Questions and Answers – Youth League

Who are we

Established in 2000, The Ottawa Blues are a well renowned Ball hockey team in the Ottawa area and have been around with accomplished players while achieving great success in their sport. This group of fine men embody all that is positive in the game of ball hockey . Three active members of that team are combining their effort and passion for this great game to provide the men and women of all ages in our community the best sport experience around.

What is the Obbha Youth League? Teams? Standings? Stats?
The best way to describe what we do is "structured shinny". A typical session starts with a collective warm up and then we split the players and follow with many versions of full and modified games.
We change our approach from week to week. There is no league, set teams, no standings and no stats. We pride ourselves on our 4 F’s motto:

Who is this league for?

This league is for any adults from 18 to 99 living anywhere in the Ottawa Region.


Where are the games played?

All the games are played at Franco-Cite High School, 623 Smyth Road, Ottawa ON, K1G 1N7.


What does a player have to wear?

  1. C.S.A. approved helmet and full face protector
  2. Hockey gloves
  3. Shin pads (Ice Hockey or Soccer)
  4. Running shoes
  5. Hockey stick (wood,plastic or composite)
  6. *Elbow pads
  7. *Athletic support

Are these games refereed

OBBHA staff is always on site to guide, direct and manage the floor.


Is this league insured?

Fully unto itself.

Do you have a policy in place for abusive language and/or behavior?

We have a ZERO tolerance policy regarding both. If deemed necessary, any player will be removed from the league.

Will my child be able to play with a specific friend(s)?

The OBBHA will do its best to accommodate everyone. Keep in mind that part of our motto is to help create new friendships.


Do we need coaches?

Not at the present time. OBBHA members will be on site to guide players. As we progress we will kindly accept outside help in order to make the OBBHA a positive ball hockey experience for all.

Note: There are designated areas for the parents/family/friends to watch the games.


FALL SESSION – $130.00 per individual (12 sessions) 

WINTER SESSION – $130.00 per individual (12 sessions)

DROP IN FEE $12.00 per session

*Pro rated pricing available so you can join at anytime