who tic-tac-toed their way to an impressive offensive win. Stick and Balls had some flurries but either missed the net or were robbed by Seb in the Block net who is ever improving each game out.. Oh and who will ever forget the Pat Carter “Helicopter move"?! The Block win 13-2.

Performance Mazda Men vs Energy Ducks…game of the night! High intensity and very close checking. The goalies Dana and Ryan were on their games so nothing came easy. The Ducks were up 2-0 and then the Mazda Men came back to tie (a Duck disputed non-whistle to tie it up)  and hit the post in the dying seconds of the 2nd period….all be it disputed to some degree. Then with the Ducks down 3-2 a distracted potential missed call quickly led to a tying goal that had the Mazda Men up in arms all in vain as this game ended appropriately tied. Both teams played a hard clean game. 3-3 tie.

September 12 Highlights:

The Block vs Garbage Men…this was some kind of game! The Block took a huge 7-3 lead after the first period, but the G-Men kept clawing their way back into it. It ended up 23 goals were scored in a one goal game. From all those goals two stood out….one backhander by Pat Portelance that was a rocket top corner as he fought off a check…the other was Trevor Polk showing some Polk stuff of the past with a running deking play that beat a D-man and the goalie. The Block hang on for a 12-11 win.

Grizzlies vs Sticks and Balls…The Grizz left port without their captain as they looked forlornly at the shoreline looking for Captain Chris. However they came out of the harbour like Bears for a quick 3-0 lead. They held that 3 goal lead heading into the 3rd up 5-2. Then the Sticks and Balls were finally able to solve Makcus Esnard who had up to that point stolen the show. The Sticks and Balls scored 5 goals in the 3rd to edge out the Grizz. Sticks and Balls win 7-6.

Iceland vs Energy Ducks…the Ducks played well and this bodes well for future games, particularly since they still have not debuted their top player yet….A D are the initials and if you don’t know who that is now you will know soon! Iceland had the offence moving and working on all cylinders. Iceland win 11-6.

Performance Mazda Men vs Dekes of Hazzard…the Dekes were also without their captain but with notice as Kaptain Kyle was taking a beating in his baseball finals….ball hockey is better kyle! This was a tight affair however the Dekes wer up 5-2 in the second but the Mazda boys rallied to close it to 5-4 before the end of the period. In the 3rd it was 7-7 with lots of time remaining and the clubs played to win but nobody could get the winner in an excellent match. 7-7 tie.

Opening Night Highlights for the Fall Session September 5th…Our 10th Season Anniversary!!

Garbage Men vs Sticks and Balls…G-Men win 10-7

Performance Mazda Men vs The Block…The Block win 7-6

Iceland vs Grizzlies…7-7 tie

Energy Ducks vs Dekes of Hazzard….DOH wins 14-2 


What a great season! See everyone back in the Fall for the 10th Season of the OBBHA!

Here are the highlights for the A & B-Div Finals on Wednesday, April 18

(B-Div 3rd Seed) Energy Line vs Grizzlies…yes the top seeds in the B-Div are not in the Finals! So this match-up was more interesting than most 3rd Seed games. How about Energy Line taking the game with two late goals as the 6-6 tie looked to be going to a shoot-out! Energy Line takes 3rd Seed. Grizzlies go from the top to the bottom from one session to the next to show you how close this division is! Energy Line wins 8-6. 

(A-Div Final)  Performance Mazda Men vs Wounded Ducks…defence vs offence. The Ducks had the crowd and the Mazda Men had….well they had Frank. The Mazda Men were on their game in the first period only down 2-1 and the Ducks could not get untracked with any consistent ball movement. But two goals early in the 2nd made it 4-1 and the Ducks then found their passing and took over long stretches of the game. Mazda Men were unlucky not to score more on their 28 shots on goal, but the Ducks had close to 60 and that was the recipe for the Ducks. Congrats to the Ducks as the top dogs! Wounded Ducks win 8-2.

A-Div Champion Wounded Ducks:

(B-Div Final) Pass it! vs The Block…unpredictable at best!! Fast forward to 9-9 late and then the Block show-cased their offence yet again and to pull away for the B-Div Title. Congrats The Block on their first OBBHA title after a few disappointments along the way. This team is best when they are having fun. B-Div Champs The Block win 14-10.

B-Div Champions The Block:

(A-Div 3rd Seed)  Iceland vs Dekes of Hazzard…a fun time was the ultimate goal. It was very successful as the game was a treat to watch as counter-attacks occurred most of the night which made for tons of chances. The goalies had a massive work out for this one. The Dekes jumped out to a big lead and never gave it up, save for a stretch in the 2nd up 7-4 and Iceland missed a few great chances. Dekes take 3rd Seed in the A-div. Dekes of Hazzard win 11-6.

Highlights for the A & B-Div semi-finals on Wednesday, April 11

(B-Div Semi-Final 3vs2) The Block vs Energy Line…Energy Line looked to have an upset in the making with a 2-1 lead at the first break an only down 3-2 heading to the 3rd. But a short bench hurt them in the end. Too bad as they played a top team very well! They will now vie for the 3rd Seed next week. The Block will have another kick at the B-Div title they just missed out on last Xmas. The Block win 6-4.

(A-Div Semi-Final 3vs2) Iceland  vs Wounded Ducks…A game of turn of events! In the first period it was all Iceland as they built a hard working 6-2 lead after the first period of action. The Ducks seemed to be headed for disaster as a pejorative attitude prevailed on the bench. To the rescue?! Ducks team captain/leader/offence supreme/OBBHA ambassador Andrew Dubroy had his Mom come out of nowhere to make an impression! Mrs. Duck happens to be the Ducks #1 fan and rivals Godsons Taylor as the best fan in the OBBHA. She tuned in the bench to smile, have fun and play as a team! The Ducks then scored 7 in the 2nd period and added another 6 in the 3rd period. All unanswered!!! Note that Ducks goalie Ryan Girgrah shut it down for the final two periods and added an assist to the offensive juggernaut. Ducks are in Final while Iceland will play for 3rd in the A-Div which is a huge accomplishment on its own! Wounded Ducks win 15-6.

(A-Div Semi-Final 4vs1) Performance Mazda Men vs Dekes of Hazzard…a wild one! Both teams played their hearts out from the start right to the gut-wrenching final second! The Dekes held 3-1 and 5-3 period break leads and seemed destined to win. Even up 5-4 with the final seconds ticking down the Dekes looked locked in for another shot at the Finals. But with the goalie pulled the Mazda Men shocked the many French Palace on-lookers with a tying goal with 8-seconds remaining. Then the Dekes took a long shot for the win only to lose focus including their goaltender as the Mazda Men gathered up the loose ball and fired the ball in desperation and it went in with 1-second remaining to electrify the awed onlookers!! The Mazda Men march into the Finals, while the Dekes make a 3rd Seed match-up date with an old friend next week.  Performance Mazda Men win 6-5.

(B-Div Semi-Final 4vs1) Pass it! vs Grizzlies…hold on a second. This night was full of surprises. So how about another! Pass it! has never beaten the Bears and they did on this night to make their first ever Final!! Congrats to this long time franchise for gutting out many lessons to make this historic date next week. It is versus the The Block who many predicted to take the A-Div crown, but they did just beat the A-Div defending champs tonight! So who knows? But the fans will be sure to be behind the under-dogs!!! Pass it! wins 6-5


1 Dekes of Hazzard

2 Wounded Ducks

3 Iceland

4 Performance Mazda Men


1 Grizzlies

2 Energy Line

3 The Block

4 Pass it!

Here is the schedule for the A & B-Div semi-finals on Wednesday, April 11

6:30pm = (B-Div Semi-Final 3vs2) The Block vs Energy Line

7:30pm =  (A-Div Semi-Final 3vs2) Iceland  vs Wounded Ducks

8:30pm = (A-Div Semi-Final 4vs1) Performance Mazda Men vs Dekes of Hazzard

9:30pm = (B-Div Semi-Final 4vs1) Pass it! vs Grizzlies

April 4 Highlights: Revolver Game #4 of 4….

(6vs5) Performance Mazda Men vs The Block…winner to the A-Div and loser to the B-Div. 1-1 first and then the difference maker occurred in the 2nd as Mazda Men blew it open for a 6-2 lead and cruised from there. Shots on goal were 51-41 in favour of The Block as Melanie Simard in the Mazda Men net was the first star. Performance Mazda Men win 9-5.

(4vs3) Grizzlies vs Wounded Ducks…unbelievable that the Ducks could lose only their 2nd game of the session and be relegated to the B-Div or that the defending A-Div champs would be in the B-Div semi-final next week. Something had to give here. After a tight first the Ducks were up 2-1 and then took advantage of the Bears short bench to pull away in the 2nd 5-2 and easily keep the lead in the 2nd with good ball movement possession. Wounded Ducks win 7-3.

(2vs1) Iceland vs Dekes of Hazzard…both teams were guaranteed a semi-final in the A-Div next week. So an all out offence for fun game was on much to the chagrin of the goalies. Dekes of Hazzard win 14-10.

(8vs7) Pass it! vs Energy Line…both teams knew they were in next weeks B-Div semi-finals so they worked on their games which made for a very good game for the night-cap. Energy Line up 2-1 after one and then Pass it! up 3-2 after two periods of play. In the 3rd Energy Line roared back to win after being down 4-2. Energy line win 9-4.

Rankings after Game #3 of 4:

  1. Dekes of Hazzard
  2. Iceland
  3. Wounded Ducks
  4. Grizzlies
  5. The Block
  6. Performance Mazda Men
  7. Energy Line
  8. Pass it!

March 28 Highlights: Revolver Game #3 of 4….

Energy Line vs Grizzlies (6vs5)…winner still has a chance at an A-Div play-spot while loser will be in the B-Div play-off semi-final after next weeks final Revolver Game. Energy Line looked good up 4-3 after two periods, but then in the 3rd the defending champs roared like Bears and won the period 6-1 to take the win. Grizzlies win 9-5

Dekes of Hazzard vs Wounded Ducks (2vs1)…fun for the most part aside from guests who are not sure how to be ones. The Ducks suffered their first loss of the season and are now in a must win scenario next week vs the defending champs no-less for a spot in the a-Div play-offs. Dekes of Hazzard win 7-5.

Perforance Mazda Men vs Pass it! (8vs7)…too many late bailers/no-shows for Pass it! to remain competitive for an entire game, which is truly sad….but the guys there gave it their all and the Mazda Men appreciated their effort. Performance Mazda Men win 12-3.

Iceland vs The Block (4vs3)…a wild one as expected. Lot’s of goals, lead changes and mini-come-backs. Winner is assured an A-Div spot while the loser will meet the Mazda Men in a do or die scenario for the last A-div position. Iceland wins 14-12.

Rankings after Game #2 of 4:

  1. Wounded Ducks
  2. Dekes of Hazzard
  3. The Block
  4. Iceland
  5. Grizzlies
  6. Energy Line
  7. Performance Mazda Men 
  8. Pass it!

The 4-game Revolver format to produce the A-Div and B-Div pools for those semi-finals and Finals works like this:

2vs1/4vs3/6vs5/8vs7…winners move up a bracket and losers move down after each of the 4-games (hence the name Revolver)

After the 4 games the top 4 will be in the A-Div while the B-Div will the 5 through 8 Seeds.

See schedule each week…

March 21 Highlights: Revolver Game #2 of 4…. and “Pack The French Palace Night" for the 7:30pm Match!!

Iceland vs Performance Mazda Men (6vs5)…great match! 2-2 after one. Then the Mazda assumed control of the 2nd period for a 5-2 lead. However Iceland powered back in the 3rd it ended 6-6 forcing a 5 player shoot-out. Iceland ended that after 4 rounds 2-0. Iceland wins 7-6 and takes the 4th seed while the Mazda Men drop to the 7th seed,

PACK THE PALACE NIGHT The Block vs Wounded Ducks (2vs1)…the two most exuberant fan bases in the OBBHA were invited to this fun spectacle!! The Ducks fans won this battle as they were more vocal to be sure! After the Sens Lyndon Slewidge sang the national anthem to the enthusiastic French Palace crowd, The Block fans exploded with ear splitting cheers for a 2-0 lead. After that The Block crowd did not cheer on their boys like they did last session (which was impressive with noise makers and a non-stop cheering section that rocked the French Palace from start to finish vs the Dekes) and this seemed to affect The Block players effort level at times. Mrs Duck (Andrew Dubroy’s Mom)  was non stop fun as she bellowed out chants and supported her boys on an on. This helped the Ducks as they struggled out of the gate and were down 8-6 after two period. They then went on a run in the 3rd period to the tune of 5-1 for the period and coasted late for the huge win. Let’s do it again soon! A blast for the fans and all who watched! Wounded Ducks win 13-8.

Energy Line vs Pass it! (8vs7)…a close match for the longest time at 3-1 for the Energy guys after two periods, but then the Energy Line pulled away as the game wore on. Energy Line win 8-3 move to the 6th Seed while Pass it! drops to 8th.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Grizzlies (4vs3)…a very big game. This time the Dekes were dominant as they passed better and scored a key times of the game including early on for a lead they never relinquished. By the time the 3rd period rolled around it was 6-2 and the Dekes closed the door from their. Dekes move up to the 2nd Seed while the Grizzlies fall to 5th. Dekes of Hazzard win 7-3.

Rankings after Game #1 of 4:

  1. Wounded Ducks
  2. The Block
  3. Grizzlies
  4. Dekes of Hazzard
  5. Performance Mazda Men
  6. Iceland
  7. Pass it!
  8. Energy Line

The 4-game Revolver format to produce the A-Div and B-Div pools for those semi-finals and Finals works like this:

2vs1/4vs3/6vs5/8vs7…winners move up a bracket and losers move down after each of the 4-games (hence the name Revolver)

After the 4 games the top 4 will be in the A-Div while the B-Div will the 5 through 8 Seeds.

See schedule each week…

March 7 Highlights: Revolver Game #1 of 4

Energy Line vs Iceland (8vs7)…EL were missing some energy due to not enough batteries on the bench. Iceland had the full population of the country out. This was the difference. Icleand moves up to 6th Seed while Energy Line remains the 8th Seed. Iceland win 9-2.

Grizzlies vs Wounded Ducks (2vs1)…a wild one that promises even more in the many play-off games to come. So much fun along with good old fashioned intensity. The Ducks owned the first 4-1. The Grizz owned the 2nd 5-1 for a 6-5 turn around. The 3rd was tied 8-8 and the Ducks potted two late for the exciting win and keep the 1st Seed while the Bears move down to 3rd. Wounded Ducks win 10-8.

The Block vs Performance Mazda Men (4vs3)…the Block came out of the starting block quickly and were up 3-0 after one period. The Mazda Men tightened things up considerably in the 2nd but were down another goal at 6-2 heading into the final period. The Block played a more defensive game to hold the lead and jump up to the 2nd Seed while the Mazda Men move down a notch to the 5th Seed. The Block win 10-3.

Pass it! vs Dekes of Hazzard (6vs5)…a wild shoot-out the French Palace lights to end the night. Dekes scored more to take the 4th Seed while Pass it! moves down to 7th Seed. Dekes of Hazzard win 14-9.

February 28 Highlights:

Pass it! vs Energy Line…this game was tied up 3-3 but then Energy Line reeled off 7-straight goals to make it a no doubter. Energy Line win 14-6.

Grizzlies vs Wounded Ducks…the Grizz were missing a key component on D and in the net. The Ducks a had strong first for a 4-0 lead. The Grizz came up with a strong 2nd to close to 5-2. Then in the 3rd the Ducks flew away with it. Wounded Ducks win 10-4. 

Performance Mazda Men vs Dekes of Hazzard…For two periods the teams were on even terms at 2-2 and 3-3 at the two breaks. A big shift in the 3rd for the Dekes was the difference as they exploded for 4 goals and then coasted to victory. Dekes of Hazzard win 8-4.

The Block vs Iceland…almost a carbon copy of the previous game. 3-3 after the first and The Block were up 7-6 after two. In the 3rd The Block had a big shift and potted 3 goals and then added more to try and pull away from the pesky Icelanders. Iceland stayed close with some fine offensive thrusts that were successful. Finally The Block outscored them The Block win 15-13.

Reminder no games Wednesday, February 21st…play resumes Wednesday, February 28.

February 14 highlights: 

The Block vs Performance Mazda Men…the betting man/woman might have thought The Block were favourites in this one but this division is unpredictable. From the outset the Mazda Men held the advantage and never relinquished it. Performance Mazda Men win 9-5.

Iceland vs Pass it!…Pass it! has had most of their success in this particular match-up for some reason. They once again played with confidence and continued to improve their ball movement. The first was almost even at 2-1 for Pass it! In the 2nd Pass it! and their passing were rewarded with goals and a sizeable lead of 6-2. They needed it as Iceland landed a very strong 3rd period effort, but it was not quite enough. Pass it! wins 7-4.

Wounded Ducks vs Dekes of Hazzard…the French Palace crowd was buzzing in advance of this talented tilt on the slate. And it did not disappoint!! Both goalies and both teams delivered top performances which mad for the most entertaining match of the evening. Wounded Ducks were always just a goal up and finally got a very late insurance marker as the Dekes pressed to tie. Wounded Ducks win 6-4.

Energy Line vs Grizzlies…the night-cap before late night Olympic watching. David vs Goliath but Energy Line kept the defending champs mostly at bay only down 2-1 at the first break. The Grizz managed to pull away in the 2nd as their consistent work ethic and stretch passing to make it 7-4, but the Energy Line crew would not quit including Nicole Lowe who was the “man and woman" of the game with a 3-goal performance. Grizzlies win 8-6.

February 7 highlights: It must be Wonderful Wednesday….its snowing!

Iceland vs Energy Line…a wild first period ended 4-3 for Iceland. A big 2nd period was the difference as Iceland got the bounces and held the play for a 9-3 lead and played a smart 3rd to keep the lead. Iceland wins 12-5.

The Block vs Wounded Ducks…this was a fun game to be a part of or watch. The skill level was a treat to watch and the play making was impressive. The Block were up 3-2 after one but the Ducks turned it around in the 2nd for a 6-4 lead. The 3rd was played with an even more desperate effort, but it was the Ducks who flew away with it all. Wounded Ducks win 11-6.

Grizzlies vs Performance Mazda Men…the Grizz were up 3-2 after the first and the Mazda Men wanted to keep it a low scoring game. The Grizz potted a couple of quick ones early in the 2nd for a 5-2 lead that seemed very large to the viewer. Aneel Nauth in the Grizz net was once again on top of his game. However the Mazda Men are a pesky bunch and they clawed back to 5-4 but just came up short in the end. Grizzlies win 5-4.

Pass it! vs Dekes of Hazzard…Pass it! played an amazing game. Their best yet. Passing and play-making. Made for a fun game and the Dekes found themselves tied 5-5 late. The Dekes scored 3 late and Pass it! still tried hard and got one late too. Dekes of Hazzard win 8-6.

January 31 highlights:

The Block vs Grizzlies…a late start due to traffic and snow. The Block benefited from a long warm up and blasted out of the gate and never looked back. The Block win 10-3.

Energy Line vs Wounded Ducks…another quick start took any drama out of this one too. The Ducks flew out of the nest and lit up the French Palace with fire wagon ball hockey. Wounded Ducks win 11-7. 

Performance Mazda Men vs Pass it!…Dave Labelle was the guest goalie for Pass it! It was close for two periods at 4-3 and 5-3 at the breaks, but the Mazda Men pulled away in the 3rd with 3 goals. Performance Mazda Men win 8-3.

Iceland vs Dekes of Hazzard…a close game was anticipated for this friendly. It was for the first but Iceland slowly pulled away in the 2nd and 3rd. The story of the game was that the Iceland boys dedicated the game to their team captain/organizer/great guy….for he and his family are doing what families do when its time to do so. His ball hockey family on Iceland and beyond in the OBBHA are with him and always will be. Go Zach Gaulin! Iceland for you Zach 11-5.

January 24 highlights:

Performance Mazda Men vs Iceland…for two periods this was the traditional low scoring Mazda Men ball hockey. The were only up 1-0 and 3-2 at the breaks but could/should have been up more but Iceland received some superlative stops from their netminder. Finally the Mazda Men broke free in the 3rd for a big win and some offensive happy time. Performance Mazda Men win 10-4.

Wounded Ducks vs Pass it!…a good game. Ducks were up 3-1 and then exploded in the 2nd for a 9-2 lead. The difference was goaltending as Pass it! were stymied by the Ducks goalie. However Pass it! mad a break-through in the 3rd to make it 9-6 and still missed many more opportunities as they pushed hard for more. Alas a late quack put this one in the nest. Wounded Ducks win 10-6.

Energy Line vs The Block…an interesting back and forth run. The Block score 2 early goals for a 2-0 first period advantage. The Block had their complete game going in both ends of the French Palace for this one up 8-0 after two periods. Would the elusive and rare OBBHA shut-out happen?? Early in the 3rd the drama ended. The Block win 12-4. 

Dekes of Hazzard vs Grizzlies…the rivalry game as these two met in last sessions exciting final. The Grizzlies were off to a very quick start at 3-0 and the Dekes never recovered from it. The Grizz were leading 3-1 and 6-3 at the breathers. The Dekes had plays that just missed forrming into great chances while the Bears were sniping top corners and playing a great ball moving, patient game. Grizzlies win 10-5.

January 17 highlights:

Grizzlies vs Pass it!…this was played better than the score indicates. Usaamah Gill in the Pass it! net was late and played with no warm-up and struggled without it. Grizz team captain Chris Sampson had to be the emergency back up and he had an extra long warm-up and was lights out…or at least “Red Light out". Grizzlies win 11-3.

Wounded Ducks vs Iceland…Iceland was out of the gate quicker than the Ducks and held a 4-2 lead at the first period break. Then the Ducks got their feathers unruffled and the offence took over from there for an 8-6 lead heading into the 3rd, then took over. Wounded Ducks win 14-10.

Energy Line vs Performance Mazda Men…a low scoring game was predictable here and that is what occurred. Terry Cleroux was the guest goalie for the Mazda Men vs Energy Line’s Al Jolivet so a classice Tommy Raftis recipient battle. 2-0 Energy Line after one and then all knotted up at 3-3 after two. PMM scored the only goal of the 3rd to win a very closely played match featuring excellent netminding. Performance Mazda men win 4-3.

Dekes of Hazzard vs The Block…a high octane offence game. The Block had just a little more of it between the two tonight. Some very nice goals at both ends. The Block goalie actually made some key saves keeping the Dekes from staging any kind of comeback plus The Block blocked a ton of shots too! The Block win 13-8.

Another great season is underway, as mentionned by John, this season we have a couple of new initiatives to stimulate some positive vibes with the OBBHA. 

1. Stats ….Make sure to lobby your team captain or perhaps take the initiative to help him out in this task.

2. OBBHA Weekly Hockey Pool

Hockey experts, we got something for you!

In an attempt to create a buzz and raise funds to enable underpriviliged kids to play ball hockey, we came up with the following idea.

Why not create a weekly hockey pool, using the same concept as Pro Picks (Proline) where you have a chance to win every week!!

Every week, you have the chance to win a 50$ giftcard from Canadian Tire

  • 20$ (1 time fee) / pay John directly or send money transfer to “[email protected]
  • Submit your weekly picks before the deadline (5 minutes before first scheduled game on Saturday)
  • Pick the winner / 1 point per game
  • Tie breaker is “TOTAL GOALS of CBC Featured game of the week (Saturday 7pm)
  • 1 winner / per week (Most points)
  • Join anytime

Week 1 / Saturday January 20th Selection Form – Deadline 12:55 EST

3. Live Streams


Bigger, Better and Stronger in 2018, thanks to you guys and your efforts!

January 10 highlights:

Dekes of Hazzard vs Energy Line…Al Jolivet in the Energy Line net had a strong game and he needed to as he faced a ton of shots. The Dekes were up 3-1 and 5-3 at the period breaks before breaking it open in the 3rd for the opening night win. Dekes of Hazzard win 9-5.

Performance Mazda Men vs Wounded Ducks…a very closely played match as expected when the Mazda Men are involved. 1-0 after one period for the Ducks as Ryan Girgrah made several big saves to keep it that way well into the 2nd period that ended 3-1. In the 3rd goals came quickly and then with the Ducks up 6-4 the Mazda Men scored with 38-seconds remaining and the with 6-seconds left had a penalty shot to tie, bit missed!! Girgrah the heroe on that one!! Wounded Ducks win 6-5.

Grizzlies vs Iceland…the defending champions were up 2-1 and 3-2 at the breaks. Iceland tied it all up 4-4 very late in the game, but seconds later the Grizz scored the winner and quickly added the insurance marker. Grizzlies win 6-4.

Pass it! vs The Block…Pass it! were missing their first string new goalie so Aneel Nauth performed double duty and was solid. They also have a revamped line-up with some veterans taking off the session so some new blood is in. This was a great game too! 2-2 after one and 5-4 Pass it! after two periods. The game was at full speed and entertaining. And in a big surprise Pass it! came up with the goods in the final period including an empty netter to salt it away. Pass it! wins 7-5.